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A smart city is a huge initiative. It takes massive planning, a network of the right skills and expertise, and careful execution. You can’t succeed without the right ecosystem of vendors, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders in place.

Urbanisation is a fact of modern life. Around half of the world’s population already lives in cities, generating more than 80per cent of global GDP, and urbanisation looks set to continue shaping the trajectory of global growth in unique ways.

Smart cities, with their technology-powered enhanced living and working environments, will be at the forefront of this transformation. Urban environments that leverage data and digital to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, drive economic development, and improve quality of life will become the new normal.

A smart region committed to the future

The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is recognised at a global level for being a hotbed of smart city projects.

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Who To Trust When It Comes To Gaming?

Angelena Iglesia

Those who have experience in gaming will understand what it means to have a quality gaming experience. You should understand not all games are worth it for gamers, and if you are searching for a nice gift for a gamer or want to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience, you need to know who to trust in the gaming industry.

Learn more about Dell Alienware and other reliable tech sellers from customer review online. The experience from other customers can significantly influence your decision on the reliable and trustworthy gaming experience. However, there are features we should consider in our overall analyses of the gaming companies when it comes to who to trust.

What To Consider In Searching For A Trustworthy Gaming Company

From the customer review, you can quickly determine who to trust by analyzing the company’s following features.

1.   Consistency and reliability

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Cambria County Library System unveils new website, logos | News

Angelena Iglesia

The Cambria County Library recently completed a rebranding project that includes a family of library logos and the launch of a new system-wide website.

The website — still located at cclsys.org — acts as a digital library branch, with a mobile-friendly design that provides easier access to library information and online resources. New features include a searchable county-wide library events calendar, one-click access to a customer’s account from the local library’s homepage, dynamic news and book recommendation features, and additional ways to receive staff assistance.

“Our website development and rebranding project represents a concerted effort to offer modern features and services to our community,” said Ashley Flynn, Cambria County Library director and system administrator. “We are so proud of our completed site, which will be an ever-growing and developing resource designed to help connect our users with the exact resources they need. It reflects modern library services and showcases our

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Buying Tech Gadgets To Stay Productive As You Work From Home – IT News Africa

Angelena Iglesia

When the world’s biggest work-from-home experiment started at the beginning of the year, no one thought it would stay around for so long. Unbelievably, a large number of companies plan to make it a permanent arrangement. Most of them will have to continue it for a foreseeable future. The bottom line is that you will have to work remotely for quite some time, so it becomes essential to look for ways to give your best.

While you may already have the basics, now is the time to invest in more tech gadgets that would help you stay productive as you work from home. So if you have a gadget shopping spree in mind, here are a few ideas that would help you do it smartly:

Get to know what’s around in the market

When it comes to tech gadgets, there is always something new around the corner. Whether it is

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Is FormFactor (FORM) Outperforming Other Computer and Technology Stocks This Year?

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Oppenheimer: 3 Stocks That Could Surge Over 100% From Current Levels

So far, September has been a wild ride of ups and downs. Following the recent bout of volatility, stocks have ticked higher again. But as uncertainty regarding another rescue program and the presidential election continues to linger, where does the market go from here? Weighing in for Oppenheimer, Chief Investment Strategist John Stoltzfus argues that any market dips appear “relatively contained and orderly,” and present longer-term investors the chance to find “babies that got thrown out with the bathwater.” He noted, “For nervous investors the recent downdraft has presented opportunity to take some profits without FOMO (fear of missing out).”As for the tech heavyweights that powered the market’s five-month charge forward, the strategist believes “current expectations that technology stocks will remain under pressure for some time seem exaggerated.” Stoltzfus adds that the “core of technology stocks did not

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Is The Venus Project The Next Stage In Human Evolution?

Angelena Iglesia

A seismic shift is under way. Against the backdrop of rising temperatures, collapsing ecosystems, and the threat of species extinction, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are now moving to transform the global order. Indeed, for the first time in our history, we have the tools and technologies to guide and shape our evolution. But what will this future look like?

I recently spoke with Roxanne Meadows and Nathanael Dinwiddie of The Venus Project to better understand their thoughts on the future. As they explain, the status quo is no longer working. Climate change, social inequality, and technological innovation are now disrupting a market-driven society. The key to resolving these global challenges, they suggest, is rooted in a Resource Based Economy.

The term “Resource Based Economy” was first coined by Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project. Fresco believed that a Resource

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Gaia theorist did some of his best thinking in west Cork cottage

Angelena Iglesia

In any topography of human inspiration there might surely be room for the holiday cottage of Ireland’s west, so often the cradle of a great idea, born of the time and space for thought and the gift of far horizons.

One cottage I’d put a plaque on, if it doesn’t have one already, is called Carrig and it’s set above the shore at Adrigole, on the Beara Peninsula in west Cork.

It was here, in the 1970s, that James Lovelock, bothered by a strange haze in the summer air, embarked on research that came to matter greatly to the world.

It also helped him frame a revolutionary theory – that Gaia, the Earth, can be seen as a living, interacting organism. Today, at 101, his ideas have grown even more startling, as his latest book, Novacene, just published in Penguin, describes.

The haze at Adrigole, analysed by gas chromatography, proved

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Students step in to refurbish computers as school needs rise

Angelena Iglesia

A middle school IT club has found a way to use their skills to revamp old computers at a time when distance learning has made such technology indispensable.

Penguin Corps is a Linux club at the charter school Aspen Academy in Savage. Linux clubs provide a space for students to learn how to install and use open-source software. The students are using that knowledge to refurbish old computers for their classmates.

With the school opting for hybrid learning, the need for computers skyrocketed. 

“These kids very enthusiastically caught the open-source bug and took on the challenge of wanting to help their fellow students,” said Stu Keroff, a social studies teacher who directs the club.

Four hands work on two laptops.

Two Aspen Academy students and members of the Penguin Corps computer club work on donated laptops in Savage, Minn., on Wednesday. The club repairs donated computers for families that need computers for distance learning.

Evan Frost

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Help! Our teen does not listen to us

Angelena Iglesia

First, an update from Feed the Frontliners program head Monica Wen-Angping: “We have raised funds for more than 3,000 meals since your column appeared (Aug. 20). The hospitals are super thankful and they share happy photos daily with us and the sponsors.

“Many sponsors really like this column, some know you personally, some are former students and their families. Through this program, we were also able to connect donors of snacks, face shields, PPEs and face masks to hospitals that need them most.” To my students and friends and to people I don’t know but still helped: thank you so much for your generosity. We give help where it’s most needed. Stay well and God bless.

Now let’s continue with online learning.

Last week, we discussed ways to foster effective study habits for grade school children. Breaking bad habits and creating good ones is more complex in high school and

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