💥Watch These BIG Wins on Triple Red Hot Slot Machine💥

22 thoughts on “💥Watch These BIG Wins on Triple Red Hot Slot Machine💥

  1. All you are doing is changing the bet the odds of winning do NOT change you are just afraid of losing to quickly.

  2. The odds would have been in your favor if you played wagering $5 or more per spin and stayed with it throughout your credits. every time you change the bet the computer inside resets to zero; meaning it takes longer to get that large jackpot..

  3. Kids are tuning into these channels and only seeing the glory of a RARE big win and in their impressionable mind's want to emulate these Youtube slot players. It's no wonder why slot machine gambling addiction has been on a dramatic rise since the creation of the Youtube Adsense program. hopefully we can get these videos demonetized soon.

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