hey everyone we're going to do a session on five dragon time limits thousand dollars ten dollars bits so we're looking for this symbol to be left on the line up a line that starts the bonus and getting a lot of comments on where machines are in mohegan so this is in the sky high limit okay fine it's brand-new super get a major/minor these you don't want bonus so the entire bonus to be exact it is weird just notice recives here and then you have your progresses way up there obviously they're different numbers I'm guessing that's what you're betting amounts I don't the honestly don't know why there be discrepancy it's a $10 max bet game not seeing that dragon head Oh that's your buddy alignments that's what we need we need something to line up nice keeps you going it's not this game takes your money pretty quickly ever finding out that's right he just doesn't want to line up at anything so we kind of have a 40x rule so since we're doing $10 max bets we will put more than four hundreds of dollars whose machine so we started with a thousand we won't let it go below 600 have a try a different machine Oh another seven more spells to Dallas very hard so every time we get a money back now and the bonus three spins to go I don't really get bonus hundred 26 so we'll still use our $600 threshold not to go below see if we're gonna make a bonus we had definitely beginner's luck on this the first time we ever had a bonus game it paid 500 maniacs it was like fifty hundred and change and I don't think that a bonus over $2 cents not for seven more Spence OOP OOP nope last whose hands all right so we started a session 2000 and we are down to 602 so he was anyone 398 on 5 dragons high limits thanks guys for watching you everyone rabba Kega no just put 2002 locket link nightlife brand major since daddy no we start on $10 Batson progressed higher some $20 cents like that fifteen you are she saw say between 1520 and announcements like dreams on us three spoons to go mas room all right it's not a great bonus at all but Jesus going 750 to drop Johnson up to 15 first obsession with $20 so – a $15.00 room and we'll call it right there so we'll take a nice $500 for five hundred for our wedding session


  1. That very cheeky female asking such an impertinent question! I would have told her "To go forth and multiply" Great winning session…..Thanks for posting….

  2. Mark, if you choose the games over the lock it option don't you have less chance of getting the Grand during this feature?

  3. @8:36 a game bonus was won in the background, can you confirm if it is Cashman? I love that game and the bonus's are great, can you please play a round and post. I have that game music ingrained into me and I instantly new what game it was, if it isn't that game tell can you please me what it is.

  4. Great video nothing bothers me more when pple stand behind you and watch the entire time I get pretty nasty and tell them to go play or get lost lol can’t deal with the BS

  5. Stupid old lady how rude !!! I would of said that machine you are playing,my friend just got a big hit on it

  6. Awesome vids per usual…just wanted to tell you that the two different jackpot sections one is for the random game that appears when you pick…and the other is for when you are in the bonus games and get the red envelope bonus. Just an F.Y.I didnt see if anyone else said it lol

  7. Wow that lady. Id move to a different spot where you can't see the machine that you were just playing. Apparently that lady don't know how to do that.

  8. Omg the nerve of that nasty lady next to you. She needs to mind her business. Who speaks to strangers that way! Ugh 😑
    Nice wins!

  9. How mad was she gonna be if you bonused? Unfortunately the doors to the casino are open and anyone can come in. Nice deflect on the rude woman. I wanted to say something else but you can pick your own adjectives. Thanks MG.

  10. Nice sessions! Tyvm for sharing! Love your sessions! Hoping you and Gretchen are having a beautiful night and a beautiful Wednesday!❤️🌸🌅

  11. When she said she'd be pissed, I would have said "Will you take your bad attitude with you when you go?" What a bitch.

  12. Great video. I couldn't believe your neighbor's remark toward you. Nothing good will come to her with that negative attitude.

  13. Thanks for sharing Mark & Gretchen! You guys have been really good to us subscribers! Appreciate all your hard work! Thanks! 😀👍

  14. Thanks to you I don't have a hard decision anymore. Why I play the 10 cent denom, I always take the games. Even a bad bonus is 25x or 30x…. bad lock it bonus is more like 4x-10x. On the lower denoms, it's a 50/50 shot….

  15. Love the comments from the player beside you, “playing with casino money?”… “nope, my $$” great video as always MG! Cheers!

  16. Who in the world says, "If you get a bonus, I'm gonna be pissed"?! I'm psyched for my neighbor if they win, I don't care if it's the game I just played. Thanks for the great videos, MG! ❤️

  17. Great vid and bonus on nightlife! I also tend to choose the free games on that one. Have a great evening!!

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