⛵️UPDATED Tour of our abandoned Sailboat (2.5 months of refit after 22 years on the hard) #097

If you’re a new here 2 and a half months ago we bought this abandoned sailboat. I mean, she doesn’t look
abandoned right now, but when we bought her she was on hard for over 22 years. That’s a long time. She’s looked terrible on the outside. But she is much
better than it seems. And right now we are on a mission of refitting and bringing her back to life. So we can put her back on water and we can live inside. That’s gonna be really cool. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So, we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back to finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Wait wait. Is this the same boat as last
week’s video? Yeah. Are you sure? Yeah. This week is gonna be a little bit
different. We are gonna shoot a raw update video. We are gonna shoot a video without cut, without editing. We are gonna show you how the boat actually looks like after two and a half months of refit. Because of course the videos
you watch there is always a delay because takes time to edit the videos, to
finish the tasks. Not always actually. But, a lot of things happened in between last week’s video and this video. But it’s good for you guys to know how the boat actually looks. It’s hard to shoot because they are sanding (and painting) the boat for two months. So, we need to record some video separately. See? No cut means that. I’m sick today, so it’s really hard for me to
speak. Let’s call some help then. We brought someone to help her to speak today because she cannot speak, so… we have a friend over. Hello, guys. My name is João. I challenge you to pronounce João. Some people said that we speak
bad English. So, she was like… yeah, if we speak bad English I wanna see who doesn’t speak Portuguese saying his name. João. João, it’s really hard. If you can say it just send us the
video through email: [email protected] We would love to hear someone
saying João. If you don’t speak Portuguese. If you speak Portuguese that’s
not fun. From Brazil. Because Portuguese
from Portugal is different the pronounce. Basically João is a really really good friend of ours and… You guys heard about him yet, you saw him yet if you watch our videos. He’s the one that introduced us to this boat. Thanks a lot. And today he’s gonna do the tour with us and he is representing all our Patreons. He’s one of our Patreons, so he’s gonna ask us questions that he thinks that all the Patreons and all other people want to know. And he… Follow us. Let’s go. So, basically this is a Dinieper, that’s the name of the boatyard, that built this boat. It’s a Dinieper Tropic 1200. That’s the model of the boat. It’s a galvanized steel hull. Some people think that’s not a steel hull,
but it is a steel hull. How many feet, Duca? How many feet? This boat is 44 feet. Some people say 42, some people say 44. What do you think about it? The document says 13.50 meters. In my count that’s 44 and something. Perfect, okay. So this is a lifting center board, that means that there is no keel, that’s just a centerboard. For who doesn’t know the difference in between a centerboard and a keel is that a keel has weight, it has lead or something to have weight. This is basically just so the boat can sail upwind. So, Duca… You can just go really close to the beaches? Just go there and find some very hidden places? Yeah, basically if we lift the centerboard up the draft of the boat is 1.1 meters. But when you put the centerboard down the draft is 2.7 meters, a really really high draft if we put it down. And that means also that we need to have a lifting rudder. Not just the… So… We don’t need to explain 100% about the rudder, that was last week’s episode. We’ve explained everything about the rudder. The rudder also needs to be a lifting
rudder otherwise when you lift the centerboard you can hit the rudder, and
that’s right there. Because we are giving maintenance the rudder. I don’t if you can see it. They can watch the video from the last week. So, we don’t get too long… If didn’t watch that video we can put the
link somewhere here. And you can watch everything about the rudder. And now let’s go up stairs. How about the painting? This… you can guess if this is the final color or not. We’re not gonna tell you of course. This something that… They have already told me. He is here, he knows… But we’re gonna paint the final color of the boat probably in 2 weeks from now. It was supposed to be this week, but this week is suppose to be raining. And the humidity of the air is really bad for
the painting. The reality of refitting a sailboat and painting a hull entire outside of the boat is that we rely on the weather a lot. And this past week rained all week long and we couldn’t do anything for one entire week. And that’s why we are late. And next week is gonna be the same. Let’s go up and let’s check upstairs how it looks. Oh! That’s gonna be a little bit of work. We’ve covered the boat because it was raining yesterday. It’s like a hurricane protection. Not
