Smart Factory Market Size is Projected to Reach USD 267,421.67 Million by 2025

Angelena Iglesia

BANGALORE, India, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Major factors driving the smart factory market size are the growing use of technology in manufacturing, the increasing adoption of industrial robotics in the manufacturing sector powered by collaborative robots, and the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Global Smart Factory Market size is expected to grow from USD 152,243.88 Million in 2019 to USD 267,421.67 Million by 2025 at a CAGR of 9.84%.

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Smart Factory provides quality and time advantages in real-time, which are expected to accentuate the Industry’s growth over the forecast period. It also offers greater knowledge, decentralizes manufacturing, and generates an integrated cognitive and self-healing mechanism.

Smart factory technologies play a key role in designing and producing high-quality automobiles. Vehicle manufacturers welcome advances in assembly-line methods to improve

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TSMC’s N12e technology promises to revolutionize low-power IoT devices

At its annual technology symposium, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. revealed its new process technology designed specifically for ultra-low-power devices.

The N12e node promises to enable improved performance of various internet-of-things (IOT) products that need to combine rich functionality and long battery life. 

Most of ultra-low-power fabrication processes from foundries today rely on planar transistors. By contrast, all high-performance nodes have long been using FinFET transistor with much higher performance and scaling potential. Being an evolution of TSMC’s 12FFC+_ULL node, N12e technology uses FinFET transistors, but offers energy-efficiency beyond that of modern low-power nodes.

Ultra-low-power FinFET

TSMC claims its N12e process has a 76% higher logic density than its 22ULL fabrication technology, a 49% higher speed at a given power or a 55% lower power at a given frequency. In addition, the node reduces SRAM leakage current by 50% and supports 0.4V operation.

(Image credit: TSMC)

Using FinFET technology for a

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Adtran enables IoT market to scale for network operators , Access Evolution

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–(September 2, 2020)—ADTRAN®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), a leading provider of innovative business and residential connectivity solutions, today announced at its 2020 Virtual CONNECT Press & Analyst Event that it is leveraging its expertise in carrier-grade broadband access network reliability to address specific Internet of Things (IoT) scale challenges. ADTRAN will offer cost-effective solutions that enable service providers, cloud providers and IoT sensor providers to better support the millions of IoT sensors connecting to the access network, diversify their customer base and generate new revenue opportunities.

According to the Mordor Intelligence IoT Market Forecast, the global IoT market is expected to reach a value of $1.2561 trillion by 2025 at a CAGR of 10.53% during the period of 2020-2025. IoT technology is growing in adoption, primarily because it can address a large variety of vertical applications, from smart cities, homes, buildings and manufacturing to more intelligent monitoring in agriculture,

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5 tips to find the perfect work from home job

a woman sitting at a table using a laptop computer: 5 tips to find the perfect work from home job

5 tips to find the perfect work from home job

The evolution of technology has made work-from-home jobs a thing of great convenience, especially when remote working has seen such a huge boom due to Covid-19. Thanks to new-age apps, and internet tools like Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom, many companies smoothly manage business in which employees work-from-home, from co-working spaces in different cities, or from anywhere with good internet connection and work conducive environment.

About a decade ago, a search for “work from home” jobs would more often than not lead you to a scam artist than to a legitimate opportunity. Today, the job landscape has taken a 360-degree turn; but has your job-search methodology changed along with it?

Job hunting, whether for work from home jobs or office, has always been a tumultuous task. If not done with the right thought process, you can find yourself caught up

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Long Term Evolution Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand Forecast 2020-2022

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New York, United States, Mon, 31 Aug 2020 05:51:43 / Comserve Inc. / — Long Term Evolution (LTE) is 4G remote broadband innovation or portable system innovation that help blended information, voice, video and informing activity

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is 4G remote broadband innovation or portable system innovation that help blended information, voice, video and informing activity through mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld gadgets. These are otherwise called third generation association venture long-term evolution and encourage smooth and efficient transitions for cutting-edge technologies. It is basically a 4G wireless broadband technology developed by an industry trade group; Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). LTE is the subsequent stage of the advancement of UMTS (3G) and HSDPA (3.5G). It’s the only remote system innovation that is accurately called 4G.

