Co-owner of San Antonio gift shop Feliz Modern discusses the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on business

Angelena Iglesia

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In February, as news about the novel coronavirus spread, an employee at Feliz Modern asked Ginger Diaz if she thought the business would have to close.

The idea seemed ludicrous.

“I was like, ‘Of course we’re not going to shut down — we’re retail,’” recalled Diaz, who started Feliz Modern with her husband in 2017. “Retail doesn’t shut down. We don’t even shut down at Christmas.”

The rest, of course, is history. As the pandemic took hold in San Antonio and residents were ordered to stay home, Feliz Modern closed its stores on West Olmos Drive and at the Pearl and laid off its 13 employees.

“The website closed, the in-store closed, everything closed,” Diaz said.

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L.A. store owner sees shop looted on livestream computer feed

Angelena Iglesia

What Lindsay Pierce saw on her security cameras Saturday night made her ill.

After hours of being glued to the TV news, she’d turned her focus to her computer, where she could monitor her Melrose Avenue business, Wax, through security cameras.

She wanted to keep an eye on her store as protesters continued to move through the Fairfax District. The 33-year-old has owned the store for a year, but the business has been around for more than a decade.

About 11 p.m., she said, three young men darted inside after windows of the glass storefront were shattered. They immediately moved to the business’ internet router and disconnected it, cutting off Pierce’s connection.

“I started sweating. I got sick to my stomach. I was just thinking, ‘Please don’t light it on fire,’” Pierce said Sunday morning as friends and workers cleaned up the vandalized business and cleared the sidewalk of broken

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