really. We don’t have hurricane here. I mean, we had one hurricane in history, but… Not here. You can update them on how the hatches are going. They are not. We actually had… There is paper around, be careful. We had way more work with the hatches then we have planned. Be careful with this because it might be glued… It is. Yes. Yeah, a problem here. We can sand it and… So, the hatches are being painted now. The problem is that we just painted that yesterday and it was raining we needed to cover it, so it’s… Sometimes happen what wasn’t supposed to happen. It was very windy. The wind was very strong yesterday and so this was… I turned worried about how to protect everything. It was all opened. The forecast said that the rain was supposed to be this Monday and not Saturday. So, that’s why we painted it and then we just need to sand and paint it again, it’s fine. Can you tell us a little bit about the history behind the hatches? The hatches. You know… the problem about fixing an old boat or anything that’s old is that… How do I say that? In Brazil we have say that is Jaque is a name, right? So, Jaque means the same… at the same time is the name of a person, but means… As we… It’s the translation for as we. So, basically we are like… So, yeah. Let’s change the acrylic of the hatches and then you say: Jaque… that means as we. As we are gonna change the acrylic why not change the seal? Oh! As we’re gonna change the seal
why not sandblast the hatches that are not that good. So if we’re gonna sandblast why not anodized and if we’re gonna… And so this… as we as we, and things started growing a lot and the hatches we’ve been working on that for like a month. And now hopefully they’re gonna be painted this week. And then we can install the new acrylic, that we bought already. So, we have the acrylic already but we just
need to wait until they paint the hatches. So the hatches are like as we. As we are gonna do these we do that and as we’re gonna do that we do that. So, it’s about
time to go inside. There is no lights on. There is another problem that is… You are
doing a lot of noise. Just wait a second. There is another problem that is we thought we have
lights on, but as we don’t have the inverter the lights are working the batteries. We’re gonna turn on the lights. We have 9 minutes already. 9 minutes already? Yeah. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do, right? So, just show around the cockpit while I turn on the lights. Yes. João, presents the cockpit. Yes. The cockpit here is open, so just be careful if you come here. Because all the… The motor is under this protection here. So, it’s all dust and… Just be careful. Like… when you enter the Odd. So, this is our new door. It’s a MDF door. It’s perfect, yeah. It’s perfect for now. And now you need to step here and here. And there. Be careful not to slip in here. Where is the light bulb? It’s not that dark. The boat actually seems like more of a mess than when we bought the boat. It is actually. Yeah, but good news. I don’t know if you’ve watched.. I don’t know… 2 weeks ago’s episode we had no ceiling panels and now the ceiling panels are back. So, the boat is getting back on shape, in shape. That’s really good. Let’s see. What have we done to the boat yet? Do you want to start from the… Let’s do… yeah, someone is smart. The bow. From the bow to the aft. I’m learning actually. So, as you can tell the boat is a mess right now. But in a really good shape. It’s a
really good mess it’s just some stuff that we’re storing… What do we need to do we need
to do to this part of the boat? We need to install the hatches. We need to repair the woods. We need to instal the LED lights. And that’s it. This actually is the only hatch that
we are gonna keep the old wood. Because this looks bad but it’s just sanding and varnishing. All the other hatches we need to fabricate the entire wooden frame around. Because they had a lot of leaks on the hatches. After 22 years leaks of course is a problem. And then we decided to take them off and to build new ones. The rest here, here is pretty good. The only thing we need to fix here as well is the… valve. The valve here. So, this valve here. Is the only thing that we need to fix, and the pipes. That’s the toilet. Toilet? Okay. The toilet that is here. That’s a good explanation. In bad shape. What is the good explanation? Just one second I will explain it later. Here is a wet closet. So here you put the weather jackets and
the water goes inside there and then you pump it out. That’s basically the bathroom to take showers and that’s wet bathroom. They call it head. That’s the head, the main like wet head. So you can take showers. The back one we’re only gonna use the toilet. What do we need to do in this place? Change it for LED lights. Install the hatches. Fix the wooden frame. And the valves and pipes. And we want to install a electric bilge bump. Because this is just manual. And also the toilet. And a electric toilet, yeah. Because this boat is meant