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Market Dynamics

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‘4G Evolution, Vital Future for Mobile Networks in Africa’

By Emma Okonji

The Chief Technology Officer at Ericsson West Africa and Morocco, Talla Guisse, has said technology evolution, especially 4G technology has contributed to revolutionising Africa.

He however said the technology remained a vital future for mobile Networks in Africa, considering its adoption rate in most African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa.

Guisse, in a statement, said Africa has come a long way in its digitisation journey from mobile telephony to broadband, connecting and digitizing entire sectors economies, jobs, education, healthcare, government and societies.
He however said in light of the revolutionary technological advances that are changing the African continent, a comprehensive technology framework needed to be in place to put Africa at the forefront of digital transformation.

“There is overwhelming evidence linking Information and Communications Technology (ICT) investment in infrastructure, economic growth and job creation. The ICT sector in Africa continues to demonstrate dynamic growth,

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ORBCOMM Receives 2020 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award


ORBCOMM's next generation, solar-powered GT 1200 series of trailer tracking devices
ORBCOMM’s next generation, solar-powered GT 1200 series of trailer tracking devices
ORBCOMM’s next generation, solar-powered GT 1200 series of trailer tracking devices

Recognizes GT 1200 trailer tracking device for exceptional innovation

ROCHELLE PARK, N.J, Aug. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC), a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced that its next generation, solar-powered GT 1200 series of trailer tracking devices has received a 2020 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World, the leading web site covering IoT technologies.

ORBCOMM was the first to market in 2013 with its award-winning GT 1100 solar-powered asset management solution. Hundreds of thousands of devices later, ORBCOMM’s latest GT 1200 series set the bar again in 2020 with the next wave of innovation for solar-powered asset management. The GT 1200 series includes an enhanced, high-sensitivity solar panel that charges up to

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A city of many parts: smart cities and ecosystems – Opinion, Orange Business Services, Smart Cities, ENTERPRISE

A smart city is a huge initiative. It takes massive planning, a network of the right skills and expertise, and careful execution. You can’t succeed without the right ecosystem of vendors, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders in place.

Urbanisation is a fact of modern life. Around half of the world’s population already lives in cities, generating more than 80per cent of global GDP, and urbanisation looks set to continue shaping the trajectory of global growth in unique ways.

Smart cities, with their technology-powered enhanced living and working environments, will be at the forefront of this transformation. Urban environments that leverage data and digital to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, drive economic development, and improve quality of life will become the new normal.

A smart region committed to the future

The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is recognised at a global level for being a hotbed of smart city projects.

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Is The Venus Project The Next Stage In Human Evolution?

Angelena Iglesia

A seismic shift is under way. Against the backdrop of rising temperatures, collapsing ecosystems, and the threat of species extinction, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are now moving to transform the global order. Indeed, for the first time in our history, we have the tools and technologies to guide and shape our evolution. But what will this future look like?

I recently spoke with Roxanne Meadows and Nathanael Dinwiddie of The Venus Project to better understand their thoughts on the future. As they explain, the status quo is no longer working. Climate change, social inequality, and technological innovation are now disrupting a market-driven society. The key to resolving these global challenges, they suggest, is rooted in a Resource Based Economy.

The term “Resource Based Economy” was first coined by Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project. Fresco believed that a Resource

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Maven replaces CEO Jim Heckman with Ross Levinsohn, who has quite the past

Angelena Iglesia

There are big changes at the top of under–fire Sports Illustrated operator Maven. As Kerry Flynn of CNN noted Wednesday night, Maven made an announcement on The Street (the Jim Cramer-founded investing publication they bought last year) that CEO Jim Heckman is stepping down, and that Ross Levinsohn (the long-time Heckman collaborator who was named CEO of Sports Illustrated when Maven acquired operation rights to that publication last year) is taking over as CEO. Heckman will remain with the company, but in an business development advisory role, while Levinsohn (seen above during his time with Yahoo) is taking the full reins. Here’s more from their announcement:

Maven announced today the evolution of its leadership and a new round of investment enabling it to accelerate the execution on its strategic initiatives. Ross Levinsohn, the current CEO of Sports Illustrated media, will expand his role and become Maven CEO.

“We are

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