2011 McLaren MP4-12C Has a Clown Prince of Crime Side to It

Angelena Iglesia

So, last week we learn production of the new Batman is on hold because the man who’s now playing the Dark Knight, Robert Pattinson, has got the you know what. It’s unclear at this point how long it will be until things get back on track.

As we wait for the new caped crusader to take on Gotham’s finest with all his gadgets, including his brand new, muscle car-like Batmobile, we’ll have to make do with what we already have available. And for the Batman-hungry fans, that means even things like a Dodge Viper can remind them of the DC Universe.

For them – and not only them – the McLaren MP4-12C in the gallery above is however a more direct reference the Batman. Well, not to Batman per se, but to one of his arch-enemies, The Joker.

The Clown Prince of Crime is no stranger to cars, as he

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The Met is Streaming Modern Operas Every Night This Week

Angelena Iglesia

The Metropolitan Opera is not scheduled to resume live performances until 2021, but the company continues to delight opera fans around worldwide with free streams of productions from its archives. The lineup from August 31 through September 6 is devoted entirely to works from the 20th century, including operas by George Gershwin, Richard Strauss, John Adams, Benjamin Britten, Alban Berg and Thomas Adès. All of this week’s recordings were recorded in high definition for the Met’s Live in HD series. (Click here to see the Met’s schedule for September 28 through October 4.)

The streams go live on the Met’s website each night at 7:30pm EDT (12:30am BST) and most remain available until 6:30pm EDT the next day. They can also be viewed through the Met Opera on Demand app. A full schedule for Week 25 is below.

Porgy and Bess | Photograph: Ken Howard

Anchoring the lineup is

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Tech Life Review: First artificial intelligence gadgets for the home

Angelena Iglesia

Tech expert Kris Abel rounds up the latest artificial intelligence products for your home that aim to help your at-home life more convenient.

Oral B iO Series 7 Toothbrush: $350

This artificially intelligent toothbrush senses the way it’s stuck in your mouth, using vibrating bristles to “feel” the surface of your teeth and create a map sent to your phone displaying each dirty tooth (dark blue) as it needs more brushing (light blue) and finally becomes clean (white).

Red means you’ve brushed too hard, warning you to check for bleeding gums.

An emoji clock happily encourages you to brush for two minutes, which is worthwhile as the vibrations effectively remove plaque for a “from-the-dentist” feel sure to save you dental fees over time.

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Avoid routine dental visits amid coronavirus uncertainty, WHO says

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Google Pixel Buds: $240

These wireless earbuds listen to the world around

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ACMC working to restore computers | Local News

Angelena Iglesia

ASHTABULA — Ashtabula County Medical Center is working to restore its computer system after going offline last Thursday, following a technology security-related disruption.

“We immediately activated our back-up contingency plans,” President and CEO Michael J. Habowski said in a prepared statement Tuesday afternoon. “In addition, we are working with independent information security experts to conduct a thorough investigation.”

The hospital did not disclose further details about the nature of the incident.

NBC News reported on ACMC on Tuesday night, quoting a cybersecurity expert who said the apparent cyberattack appeared to stem from ransomware, which is a type of malicious software that criminal hackers use to encrypt files and shut down computers. 

Once that happens, the hackers demand payment to unlock computers.

“This certainly has all the hallmarks of a ransomware attack and, if so, Ashtabula County Medical Center would be the 53rd U.S. health care provider or health care system

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Exploring the Relationship Between Mass Spectrometry and Informatics

Angelena Iglesia

Mass spectrometry has always had a powerful synergy with computers. Computers have pushed mass spectrometry forward at key junctures in its history from data collection to instrument operation to data analysis. Proteomics was enabled by both tandem mass spectrometry and informatics to rapidly assign amino acid sequences to spectra.

As instrumentation has become more powerful informatic capabilities have grown to keep pace with increases in data production and data types. Sophisticated workflows are used to process proteomic experiments that encompass search, quantitation, and statistical processing of data. As new features are added to mass spectrometers like ion mobility this provides additional capability for collecting data and information for interpreting peptides and peptide features. IP2 is a proteomic platform that creates a workflow combining GPU powered search, flexible quantitation, and statistical analysis of data.

Please tell us about the evolving relationship between mass spectrometry and computers?

Mass spectrometry and computers have

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