to be simple so things don’t break. So, everything is manual. But we believe that when you take a shower it’s gonna be easier to have an electric pump, otherwise you’re gonna get sweaty after the shower. I mean, it’s just… We’ll see. Moving on. Explain it… This is the first, toilet number one. There is another toilet. There is another toilet. Actually it’s smaller I think. There is a valve. There is another valve where inside, that is really hard to take off. Duca was trying to take this off
yesterday but it was really hard. Tough. By the way, all the valves… That’s a good thing about this boat. As this is a metal boat all the water entry of the boat are higher than the water level. So, the waterline is below these valves. So every single valve you can change when the boat is actually in the water because it won’t
come water inside of the boat. That’s really good. On the water because it’s
not the submarine. On the water. Yeah, that’s right. One day I will learn English. I’m just getting there. That’s is important, to be on the water. The important thing is to communicate. If we can communicate is fine. I mean, it’s not… So, what do we need to do on the salon? On the salon… we need to install all the port lights. That’s gonna be a
lot of work. We took every single… So, in this boat we have 12 hatches and 8 port lights. And we need to install all these again. And that’s gonna be a lot of work. After the painting, right? Yeah, we’re waiting for the painting so we can do the rest. And we still need to install the gas for the oven and stove. Is this working? Do you know that? We still didn’t try this, but we hope it’s working. The fridge is working. And the valves are here, so we need to change all these. That’s an old valve, we need to change for a new one. We need to buy this. And the fridge right there is working. The fridge. It’s a very nice one. And the freezer. And there is a freezer inside. We need to clean it out and we need to install… It’s working. The engine is working, but we don’t know if it’s working the… If it’s getting cold. Batteries are installed. We have a video about that. We have a video if you wanna watch about the electrical system. What works and what doesn’t work and how many batteries we have. You can watch it here. We have pretty much 150 amp hours for the engine battery. And for service battery we have
630 Amp hours. Moving on. Here is the nav station. Here is where he is gonna stay a
long time just studying the charts and everything. It’s funny that when… And editing videos. It’s funny when you have the first boat you always think that if I change boat one day I want to have this and that. And then you buy a second boat and then you think: when I have a next boat I want to to have this and that. And this boat is actually our third boat. We had a 19 feet, feet and then at 26 feet and now we have this that’s 44. And one thing that… one thing that I wanted to have in the next
boat was a big charter table. Not necessary for navigation, of
course also for navigation, but for editing videos. This is gonna be the editing studio for our channel. Because as we edit videos every week… Duca is the one that edit all the videos. I mean this one is gonna be easy one, because we’re not gonna edit it. You need just to be patient and listen to us
rambling, but… Sometimes that’s how it is. Let’s see if we can get the cable. This is the second vacum cleaner, I burnt the first one putting it in the wrong outlet. Here is the mess. This is the nav… how do I call it? The nav birth? That’s the birth where you sleep while you are navigating. It’s the best place to sleep
while navigating. It’s a really comfortable bed actually. It depends on the wind, isn’t it? But it has support on both sides and
it’s all right on the center of the boat. On the center of gravity of the boat. So, it’s better than the bow and it’s better than the aft. I mean… We still need to exchange all the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher. It’s hard to say this word in English even more if you are sick. It’s harder than João? No? I don’t know. We still need to buy the life vest. We still have a lot of things to buy but… How about the engine? Here are all parts from the engine. We have new fixed parts of the engine already. So the engine… we are already working on fixing the engine. We have a lot of parts off the engine because we took off to fix and to paint it. And now we are gonna wait until
we… you can see it from here. This is the diesel generator. We cannot uncover it right now because we are… we have no hatch for the engine. It’s open. So, pretty much we have a MWM 58 horse
powers, 3 cylinders engine. Everyone says it’s a really really
