everybody for a son a little boo take it in for our lucky numbers for thunder we'll start in ten Sanjana just Austin a between 750 and $12 and took you seven that's a start I apologize in advance is extremely loud in here I hope you guys can hear me [Applause] we're near this game we're looking for three of the blue moons or six of the orbs now we're gonna progress from 1250 and $25 that's $25.00 bets is the max victim son genome here in the States all right we're not feeling this D nom at all so we would go to our two dollar genome alternate between twenty and thirty dollars spends same $25 met a verge the breeders doing obviously we're losing paylines here but we are getting bigger progresses so so it took a little under $40 in it so let's hope we got at least that in our bonus or a lot more so far pretty crappy bonus I listen to something good last man all right so a 156 dollar bonus that is pretty awful pretty bad bonus we will do a couple backups up this d nom and then we will drop it back down and start over all right let's let's go to ten Santino excuse me ten to sixty one and five and ten dollars friends all right and now we're gonna go to ten sending on than just twelfth at these ones all right now $1 genome and just $25 misfits all right so now we are going to go to two dollars an alternate between thirty and fifty dollars folks we're kind of out for the day so we were gonna go bonus or bust on the air as we like to say we're gonna try Aetna bonus on to sent to our genome Wow not an amazing we're only teasing us with these six orbs underneath our line it there went away on that major again at least a second maybe third time in a session we've gotten that and then $50 on that line there we go first so hit it on $30 so we're headed on the 50 but beggars can't be choosers so you can get a good bonus up to 138 two-fifty 58 – more Spencer hoping at that hold and spend I can either go to a job do some backups here on $20 rooms four more spins we're gonna call it a session and we're gonna move on unfortunately not a winning session last man all right we appreciate you guys watching sorry wasn't a better session appreciate please hit the thumbs up thanks again everyone we're gonna do a session on five dragons I limits we're really cool new restaurant machine they brought here at the Egan thousand dollar ticket $10 max bets bones we had beginner's luck today they put this in at MIT in the second day they put this in we got over 500 maniacs we actually didn't know what we were doing well we're looking for just a great bonus so we've got a few custom since and it's been pretty bad so we're gonna give it our usual 4dx we get asked a lot of questions in the comments about our 4dx thing we just school you're playing a twenty five dollar machine we usually play a thousand before playing a ten island we usually do 400 hours it's just if we have not a bonus by then we try something else there's no rules it's not a guarantee to win but you just try to play enough to hopefully see the features so we're looking for that black dragon head-on hopefully the second she's in the third real lined up with something that's the only way it works he usually shows up unfortunately on the fourth or fifth wheel like I just called it with nothing to line up with I do like ng and spell the reals occasionally I've been watching his videos what an amazing channel but is nice to mix it up sometimes you did learn with this game that we do not hit some blindness it's pretty much a bonus or busking have enough for a bonus so every time we get a money bag in any of the five free games [Applause] 1208 you have three more spins to go nice 18:08 with one spin to go see if we can get it nice yeah we won't be doing backups tens will end this session up right here


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