Вяжем вместе в декабре крючком и спицами: красивую и эффектную кофту, кардиган, две туники

Hello dear needlewomen! My name is Elena and I am glad to welcome you on my channel: “World of needlework and creativity”! Please watch the video to the end! In this video I will show you my projects and work that are under construction, as well as finished work. I hope you will be interested! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL! Turn on the bell so as not to miss the knitting master classes on my Channel! I also apologize for poor sound quality and there may be poor video quality – image, but soon another camera will arrive for shooting video and I hope the sound and picture quality will be satisfactory and you will like it. Now I want to show you work which i finished work was connected by me in November tied tunic pretty fast I knitted it on sizes 48 50 Russian this is 42 european 42 44 European since I had leftover yarn I knitted such an author’s model from the remains of yarn show me I’ll be in the process of this video, watch all the videos from beginning to end, I will also show and tell you Dkart not tied up tunic and another model in the process of creating which I will continue to shoot a series of video videos of master classes on my channel channel which all master classes will be placed in a separate playlist this is such a floral blouse she is connected crochet and knitting I’ll tell you more in the process of video and we knit with you on the cardigan channel all these works I knitted and knitted in November, I will also tell during the video about my plans for November and December stay on the channel and watch the video until the end I hope you enjoy it you still come to your attention another related model is the work of authorship I still do not do a master class on it and there is no description of it on the Internet as I invented it myself the idea inspired me when I did the militarization of my leftover yarn found that I have yarn from the brand Pecherka handmade and yarn and I am in residues of 23 ma. and the lights came such an idea with combining colors among themselves and knit a tunic with a long sleeve I knitted a tunic on top of yarn was me used for knitting 4 colors and I combined them among themselves already like me my fantasy suggested what colors do i use 79 knees to 447 mustard so 342 light peas and 33 golden olive golden olive footage harness 175 meters in 50 grams is one hundred percent pan one hundred percent acrylic Crochet hook produce recommend two and a half three I crocheted the number two and a half which I purchased recently ordered him and he didn’t really like his soft handle since I hold the hook from top to bottom like a fork it is very convenient for me my hand does not get up I got such a new hook pets by yarn consumption I will rent you a separate master class when I will review the tunic if you liked this model please write to me in the comments below this video I will definitely show you how the pattern and the whole knitting process fit from start to finish on the mini version we don’t model this circuit and the calculations and all the execution technique and knitting sleeves including also here I used two kinds of patterns 4 colors of yarn what does this model look like I’ll then take off a master class and I will show you on a mannequin how it looks not left process the neckline and when to me an order will come from a new camera, I’ll take off all these master classes on finished work and just continue with you knit a cardigan floral blouse and there will be a new project on my channel about which one she will come to you I will tell you a little later a tank of yarn I already ordered and as soon as the yarn arrives I will definitely show you that we will knit together a new project will already start in December and January, we will knit with you subscribe to the channel turn on the bell so as not to miss the release of a new series of master classes as well useful uninteresting hope for you information also in December will be series cycle of new master classes we will crochet patterns with you on those models that I found on the Internet here on my channel you will be interested and you will like how I show explain how the pattern fits and and finished things Thank you all for your attention to my work. I wish you good health luck luck all the best with you was elena all bye bye bye until we meet again now i want to show you tunic which I knitted from yarn and over flowers from this yarn I see sper you I really liked it and I ordered myself two more colors of this yarn we will knit a new project in December-January as soon as yarn approaches me from the warehouse, I will definitely show it to you and also show it sample product project so you have the opportunity prepare and buy order yarn and we will knit it together on the channel we will knit from beginning to end, I will show you the whole technology of knitting new project also if you liked this model tunics and this is the author’s model; there is no description of the pattern on it I knitted her no idea came and this way it looks like it remains for me to process the neckline and side seams here I just made a basting to make fitting finished tunic finished work and i want to show you master class on the channel how will I handle seams this is the shoulder line and the sleeves will also be processed together with you I will show you a master class how to process to connect the parts together the lateral parts of the tunic and in the armpits of the armpit I hope the technique you will like the connection and you will use it when knitting other works how how put together the details I will prepare in December I will tell you the full master class and show how I will to bind details among themselves also if you liked the model write me in the comments under this video I’ll shoot for you video master class on knitting review we pattern and tell and show how I performed expansion in the chest and before passed smoothly on the sleeves that is, I have here a small expansion of a small wedge this model reminds a bat but since I have there were only two skeins of yarn and it was enough for me, even end-to-end I don’t even have any yarn left to process the neckline but I have similar in color by the beach with I want to make another composition of another producers of anb decorative piping neckline and can be made by tying the lines bottom of the arms of the sleeves here I have also done since this tunic is long made an extension in the hips I really liked the yarn 55 percent side by side 45 percent polyacrylic footage 250 grams 1000 meters country of production of turkey and yarn color number 251 the hook I used here the manufacturer recommends two and a half millimeters 3 millimeters spoke 2 and a half millimeters and hook number three I knitted I knitted a pattern hook three millimeters but it seemed to me that it’s very advertising and I don’t like loose things that is, I love so that the canvas is dense and during washing but did not stretch, I always see crochet a size one size smaller for knitting used a hook 2 and a half millimeters this is