strongly and reliable engine. But it’s been sitting without turning on for the past I would say 5 years, 4 or 5 years. Even though the boat was abandoned
for 22 years without going back to the water, that doesn’t mean that once a year
the owner would come here in turn on engine. That’s what he said. People say that when someone does that it’s not abandoned. But we considere it was abandoned because… He didn’t wash the boat for 22 years. Once, in the beginning of this 22 years, someone in the marina washed the outside of the boat and he got really mad because he believed that if he’s not using the boat he needed to stay as it is, so the layer of dirt would actually protect the steel other then keep cleaning and taking paint off and then the steel would rust. He believed that the boat needed to stay as it was. And he prepared the boat to be for a long time without being used. All the tanks, the water tank and the diesel tank are full. So, there is no water inside. I mean like.. so doesn’t create rust because of air inside and oxygen. So, basically we have… There is no condensation if you keep it full. We have like almost like 800 liters of diesel on this tank for 22 years. We are… we don’t know how it is yet. We didn’t open the tank yet. We will open the tank and clean it and
change the diesel. That’s another thing that we need to do. Just tell that you are not gonna use this diesel. The former owner actually wanted us to use this. He said we should try it with this diesel because he believes it’s gonna be good. He treated the diesel with a kind of product that makes sure that no bacteria or you know… something like. But still. It’s better… It’s better to buy another one. He didn’t like when he found out that we opened the engine. Because he said we should not
open the engine that the engine would run fine. Just say: Sorry, Julio. Sorry, Julio. Took a lot… The mechanical guy said that he needed to clean these and clean that and change this and that. Then we had some rust on the engine. So we wanted to treat that, and that’s why we open the engine. Perfect. But I’m pretty sure the engine will turn. Fingers crossed everybody. So, let’s move on to the aft. Here is our beautiful mess. That’s our… that’s our… Como é? (Portuguese) This is the master bathroom. Bedroom. Basically the bed goes all the way there. But right now it’s open because we are working on the
quadrant. And the rudder stays there. Yeah, the rudder is right here, the quadrant. So the reason why we have this… everything open is because we took up the rudder and to take off the rudder we need to take off the quadrant. But the quadrant… look at the cables. Look at that. It’s good. They look really really really good. Are you gonna change it or you are gonna keep it? We’re actually gonna buy some spectra, like technical cables to have a backup plan. So, if we break this stainless steel cables during sailing we have a spectra to substitute and we can store it easily because the spectra is just like regular cable. It’s really good idea you opened this then you understand everything that’s open and going on the boat. That’s something that’s really good actually here in the Odd because you’re just opening every single part of the boat and trying to understand it and trying to fix and trying to… to know… To you know everything that can happen when you are sailing. It’s really good. Even the things that we didn’t need to open, like… if we tell Julio… I’m not sure if… Julio is the former owner of the boat. I’m not even sure if he watches the videos or not. He might watch it. If I tell him… Sorry, I’m gonna tell right now if he watches this video. If I told him that we opened up the rudder he would say: You don’t need. I had a nightmare 2 or 3 days ago that he found out that we opened up his rudder and he said that he regrets to sell the boat to us because we are doing things we shouldn’t do. But the thing is, right now is the opportunity… They are doing pretty good things. Right now is the opportunity for us to understand about the systems and to see how it works inside. The rudder now I know exactly how it works and every single piece that are part of the rudder system. And now I feel much more confident on what I have and we had a lot of rust on the shaft. So I decided that if we need to do it we need to do it now because we have time on the hard, we have time on a marina that have a lot of specialized people that knows how to help us. There is one thing that we agree with Julio and we’re not gonna touch. It’s this part here. It’s dirty here. Get this, just so… This is basically
the shaft. This is a different kind of shaft. This is… as I heard this was invented by Meta. Meta is a boatyard in France. I don’t know if you guys heard about the
boats called Damian I and Damian II. These boats were made in Meta boatyard. And Meta boatyard is actually the boatyard that… did the drawings for this boat. This was
