and just do $30 spoons it started – really about here so I apologize you guys don't hear me very well yes such announcements dropping down fifteen three games together [Applause] nice really – Jesus more changes judge do I for $15 of a cup spoons of wool and the session up thousand dollars excuse me $7 all right create you watch it grab 712 under seven thanks everyone we're going to do a session on spin around 25 Santino max bet $24 buns looking for three of those free game symbols six of the spinet spent a grand features symbols sorry they got credits is not showing sorry about that three more of those this game is a bonus service game for us for sure down a quick $400 it was pretty quick on this one very seven goods I think our best sensor by religious homework tease us with the two teasing us what true doesn't my give us that third free game some last two last been all right pretty bad guys that was a quick thousand dollars spin aground you everyone we just spent $5 into five dragons high limits easier progressives it's a brand new machine here Megan and dollar max bets you will go bonus or bust on us we did do one session on this the day after I was put in so don't really understand it but is actually a fun session $50 let's start teaching this could be a really big bonus house [Applause] three more spins in ready after 48:28 we saw two more games to go [Applause] nice minor added up [Applause] it's an amazing ham pay for it to know about session only cost us $30 and we just made or channel hope you consider subscribing make sure you hit the thumbs up and thanks again


  1. Holy smokes that was awesome!!! Great job !!! 5 Dragons is my favorite, I like this version too especially now that I know how to play it lol

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