Recommended Re-Viewing: The Dick Cavett Show

Angelena Iglesia

Recommended Re-Viewing is a series in which we make the case for re-watching an old film or TV series which you can stream without leaving your house. It might be a plot that’s so bad it’s good, a scene which deserves more interrogation or a director’s underrated gem.

Here, Esquire’s deputy digital editor delves into the world of talk show’s past with the Dick Cavett YouTube archive.

To offset dwindling TV ratings, America’s late-night hosts have been slugging it out on YouTube for the past few years. Except, maybe ‘slugging it out’ is too generous. They’re all heavyweights, undoubtedly – Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon et al – but it’s more of a drunken scuffle outside a Toby Carvery than a Vegas title fight. Sort of unbecoming, truthfully.

A nice sofa-side chat with Mark Ruffalo just doesn’t cut it anymore. Now we need dance-offs and sing-offs and lip-sync-offs

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Coolest Gadgets | Reviewing the Best and Coolest Gadgets

Angelena Iglesia

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We gathered a comprehensive list of the coolest and best gadgets for men. It covers everything from Bluetooth trackers to 360 cameras and we are sure that you’ll find something on it you really want to buy.

Our favorite portable ice maker is the Sentern Portable Countertop Clear. The quality of ice cubes this machine produces is above all the others we’ve looked at. Its superior insulation allows you to store ice in it for an extended period of time.

After careful evaluation or top choice is the ”[amazon. The five blade assemblies included in the initial purchase are doing an incredible job and will be more than enough for home-use.

Our favorite vegetable chopper is the Fullstar Mandoline Slicer. It offers a vegetable cutter, mandoline slicer, and spiralizer all

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