a carpet this is a new hook country of origin japan Clover Cupid I really liked him because he really soft pen of rubber and even bends I always knitted before crochet number two he is also a carpet he was only one now now I still have size 2 and a half carpet cupid I liked them because I hold my hand on top of the handle how do you all knit holds the fork and I received an order of hooks clover since I love crocheting it’s not even anymore carries away and likes than knitting needles crochet process just addictive and I want to knit and knit everything, the hooks didn’t come different sizes it soft touch they are different, that is, it’s such a very flat hook, it’s also very convenient to knit on Now I decided to try another clover cupid and here are such different numbers I acquired since love crochet I hope my subscribers on my channel will also share with me such a love for crocheting while all basically master classes I show knitting the product and patterns are crocheted well, of course, they will be removed and master classes and we will knit with you knitting needles here is one model that she combined knitting needles and crochet technique subscribe to the channel set the bell so as not to miss the release of a new series of master classes You can see the links on the hook in the description under the video in the info box pass that is, if you need the same hooks then you can follow the links and see also if you liked this model write me in the comments I will give you a review of this tunic I will show how it looks on the mannequin I already washed this tunic erase related things i erased the washing machine then I plan to steam it and I’ll give you a demonstration how it will look on a mannequin and if you liked this author’s work write me your opinion I will be very pleased and I am for you take off master classes will show how the pattern fits and also the whole knitting technique data of the author’s work may be of interest to someone color of yarn as it is yarn of course it’s new for sale all over the world here is this tunic color 251 such transitions come from color steel, that is, we can call it color wet asphalt also added white thread it turns out here white gray then he goes gray light gray to beige here is white then that no and goes on light blue thread joins turquoise and goes smoothly this color into turquoise camera of course doesn’t quite correctly transmit this light she she shows how it is blue but in fact it such here dark turquoise beautiful colour since the harness net is pretty pretty I will find ordered two more colors so no yarn really liked and we will knit with you again work new new projects that I will do for you master classes on the channel stay to the end, watch the video to the end further, I will show you three more models that I connected and I see and I will knit in December and I did a master class on knitting these patterns three more models continue to watch the video we go to the next blouse fits here, two types of yarn and two knitting techniques will be used, I see the main fabric knitting on a cable the yarn for knitting the main main fabric on my back and shaved harness 10 percent alpaca and 10 percent wool 80 percent acrylic yarn color 86 399 meter 500 meters 100 grams I had the remainder of this yarn only two skeins and I found on the Internet interesting model and decided to tie il himself here is such a blouse at this stage I am connected to the armhole line the main fabric of the front and back and I knitted a sleeve left to me steam and tie dinner following the following motives to form shoulder sleeve This is how the canvas of floral motifs looks like before steaming in the master class I follow which will be released on my channel I will show you how to fit each motive how these motifs are interconnected and also show you how it will look motive after steaming I knitted two sleeves and stopped stopped and for not to show you knitting workshop this blouse model there will be a series of knitting workshops this model from beginning to end yarn for knitting sleeves I chose alize diva Batik 350 meters in 100 grams footage of harness number 3241 one hundred percent microfiber acrylic crochet hook I also took different numbers and then I’ll show you all the next master classes and tell you which hook how to knit a motif how these motifs are interconnected and how we will connect the sleeve to sweatshirts such yarn they are both yarn different in composition meter and used for knitting sweaters two knitting and crochet techniques that is a very exciting process how the pattern of the main canvas fits in, I have a video master class on my channel and also created a separate playlist where every master class i will post in a specific section in a specific playlist for your convenience find all the master classes so that they are stored on the channel in one place for me for the convenience of subscribers I also knit trial motive floral so it looks after steaming then I changed a little bit and here the finished form before steaming looks like this if you compare yarn for knitting I chose a cardigan trademark vita name yarn brilliant country of production germany According to German technology, yarn was produced in the PRC I took a hook for knitting 2, although the manufacturer recommends hook number 2 and a half, well, since I wanted to reduce openwork I took a pattern a little bit smaller so that I have a warm cardigan and not very openwork color of yarn number 49 82 45 percent wool cluster and 55 percent acryl 100 grams three hundred eighty meters how much yarn do I have will go to the product already ready to weigh cardigan and I’ll write you the consumption of yarn but I bought 15 skeins given yarn Of course I will have left, I order yarn in packages so that the mind doesn’t let the yarn be better than it’s not enough for me and then it will be difficult for me buy the missing amount of yarn December we will continue to knit a cardigan with you master class a series of master classes on my channel Now I have two sleeves connected made a curve for the sleeve a shoulder seam mark is made with a metal sleeve tied armholes on the back and a shelf in front performed rounding of the neck on the back and shelf so I’ve done it all. I’ll shoot you a detailed and understandable Master Class so that you knit the same cardigan with me and I’ll show you in the next video master classes how to tie armhole sleeves the sleeve I have here is set-in rounded to round the neck on the shelf front and back he will also show how to tie a sleeve I see a size 48 50 Russian such a cardigan we will knit on the channel in December, the parade will continue to shoot a series of master classes on knitting a cardigan I crocheted a cardigan number two Cover

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  2. Здравствуйте,у вас очень хороший канал.Все доступно и предельно понятно.очень хотелось бы кофточку из Фловерс.Спасибо вам за канал.

  3. Здравствуйте Елена ,изделия симпатичные,очень понравились ,будем ждать ваших МК ,спасибо за видио и за позитив ,желаю вам творческих идей

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