built in Brazil but the designers are French. 2 French designers. There are? Joubert and Nivelt. Joubert and Nivelt are the designers of this boat. Joubert and Nivelt also designed Meta boats and in this they call Meta system. It’s like a sealed system
for the shaft using oil. So pretty much you have the whole system with oil inside. And as far as you have oil on the compartment you make sure that you have no water inside of the boat. So, this is a sealed system for the shaft. And we heard of a guy that did one circumnavigation with the same boat as this one and then he went to Europe and back and after 20 years of sailing he opened up the system to check and to give maintenance. And he said he should… he didn’t
need to do that because it was perfect. He shouldn’t have done it. He shouldn’t have done it. So we decided we’re not gonna do it. And as soon as it started leaking a little bit and then we’re gonna do it. For now it’s gonna stay as it is. Julio, we’re doing as you said. We’re not gonna touch that. The plan is to live inside the boat, so are gonna check the systems frequently. One more one more thing is that a lot of people say like: this boat is condemned. How do you said it? Like… Condemned. That this board is not worth, if no one bought this boat in 22 years that means that this boat is not worth anything and that this boat is gonna sink. And then I can tell you guys that no. It’s in really good shape, actually. When
Duca and Roberta told me that they were going to buy this boat I said: Are you sure about that? 22 years maybe it’s gonna be good but… Actually when you are inside the boat and you see everything else… everything that is pretty much… We didn’t know that the inside was this good. Yes, actually yes. And more than the inside is like… the steel of the boat, any structural part is in perfect condition. Sorry to interrupted you. If you touch it… what’s
your thought about the hull? When you touch the hull. The hull is good. Do you feel that’s still thick and there is no rust? It’s pretty much, pretty much it looks like that it was built like 10 years ago. 5 or 10 years ago. There is no… any part that you can tell… okay, this is like a fragile part that it can have some problems during navigation. No,
it’s perfect. He also has a boat. Yes. The other thing is like… people say that if no one bought in 22 years is not worth. But the truth is this boat was never for sale. It wasn’t for sale. If 5 years ago you asked the owner if he wanna sell it he
would ask you: do you see any selling sign? Is there any sign saying
that I’m selling my boat? He would get mad if people in the marina would ask if he wants to sell his boat. Because if they know someone that wants to buy it he was like: there is any sign? He wanted to sail but not to sell it. To sell, yeah. So, pretty much, it’s not that no one wanted to buy it, is that it wasn’t for sale. And we convinced him that we were gonna
bring his boat that he loved it so much back to life . And they’re doing this on the right way, actually. Yeah, we’re trying our best. All good. Our plan was to be here on the boat yard for 3 months. We have 2 weeks and it’s gonna be 3 months. I’m pretty sure we are not gonna finish it in 3 months. The thing is, we thought we would do more things while they were painting it. But really hard to do things while they’re painting it. Because it’s hard
to go in and out with people… And like… we opened up the engine while they were painting and then we realize that we cannot finish the engine right now. We need to wait until the paint is over to have space and a clean ambient to work. And it’s raining too much here, isn’t it? And the other thing is that… We have an agreement to stay on the
boatyard with the owners of the boatyard for 3 months. That’s the… our… First agreement. We didn’t talk to them yet. If you’re watching this… we’re gonna talk to
you guys soon. Because we’re gonna… Camila, we’re gonna talk to your mom really soon. Pretty much we probably might need another 2 months to finish the boat. And that’s not that bad. For the size of the project that’s not bad. Just put this light here, it’s better. Yeah, so it’s not… How can we? Yeah, just hold it. I can hold it. No worries. Pretty much… for the size of the task I don’t believe that 5 months is that bad. No, actually this boat here… a size of
this boat, to make a refit like that probably it would take like a year, maybe 2. Yeah, I mean like… we’re not doing a
100% here. We’re gonna do what we need to put back it in the water
and go back. We’re right now 700 kilometres away from our hometown and we’re gonna take the boat to our hometown as soon as we can float the boat. Yes. That’s where I live. And that’s where they used to live. He is a good friend. He came all the way 700 kilometres away to stay a day and a half with us. For a second time already. They need some help and some support and also a visitation. He is a good friend. I think the only place we didn’t show you is this head, this toilet. So, we have one more bathroom here. Head. And what we need to do here is to check there valves here. To change this toilet that has 30 years
