D3 Home Modern Furniture, a Top Furniture Store in San Diego, CA Announces New Website – Press Release

Angelena Iglesia

San Diego, CA – D3 Home Modern Furniture is a furniture store in the city of San Diego. Their store supplies quality furniture for homes, offices, schools, companies, among others. Considering the quality of services they render, they are now being patronized not only by individuals and organizations in San Diego but also by others in various cities across the state of California and beyond. In order to make shopping easier for their customers, their company also provides a new online shopping platform, where customers can buy various sustainable, contract-grade furniture. They have a showroom in little Italy where customers can check to see different furniture designs with varying qualities. 

Regarding their furniture store, the spokesperson for the company, David Diehl, said, “We sell quality products at highly competitive prices. This is why we’ve been rated among the best furniture stores in the state of California. The satisfaction of our

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Get Gadgets – Microsoft Store

Angelena Iglesia

Get more out of your accessories with Microsoft Gadgets.

Gadgets keeps track of where and when you last connected your smart accessories so you’ll know where to start looking if they’re lost. You’ll also know exactly when your accessories need topping up because Gadgets alerts you when their power is running low (supported accessories only).

What you can do with Gadgets:

– Make your own smart triggers. Choose an app that opens automatically whenever you connect to an accessory, such as open Spotify when you connect your headphones or HERE Drive when your phone connects to your car’s Bluetooth kit.
– Launch apps quickly. Customize the list of apps that appear in Gadget’s launch pad according to which accessory is connected.
– Find missing accessories. Gadgets keeps track of where and when you last connected to a smart accessory. And with Treasure Tags, you can use Gadgets to ring the

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L.A. store owner sees shop looted on livestream computer feed

Angelena Iglesia

What Lindsay Pierce saw on her security cameras Saturday night made her ill.

After hours of being glued to the TV news, she’d turned her focus to her computer, where she could monitor her Melrose Avenue business, Wax, through security cameras.

She wanted to keep an eye on her store as protesters continued to move through the Fairfax District. The 33-year-old has owned the store for a year, but the business has been around for more than a decade.

About 11 p.m., she said, three young men darted inside after windows of the glass storefront were shattered. They immediately moved to the business’ internet router and disconnected it, cutting off Pierce’s connection.

“I started sweating. I got sick to my stomach. I was just thinking, ‘Please don’t light it on fire,’” Pierce said Sunday morning as friends and workers cleaned up the vandalized business and cleared the sidewalk of broken

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