๐Ÿ”ด Deshelled Seafood Boil in The Smack Yo Mouth on The Tasty Seafood Dippin Sauce

hi everybody welcome welcome welcome to
tasting my bag tasty tasty tasty McBaine tasty mukbang eats yo I am here today
with a mini small sea football I got some details see football that’s a few
pieces of king crab I’ve been here some shrimp some corn and one egg so I’m
gonna say my grace so we can eat yo father God I thank you for this food
we’re about to receive your blessings your kindness your mercy your grace all
the provisions you made up on my life I thank you Father God for everything
you’ve done for me everything you’re going to do Lord Jesus I thank you for
protecting me against all hurt harm and danger father God and I ask you to
continue to encamp your angels around me Jesus I just thank you for everything
you’re doing for me through me into me and I praise your Holy Name thank you
God and the name of your son Jesus we pray amen hallelujah hi everybody I know
it’s a little late but I came to you with my morning McBaine a little late
and now I’m back to eat my dinner okay I’m back to eat my dinner okay taking a bath I just got to shaving my
head and after we eat we go to bed I’m just kidding it sound too good
yeah so I’m just gonna begin we got the tasty sauce I just egg that
with the whole home yeah the child grow up eating seafood
I didn’t grow up eating seafood and the first time I ate shrimp I was on a I was
on like a I’m not a field trip but a church outing
I would Church had went to a convention I was a little girl I got saved when I
was 14 years old we went on the church outing for about a
week yeah this is king crab just hot so good though cuz it’s been marinating and
tasty sauce all night that’s so good yeah let me plug in forgetting to do
that we went on church outing for about a week we was at this convention and I
was probably like about 14 or 15 years old I got a sister that’s under me this
younger than where all my sisters and brothers is younger than me because I’m
the oldest so me and my sister that’s under me wit and the church uh my mother
did not attend the church it was just me and my sister we attended the church so
me and my sister had went to the church for the whole year and some of the
elders got together in the church because everybody else that was going to
the convention was bringing their kids with them me and my sister wouldn’t
gonna be able to go because my mom wasn’t a member of the
churches she didn’t intend and just me and my sister we only went to church on
my own soda uh people in the congregation felt like we should also be
allowed to go to the church convention because we had attended the church
service the whole year long so the church went into Rome and they just it
just wasn’t us that wasn’t gonna be able to go but it was other young girls who
mamas didn’t have the finances to allow them to go so the church renting the
room for the young people that didn’t have that wasn’t gonna be able to go
with their family members and we all had to share the same room so we got to go
to the convention they pay for our food in the hotel room for us to go and then
when we got ready to lead a convention like after a week I think we was there
for a week or weekend or four days or something like that well our church members stopped it at
this restaurant to get something to eat and the members pay for me and my sister food and I was a cute
little girl I used to have long hair my eyes are like conflicted but my sister
is actually brighter than me she’s like what y’all call yellow bone she like
Vanessa Williams color and got Vanessa Williams color eyes so my sister was in
line before me and the ladies working at the restaurant it’s kind of like oh you
tell them what you won’t point out what’s wrong I was like oh look at the
little girl with the light eyes she’s so cute they tie my my sister and I’m
further down the line so when I did Citian alright that’s another one look
at her eyes she’s so cute and they was like are y’all sisters and I was like
here that’s my sister so the ladies I don’t know why the ladies at the
restaurant like like me and my sister eyes so much they told us we could be
anything we wanted to eat and I didn’t know what that stuff was I never have
seen crew before like that um they was just putting all kind of stuff on my
plate baby they had some fried shrimp on the
plate it was so funny they fried the shrimp with the shell on it try I was up there eating the shrimp with the shell owning and everything
just chewing the whole thing like there I anytime the shell was crunchy I ate it
I swallowed it and the ground people were sitting at the table just looking
at me and they was like baby you’re not gonna peel the shrimp I was wrong peel
this room that’s crunchy I like it tight it was my first time eating shrimp I didn’t know you were supposed to peel
the shrimp yeah that’s another piece of king crab that’s that knuckle I didn’t