I guess. 28 years. And the other valves also. And we have other valves here. Just the pipe. Another valves here. And I guess that’s it. We are really really excited on how the boat is starting to look. We believe this is a
really safe and strong boat to sail. And that’s the main reason why we bought
this boat. It’s because we always dreamed with a boat that we could feel like at
home inside, that it’s comfortable. But at the same time that we know that if we have bad weather we can trust the boat. Yes, but just one question before you
finish it. Like… When you’re doing this, everything, all this
mess that we’re looking here. Do you dream about like sailing or do you just have time to think about like… in 6 months or one year I’m gonna be somewhere else, like Tahiti or in the Caribbean? Do you have time for that? That’s her first. That’s just the compressor. I always think ahead. Duca always think
today. So, I’m pretty sure he thinks about going there one day but I’m not sure if you think about this. But how about yourself? Do you think about the future? Of course. Where is the future? Around the world. It’s really hard for me to speak today. Basically, it’s hard to think ahead when you have a lot of work right now. Of course I do think. My main dream, if I need to say one would be to reach French Polynesia, that would be just… I think for anyone cruising that must be like one of the best times, when you arrive after like 30 days at sea and you see the nice beautiful island with like rocks… Like you know like… high mountains and… But, it’s a faraway dream yet. Right now we need to finish the boat. But of course I dream every day about… I’m really really curious to see this boat
actually sailing. Not… Some people are like… you must be like anxious to see the boat painted. I’m not that anxious to see the boat painted to be honest. It’s gonna be really cool, of course. But I’m actually anxious to see the mast in
place and that’s a big project. Because we right now are on a huge debate if we’re gonna fix it up the old mast or if we’re gonna 100% change the
whole mast and stays. Of course we’re gonna change stays and turnbuckles and everything. But we’re kind of deciding if we’re gonna change the mast or not. Of course financial wise it’s a big discussion. Because it costs a lot of money. The channel is going really well, so the channel is actually helping a lot to finance the project right now. If we think… The supporters as well. Of course, Patreons, you guys are awesome. And this makes a huge difference. Right now if we think ahead and everything we want to do to this boat we don’t have 100% of the money. We don’t. But we are pretty sure that we are gonna
have it in time. We can do it slowly then we will get there where we wanna get. Another thing I guess is the awl grip. That’s a problem, yeah. That’s one problem. We’re painting the boat right now, but we want to have awl grip. You know? The… How do you call it? The… No-slippery thing. No-slippery paint, to put on the top
of the boat. A lot of people are comment saying that we should use Kiwi grip. We would love to use Kiwi grip. They don’t sell it in Brazil and we try to buy it over Amazon. They won’t ship to Brazil as it’s just paint and chemicals. They won’t
send it to Brazil. So, we have no option. We need 5 gallons of… 5 cans of awl grip. We’ve just found 3 and no store in
Brazil right now have the awl grip that we need. So we’re still try to find it. That’s one
issue. The other issue is that we live all the way in the south of Brazil. Right now we are in the southeast of Brazil. And some companies actually want to get on board with us and help us and sponsor with some equipment and
stuff. But, as we’re in Brazil, it’s really hard in the taxes and the shipping are really really expensive. So, some of the deals we just need to give away and just give up because it’s just hard and we need to do ourselves because… They cannot send equipment sometimes. Right now we have 2 deals that we are working on, that’s gonna be really good for the boat and really good for us. And so we hope to have good news. But if you want to help somehow… I don’t know if some of the equipment, of course it’s always welcome. If you are company. If you
are B&G or raymarine and you want to support us. We would love
your support. It would be great. Because right now all the electronics are bad, basically. Do you have any other question? No, you explained all of them. You don’t have the biggest question? Which one is the biggest question? The biggest question I thought you would make. Do you guys regret getting into that? Yes, but this. We talked about that. That a big question that a lot of people… That’s a really good question, yeah. Because a lot of people ask that: don’t you… just get away of that. Just sell it as soon as possible. Just lose some money and just sell this boat and just move on. No way. Actually yesterday a guy showed
