Tech Smart: Android Earthquake detection, Microsoft Duo and Cadillac’s all-electric SUV

Angelena Iglesia

Android Earthquake Features

Google is going to automatically send earthquake early warning alerts to Android users in California.

Google is collaborating with the USGS and its Shake Alert System, which uses signals from more than 700 seismometers across California.

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It sounds like the alerts will be similar to Amber alerts and delivered to phones by default unless you disable them. There will be no extra apps necessary to install.

Additionally, Google is turning every Android phone into a mini earthquake detector using the sensors in phones from around the world to create their own crowdsourced data network.

“Having many Android phones out there that means that there’s a lot of chances of detecting an earthquake pretty early on as it’s just starting and then be able to warn people further away, ‘hey, this way is coming

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Microsoft is Finally Ready to Release the Surface Duo

Angelena Iglesia

Last spring, Microsoft surprised everyone when it announced the Surface Duo. Following months of development, Microsoft is finally ready to release the Surface Duo for real, and after learning more about it, I feel like the Surface Duo is so much more than just a dual-screen gadget or even Microsoft’s first Android phone. This phone feels like it’s created a whole new and exciting branch in smartphone evolution.

But first, let’s get the important details out of the way first. The Surface Duo will be available for pre-order starting today for a whopping $US1,400 ($1,955), with its official release slated for September 10. That’s a lot of money to drop on any phone, especially at a time when people are largely stuck at home.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for local Australian pricing and availability.

But in a way that adds even more emphasis to Microsoft’s bold new direction, which, in

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Microsoft 365 apps to end Internet Explorer support next year

Angelena Iglesia


Microsoft 365 apps to end support for Internet Explorer in 2021.

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Image

Internet Explorer’s days have been numbered since Microsoft launched its Edge browser five years ago. Microsoft appears to be another step toward closer to retiring the web browser with the announcement its Microsoft 365 apps suite will end support for Internet Explorer 11 on Aug. 17, 2021, the company said Monday.

Users of Microsoft’s Teams chat and collaboration service will lose IE 11 support a bit earlier, on Nov. 30, Microsoft said in a blog post. Microsoft also said it would end support for the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app on March 9, 2021.

After those dates, 365 and Teams users “will have a degraded experience” or will be unable to use

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Get Gadgets – Microsoft Store

Angelena Iglesia

Get more out of your accessories with Microsoft Gadgets.

Gadgets keeps track of where and when you last connected your smart accessories so you’ll know where to start looking if they’re lost. You’ll also know exactly when your accessories need topping up because Gadgets alerts you when their power is running low (supported accessories only).

What you can do with Gadgets:

– Make your own smart triggers. Choose an app that opens automatically whenever you connect to an accessory, such as open Spotify when you connect your headphones or HERE Drive when your phone connects to your car’s Bluetooth kit.
– Launch apps quickly. Customize the list of apps that appear in Gadget’s launch pad according to which accessory is connected.
– Find missing accessories. Gadgets keeps track of where and when you last connected to a smart accessory. And with Treasure Tags, you can use Gadgets to ring the

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