30 thoughts on “★OVER 4000X!! GUY WINS SUPER JACKPOT! 😮★ 5 DRAGONS GRAND Slot Machine Bonus BIG WIN (Aristocrat)

  1. Good job Albert 🍭
    And sometimes you thinking I'm playing the wrong machine when you see that awesome price 😄

  2. Nice win on 5 dragons and woah that super on $1 bet. I wish it was you too, one day it will be you😊💙👍🍀

  3. Jesus, that is the ideal way to win a hige jackpot! Lol Great video as always Albert. Hope to gamble with you soon! 😁

  4. Why not us Albert??? LOL Reminds me of once in Vegas at the Bellagio, a woman sat down betting $1 a spin on Starwatch Magma…about 5 minutes into it, she hit the progressive for $5k. Not even playing the whole $2 min bet to get all the reel features!

  5. Awesome bonus run variety slot machines. Congrats to the gentleman who hit the Jackpot with only $1.00 bet. Thanks for sharing Albert. Have a cool July 4 week my friend 🤑😀🤗

  6. Need to start min betting on these games! Mystery did you well, nice to see it's not always a dud.

  7. Wow! Amazing on $1 bet .dang it wasn't you lol . you got nice run to Elbert. But hey ! What happen to your channel lately? Why do you have to reposting your video again ? Just curious. Have a nice holiday bud

  8. Still Albert your bonus was awesome!!! I don't think we have this dragon game. I love the wheel feature and how it adds extra spins. You r brave with the mystery…I usually get the shaft when I try it. Man that man was lucky and on a buck!!!

  9. This machine I usually have a hard time on at my local. But I love this machine, still awesome wins as always Albert and congrats to your neighbor! Hopefully me and you will hit the big one! one day! 😉🐉
    I love them dragons!

  10. I really like that 5 Dragons game so it was fun to watch you hit that fantastic win. Great job. A big thumbs up and continued good luck Albert.

  11. Great video as always Albert! You has some very nice wins! Congrats! Wow! That guy getting over 4000X was so fortunate! Have a great week my friend!

  12. Incredible hit on 5 Dragons…..loved that you got 3 progressives and of course just missed a 4th! LOL, another fun video! 🍀🐼🐼

  13. Wow…good for that guy! You’ll get it one day! Thanks for sharing your wins, Albert. Hope you’re having a great day

  14. You did really well on 5 Dragons Grand but wow! That person did great! Over the weekend one of my neighbors won the major jackpot on Eureka Blast on a $.50 bet! We just bring the luck I guess! 🤣

  15. Wow you have been getting some awesome mystery pick upgrades lately. Save some for the rest if us 😉 And congrats to that guy on a straight $1 bet.

  16. This is one of the reason's Aristocrat does to well! The volatility is through the roof! The game has to be able to take in lots of money over time to be able to pay like this! Great stuff! Thanks for showing Albert!

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