up here… It’s their dream, it’s like their passion. They cannot abandon that. He is a proof. A guy came to the marina looking for a steel boat to buy yesterday. And if we wanted to sell I’m pretty sure he would buy the boat. But we… trust us… We paid a good price for the boat. Even
though it seems like not. Because we’re in Brazil and prices here are much expensiver because we need a Brazilian flag in order to be in Brazil. More expensive. More expensive. I always say wrong that. So, pretty much… If you are in the US or in Europe you might say we paid a high price for the boat. But for what we got… it seems like an old boat but we got a really good boat. This boat is like 28 years, but it was only water actually for… I don’t know 5 years maybe. I don’t believe more than 5
years this boat was on the water. How about the refit? Do you think that we are spending more or… we are in the correct path? I think we were spending a little bit more
than we’ve planned before. But at the same time we are making more money with the videos than we’ve planned. So, it compensates. The reason why we’re spending more is because we… The Jaqui problem… As we’re doing this, let’s do that. Yeah, and of course it’s like… it’s like our dream boat. It’s the boat that we dream to stay with this boat for years. So we are not doing just a small refit to sell the boat, we are doing something to keep, something to live in and to last. We don’t want to do something that’s gonna last 2 years. We want to do something that’s going to last at least 10 years. Of course we know some stuff breaks before 10 years. We are a 100% sure about that. And, but… It’s life choice. Sometimes it’s what you choose. Like some people say like… They love to say in the States Boat means: bring one more… (*Bring another thousand). One more… It’s just like… Basically they say that it’s just it’s something that you keep putting money on. All right. But that’s life. I mean like, we… Sometimes you gotta… But actually you put a lot of money but you guys pretty much put a lot of passion on it, right? You’re like in love. We’re actually living and I’m been really honest. It’s just… deeply living life and there is no price for that. Yes, it’s priceless. It’s just priceless. I mean like… if everything was money we would just stay in a regular job and go back home and watch a film and then go back. Nothing against that, some people do that. Most people do that and that’s life and that’s good. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Some people pay for airplane tickets to go to all the places around the world. And we paid just once for our house and for our “car”, for our vehicle to go around the world. Your house. This is… I don’t know… The dream is to have a house that floats and that can takes you anywhere you want. And this boat actually when it was built was meant to go to Antarctica or to any latitude. So, basically this is… the hull of this boat, the last plate of the hull has… They say, I’m not sure, I didn’t measure it, but they say it’s half an inch thick, that means 12.50 millimeters
thick. Very strong. That’s like a tank. It’s like a really really really strong
boat. And the welds of this boat they are
beautiful. Seriously. Just looking at the welds… We’ve been
welding for like a year and a half. He is in love with the whole boat. They are in love with the boat. It’s hard to get an old boat, that’s 28 years…
and not finding rust on the welds. The welds are the most fragile place for
rust and we didn’t find any rust on the welds. No weld rust and that’s just amazing. That’s true. When we were doing something else yesterday and we just checked everything and it was very clean and very good. It’s in a beautiful shape. But this video is already 38 minutes long, it says there. I think it’s good for today, right? Sorry for the really really real long video. But it’s nice to talk sometimes about what we are doing. If you are still here with us… I think you should subscribe to the channel if you are still here. I mean like, if you are not already. If you are here for 38 minutes,
that means that you liked the video. I think that’s it. You don’t need to subscribe if you don’t want. It’s just if you like it. But we… if you don’t know we post a video every Monday. Every Monday 10 o’clock in the morning Brazilian time. I don’t know if you know what’s Brazilian time. But it’s Brazilian time 10 o’clock in the morning. And we are on this mission of refitting this boat and also before that we were building a tiny
shipping container house back in our hometown. That was a different story. We were building only the two of us, 100%. We didn’t hire anyone, we just built it all ourselves. And we didn’t finish the house.