know they put the killer shrimp child I was chewing their whole shrimp and
chewing it eating in swaddling I hate them so bad fast they were so good the
ladies don’t work at the restaurant say baby you want some more shrimp baby just
give me everything and the people that was supposed to pay for my food Dana you
have to pay for it I think that was the first time must be the first time I ever
heard from I think the only other seafood I ever
had before was um was uh catfish I mean cuz like my stepdad he was a hunter and
he caught um he hunted everything alligator fish crosses Turtles so we would eat whatever kind of meat he
brought home so I had alligator meat before we grew up on alligator meat we
could have as much alligator meat as we want every season a lot of people like
the alligator tail time I haven’t seen alligators in person my stepdad will
bring that alligator home Justin that’s a piece of keen crap lay it out on the
front yard skin it salt it down you have to salt down the
alligator hide so it won’t get hard they sell a hot in the meat so I’ve seen real
life alligators in person real life I haven’t seen a 500-pound turtle before my stepdad and his cousins caught a
500-pound turtle I’m saying alligators up to 15 18 see 20 tweet feet long but I
never had known y’all this quick my brain I had never had no shrimp before
baby I ate that whole shrimp Oh she’ll hit out and it was so good and I’m
waitresses they worked at that restaurant
soon as I get to eat some baby he want some mom I was like yes ma’am I got a
free meal there there I need to know why oh yeah because I had like eyes and my
sister had my eyes they usually say which one of your parents had like eyes
your mama or your daddy again I have some people say Oh cuz you bright
which one of your parents are bright your mama in you or your daddy now
neither one of my parents have like eyes and both of my parents are my sect my
color I don’t have a dog complected parent and like completely parent both
of my parents are the same color and neither one had like eyes I never
understand why that matters to people I never understand people who don’t know
you why would the first question they ask you is which one of your parents are
like I just don’t get that I don’t understand I don’t understand the
importance of that yeah I could have had some more shrimp up in here man I could
have ate something else yeah I don’t understand the aport importance that
black people put on color I don’t understand the emphasis that black
people put on color hair touched your eyes like
I never thought I was better than anybody else
mm-hm because I was like completely in another thing I don’t even consider
myself like completely y’all I don’t I and now another thing I always want to
be darker another thing I’m darker than my normal complexion and I love being
darker I don’t understand why people think because if they were lighter they
would be cuter if they were lighter they’re gonna be treated better if they
were lighter they would just have it so much better in the world if they were
lighter people would like them I don’t understand that mind frame that mindset
like I feel like every single person that God created is beautiful he created
you in His image he made you and created you like you are for a reason a purpose
and I don’t even know why I’m talking about this day yeah wasn’t planned God
created you in His image for a reason and a purpose and you should be proud of
who you are you should embrace your color you should embrace your features
you should embrace your eyes your hair texture you should embrace everything
about you because you were made you for a reason there’s not another person many
like you and like some people I’ve seen YouTube videos over the years that
people don’t like their gaps in their teeth and they just think their gaps are
so ugly and I love my gap I would never ever ever I said this before if somebody
gave me a million dollars and told me I had to close my gap baby they could keep
big money cuz this girl over here is not getting this gap closed for knitting I
love my girl I think it’s beautiful I think it’s a part of who I am
I think my teeth or and by the way these are my teeth in my mouth not no dentures
these are my teeth and I think my teeth are perfectly aligned they are beautiful
and God created my teeth to be perfectly aligned with each other and to still
have a gap in the middle so that’s the way he wanted them so I don’t know why
I’m saying this today but love yourself embrace yourself and embrace who you are
and don’t put more value on other people and their features and say that because
you it’s like you think that they’re better than you because you want to be
something that you’re not and I just don’t understand all this colorism going
on in the african-american race and we are more prejudiced against ourselves
