hey everyone we're doing a session on lightening cash high stakes at Red Rock Casino put a ticket in for even 2500 do you start with some $50 bets on dollar do you know whoa first spin bonus Tommy a chip something big here from horrible bonus of 250 ms6 excuse me we got a phone call right at the end of that bonus so I had a stop for a second all right well continuous in 50 our Spence was a nice first bin bonus so we can keep them doing or switch it to ten sadena I'm saying $50 bets let's get some more pay lines in here we prefer the version that we have the Mohegan Sun because it has 50k lines on every de nom this one does not a couple more spins and we'll get back to the dollar genome I just like to mix it up occasionally we're to go to quarters I'm gonna do some 3750 smells there's no $50 spoon laughs spin here to go back to she's ready to go to 50 cent enum saying 3750 smells – for them and then we'll head over back to dollars and allergy nom and back to our $50 spoons we started with so we're down about 150 on this session excuse me we're down seven 600 at the other session need a little more than that $90 one away went away again all right final ten spin zero does not want a bonus again start with that nice first spin bonus sometimes that's a curse actually especially when the bonus pays two hundred and sixty dollars there we go we got the ship drop more spins we need a chip one hundred dollars in the session 2116 to be exact four to go there we go all right now we're back in the game still needs some big chips to drop with that to get us back up to at least even in the session alright something but so one this session down exactly 500 bucks maybe like 495 not a bad come back there but we at least everybody not please make sure you hit the thumbs up thanks again everyone wear Red Rock Casino we're gonna do a little super lock locking link Eureka real blast they took it in for 2,000 even the session is going to be just $30 bets on the 10 cent Dean ah max bets if you're new to this super lock just need to get a wheel a super lock wheel on the stick of dynamite when you get all six of them like that were there yeah there's a perfect example and after you play your regular bonus you're gonna spin on the super low we're gonna do max bet spins it's a bonus for us went away there seventy-five bucks my journeys 45 not bad here we go nice if I get another one be able to drop right now here three more spins nice I had to move this waste you guys gonna have a next all right nice and I think that's right right now 1894 dollars up thank you for watching to make sure you get the time you


  1. Nice wins! You have that same music as Jigsaw Jeff! How do you incorporate music into your videos. I do all mine barefoot without any effects

  2. Great vlog MG💪🏽…enjoyed watching these two games nice wins:)) 21 is also my lucky number…my birthday is on August 21 lol 😝!! Thanks for sharing your awesome channel with us viewers/subscribers hope you guys will get many more very soon🙏🏻, take care and have a great weekend,,,,,,,

  3. Great run bro on Eureka and yeah it was your luck 21 🙂 ! That LL should pay more for sure w/$50 bet . but still was great ! Congrats my friend

  4. Good job MG! Send that bonus magic to NG for second round at RR! I praying & crossing my fingers for NG to hit a monster jackpot!

  5. if you look at 9:25, you also got it on the dynamite on the 4th column. They must limit to one per bonus, so it disappeared quickly.

  6. A thumbs up for the video but at 5:45 you said that you were down $2,116 but you were really down $2,416 for the session! Since you did start off at $2,500. Awesome videos!

  7. I've noticed that first spin bonuses almost never pay well. Not sure why that is, but I don't ever recall a big win on a first spin bonus.

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