We were almost finishing the house and the plan was to buy a boat after the
house was done. But we found the dream boat before the house was done, so we stopped building the house. We are gonna go back to that later. The plan is to finish the boat, put it on the water, sail back to our hometown, finish the house, go back to the boat, travel and have a home base to go back sometimes. These are plans, plans can change everyday. Every day. Don’t trust them. Yesterday we came to the boat telling him that we were gonna give maintenance to the winches. We didn’t do that at all. We’re gonna do this, this, this and this. And when we got here we just… did that, that, that and that. We change everyday. It’s just organic living. We just live day by day. We get here and we feel like… That’s how they are, you know… these are my friends. I mean… It’s hard because we do that 7 days a week. Seriously, for the past almost 2
years that’s all we do. We work on what we’re doing. We work on the project and we
edit videos every day of the week. Today is Sunday. Today is Sunday, yeah. So, basically. It’s the feeling of… when you get here you feel like… no actually this is more important and you change. Of course some people are gonna say you’re wrong, you’re never gonna get anywhere if you don’t have a plan and you stick to the plan. But that’s true when you have like, you know… I work 3 days a week and then
have 4 months to do that. If we’re late we’re gonna find a way of doing it. We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna do it. I pretty much believe that we’re gonna finish the boat. Do you believe? It’s almost finished. I do believe you’re gonna finish it. One day you’re gonna watch a video of us plus his girlfriend, almost wife, he’s gonna be get married next month or 2 months from now. Next month. We’re gonna be in his wedding. So, we’re gonna be
all 4 in French Polynesia one day. That’s the dream. And then all the work is gonna be worth. Because of course it’s a lot of work. But it’s actually a lot of fun. We’re not lying we have fun doing this. We enjoy doing this, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing that for so long. And for a long time… we didn’t make one dollar out of what we were doing. For a long time. Right now we do make a lot of… I mean… some money. We do make some money to help with the refit with the videos. But for the first year and something it was just free working. A lot of work. But a lot of fun work. My dad say that we are slaves, because we just work and we just don’t get paid. We have no salaries. But, I mean like… And we work from Monday to Monday. The truth is… When I had a regular job I didn’t work as hard as I do right now. And we weren’t happier like this. But for today that’s it. We have just one more thing we need
to do before we quit of course. We need to thank our new Pateons. And welcome on board our really nice and friendly new Patreons. So, who starts today? We need to get the names. We need to make one cut on the video. Yeah. We’re gonna have one cut. By the way, just so
you know… This kind of videos, rough videos, not edited, with just raw updates… Because the regular videos, Monday videos, they always have a delay because we need to edit them. We need to finish what we’re doing. But usually on the 2 past months we are we’ve been doing a weekly update videos, raw updated videos for our Patreons. So, usually like… Monday or Tuesday we upload a raw update video for our Patreons showing how the boat actually looks right there. So they know the boat is being gray for the past, I don’t know… 2 or 3 weeks already. And they know the final color already. They saw the test of the final color. Because they are our supporters and they deserve to have a little… How do you call it? Spoiler. They have all the
spoilers. A perk. So basically, if you like this kind of
raw update videos, talking and talking and talking. Not 43 minutes, it’s right now 43 minutes. Usually it’s 4 minutes. 7 minutes, 8, 10, 15 minutes sometimes. But if you like that and if you want to
be a supporter we will really appreciate it. And we are doing our best to show you
how much we really appreciate the support. We’re gonna be grateful forever for sure. Because once we sail, once we are traveling with the boat we are always gonna know that you guys are the ones that made this possible. Everyone that watches the videos, everyone that shares the videos. And that’s what made
possible this whole story. Perfect. And meet some friends all over the world. And in a future for sure Patreons are gonna be invited on board. That’s for real. That’s a deal. Once we’re in French Polynesia some of the Patreons we hope to have them on board. That’s why the boat is this big. Yeah, that’s the true. If the boat was just for 2 people it didn’t need to be 44-foot. We could have like a 30-foot, 35-foot. As we want to have Patreons on board of
course… You are gonna be on board for sometimes. Yeah, but for now let’s thank our Patreons. Thanks so much, David. Guntram, Liam, Carlo, Faisal, Paul, Armor, John, Bob and Gina, Palliot, Henning, Daryl, James, Paul, Rob, Steven, Pamela, Andrew. And we also want to thank Carlos, that made a donate through PayPal to us. So, I guess we’ll see you guys next week. And another time that I have a break from work. He’s gonna be back sometime soon. We see you guys next week. Bye. Join the crew

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