These are the 10 best iPad apps of the past decade

Angelena Iglesia


Sarah Tew/CNET

It’s now been more than 10 years since former Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. The move firmly pushed tablets into the mainstream gadget conversation while leading many to ask, “What the heck is this giant iPod touch?” (Oh 2010, you sweet summer child.) In a review of the first-gen iPad that year, CNET’s Donald Bell described the device as “an elegant, affordable supergadget.” One of the main draws was how easy it was to access and navigate the apps on the 9.7-inch screen. 

Jobs said the iPad would define “an entirely new category of devices that will connect people with their apps and content in a much more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.” He wasn’t wrong: 10 years later, the iPad’s portability, user-friendly interface and variety of apps have made it a favorite device in many homes, classrooms and offices. We use it

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Best dog tech: Toys, gadgets, and services for your pup

Angelena Iglesia

International Dog Day lands on Wednesday, Aug. 26 this year, and there’s really no better way to celebrate than by giving your pup a gift. Because we’re all about tech (and pups) at ZDNet, we rounded up a few gadgets, gizmos, and subscriptions to consider. All these are well-reviewed across the internet, and many of them cost less than $100. 

We even included a few non-techie items at the bottom in case your dog isn’t interested in the latest hardware. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find something no matter your budget.

Embark Breed and Health Kit


So, this first one is more for mom and dad — but c’mon! How cool would it be to find out Spot’s exact breed makeup and whether they’re predisposed to any genetic diseases? While Embark’s top-of-the-line Breed and Health Kit is more expensive than some of the others, it is the highest rated dog

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The US Battle For Quantum Supremacy Over China Gathers Pace With Verizon’s historic QKD Test In Washington D.C.

Angelena Iglesia

Of all the announcements Verizon will make in 2020, the completion of a simple video trial between three offices in Washington D.C. might turn out to be the one people remember.

Completed in June but only made public last week, Verizon engineers streamed video from the company’s 5G Lab to screens at two offices two miles distant. It sounds mundane because the remarkable part of this demo was completely invisible – the background use of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to secure the communication.

QKD, or course, is a hugely demanding technology that’s spent the last 30 years being honed in physics labs around the world with the occasional proof-of-concept demo to record milestones such as new distance records and advancing bit rates.

Progress has inched forward, almost a matter of waiting for the telecom, fiber optic, and microprocessor technologies it

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Trenton council mulls 5G license agreements with Verizon, AT&T | News

Angelena Iglesia

TRENTON — Don’t be a bunch of “Luddites.”

That was at-large councilman Jerell Blakeley’s message to colleagues Tuesday when discussing proposals to bring 5G to the capital city from two telecommunications giants.

“If you’re not opposed to text messaging and streaming videos, you shouldn’t be opposed to this evolution in technology,” Blakeley said during the workshop meeting.

The council will consider separate 15-year licensing agreements with Cellco Partnership and New Cingular Wireless P.C.S., which respectively do business as Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc., at Thursday’s meeting.

“The contract you push out should not exceed your term limit,” council president Kathy McBride said. “I just don’t believe the council should be giving out anything for a 15-year span, if it’s granted at all.” 

If approved, the capital would become the third city in the Garden State to roll out the latest wireless technology, known as fifth generation, joining Hoboken and Jersey

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