49 thoughts on “★SUPER BIG WIN! FULL SCREEN OMG BABIES!★ FU DAO LE Slot Machine Bonus (SG)

  1. What a beautiful screen 📺! I love full screens ! When you go to watch the Star Wars show II’m sure you will best your score ! Have a great day Albert best of luck 👍🎰😯✌️🔥💰📺

  2. That was a heck of a run on that game! Great job! I love that bonus music so much ! Great video .

  3. AWESOME ALBERT!!! Congrats on such a GREAT WIN! Those Babies must have had a NICE Long Nap looks like they really wanted to come out and play with you! :)…

  4. That was awesome Albert congratulations 🍾 never seen that symbol full screen before. Yes 😎😎👍🏽🎸💰💰💰

  5. Best run ever that I've seen on Fu Da Le! Great win, Albert!! Continued success on your gambling adventures & thanks for sharing!

  6. Great video! Love this slot machine. One time, on a $3.68 bet, I also got a full screen of the same symbol that you got, for $888.88. I always rub the babies, for good luck, and I just like hearing their little laughter too. 🤗

  7. That truly was a great comeback! You did so well! A lot of newer games Lightning Links — will generally not give you as much without that bonus! Take care Albert!

  8. Those Adorable Little Asian Babies!!! That was a Great Run and a Big Win! Fun Video!

  9. Ok if I remember tomorrow I am going to play this one. I played a couple years ago didn't do so good. Your machine was nice and hot and the line hit awesome!!!!!

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