Evolution Of The ESP8266 Party Button

Angelena Iglesia

Sometimes the best part of building something is getting to rebuild it again a little farther down the line. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes when we start a project we don’t even know where the end is going to be. It’s a starting point, not an end destination. Who wants to do something once when you could do it twice? Maybe even three times for good measure?

Original version of the Party Button

That’s what happened when [Ryan] decided to build a wireless “party button” for his kids. Tied into his Home Assistant automation system, a smack of the button plays music throughout the house and starts changing the colors on his Philips Hue lights. His initial version worked well enough, but in the video after the break, he walks through the evolution of this one-off gadget into a general purpose IoT interface he can use for other projects.


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Parks on Points: Popular Great Plains National Parks

Angelena Iglesia

National parks in the Great Plains area offer some of the most otherworldly landscapes in the country, ranging from colorful pools of almost-boiling water, to multiple colored, layered cone-shaped formations, to snow-covered mountains. Driving through these wide expanses of unspoiled nature offers a glimpse into what the pioneers might have experienced crossing the country in search of riches and a better life. Throughout the area, the National Park Service manages lots of sites for travelers looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the world around us, and to ditch modern conveniences for clear skies, fresh air and casually roaming wildlife.

How to stay near Yellowstone, Badlands and Rocky Mountain national parks on points

If you collect points in any of the major hotel loyalty programs, you can explore the parks of America’s Great Plains without using your hard-earned cash. Here’s a look at some of the lodging

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Ex-Horry County IT employee heads to prison in $345K computer theft scheme

Angelena Iglesia

A former Horry County technology employee will spend two years in federal prison after stealing computer equipment.

Terry Shawn Petrill, 48, of Myrtle Beach, pleaded guilty to theft of federal funds and was sentenced to two years in prison. He will also have to pay back more than $340,000 in restitution.

Federal officials say that between June 2015 and August 2018, Petrill ordered 41 computer network switches for Horry County. At that time, he was employed with the county.

A switch works similar to a home router and allows multiple computers to connect to the Internet.

The timetable of his crime coincided with various equipment being stolen from the Horry County IT Department, according to a police report, which states an IT worker learned of the missing items during an inventory.

Officials were mum after announcing the investigation and called in the FBI to assist.

Petrill told others he

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The evolution of scams: How to stay one step ahead of crafty fraudsters

Angelena Iglesia

“Technology’s made our life a lot easier. But it’s made it a lot more challenging,” she adds.

Following a stint in the Australian Federal Police, Vale joined COBA – formerly Abacus – in 2003 and she remembers the very first phishing attacks that took place that year, and the problems it began to cause for Australia’s banking sector. Vale’s responsibilities at COBA include advising member institutions on different fraud and financial crimes.

“[The] very, very first emails that went out with very poor wording, very poor English would go out and people would click on links,” she says. “Why? Because we didn’t know that it wasn’t right to do that. So back in those early days, getting software, getting dangerous payloads onto your computer, started to cause a whole raft of other problems in banking.”

But as technology began to play a bigger role in day-to-day life, it didn’t take

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Techy Advice Offering the Customers with Various and the latest gadgets

Angelena Iglesia

28th August, 2020 – Electronic gadgets are among the highly demanded and most attractive products in the world market. So, this is not surprising why online stores are now filled with plenty of models of different gadgets. Now, if you want to avail of the most reliable cell phone or the best magnetic charger, then you will have to ensure that you choose the right site. Techy Advice is one of the most reliable and convenient websites, which offer you the best gadgets.

As the internet has revolutionized the way we choose and buy gadgets, we at Techy Advice also come up with various gadgets, which can be extremely beneficial for your daily use. Techy Advice is one of the popular online stores that you can visit at any point in time, and you are bound to come across huge electronic selections, right from a digital watch to a

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