then other people are prejudiced against us and when you start treating children
different because of their color their hair or their eye textures you are also
alienating other children and you’re making those other children feel bad by
trying to make another child feel better because of the way that they look and
like I have people they always ask me like I said people always ask me which
one of your parents are dark or which one of your parents are light and they’d
be surprised when I say both of my parents are the same color both of my
parents have the same skin color that I have neither one of my parents have like
conflicted eyes both of my parents have a pretty good grade of hair my dad’s
side of the family I think have a better grade of hair then my mom’s side of the
family head even though my mom has wavy hair
and her hair grows long and she always choose the word and show people her hair
but and my daddy hair is wavy but big curly waves not deep waves more like a
big curly way and then the kind of hair we had y’all
you cannot tell like we might look like we have a big air Pro a big bushy fro
and it might look nappy but when you touch it were you looking at you be like
oh she got nappy hair but do you touch my hair is so soft it’s so curly that’s
the kind of hair I used to have before I had hair issues but yeah my hair grows
long even the hair that I choose to shave that will grow my have a girl long
but I just choose not to let it grow for whatever reason and but I’m here today
you guys just I don’t know why I was here I was here to eat I’m through
eating but I just want to tell y’all love who you aren’t embrace who you are
work on becoming the best you that you could be but don’t try to be nobody else
don’t try to embrace other people like if God made your nose point it then
learn to love your pointing nose oh god Nate your nose wise
learn to love your wine nose God makes your eyes dark a brighter blue love your
eyes and stop trying to want to be somebody else and nobody else is better
than you because they look different than you okay let me see what y’all seen Alisa Gale did you take your Instagram
hey chasity Tara Kiki Trisha chasity Trisha Nikki hey Nikki girl
where you been beyo quani sure somebody says it Godley how
many times they gonna say huh Oh Canisius a no chance Lee I’m not
better I’m still don’t have a voice my ears is clogged badly and my nose is
stuffed I can’t even taste food oh hey miss Miller Theresa say uh I don’t I didn’t grow up
eating seafood we ate fish and shrimp occasionally I tasted scallops when my
daughter was around two or three and Queenie should say I used to eat my
shrimp just like that tell my grandmother started calling me greedy
for not feeling it I didn’t know no better y’all Nikki was like that’s funny
couldn’t she say I like the crunch so since then I felt offended by her Oh
Lord Nikki say I want to try alligators
truth-seekers say hello to seeker say hey
Infinity’s say uh much tasty affinity say a gap is a sign of good look and
seriously seriously um in this case say your teeth or gorgeous thank you and if
you need to say be the best version of yourself
xoxo Nikki say I could only watch you on TV I broke my phone girl how you broke
your phone this girl say I’m back so yeah I got these bumps around my mouth
from their spicy food I was eating I think the next time I make my sauce I’m
gonna make it with no spice cuz I wanna see if I’m allergic to the cayenne that
I put in there Nikki say I kept dropping it did you did
you crack the face of it did you crack the face y’all cuz that’s what happened
to me a couple of weeks ago or last month or something like that
I dropped my brand-new phone and he cracked the face I had to go get another
phone and then I got this thing oh oh it’s on that phone oh that I’m feeling
out I got this thing over the phone that’s a protective cover so if you drop
the phone the face not supposed to crack I don’t know if it’d work or not cuz I
ain’t trying to drop my phone Nikki say I keep dropping it and Nikki
say I’ve been having you to withdrawal from not be able to come me Nikki say I
cracked my screen and it’s and then it went black who you got your phone
service wee girl phones her you could get a new phone wait – it’s time to pay
your bill go and get a new phone and you gonna have to get a new number and it’s
gonna be almost the same like 10 or 20 dollars more to get a new phone that’s
Heidi is down here infant infinite says you are the reason we know you are expiring Oh
Thank You Nicky say uh my BF bought me one for Valentine’s Day t-mobile okay
girl you go girl you got a new phone praise the Lord thank you Jesus Nicky
say I have a new phone now and had to start another account why you had to
start another count you commit you didn’t know the password to the old girl
you ain’t got to start no new account I didn’t change my number 50 I don’t got a
new number a new phone 15 million times time that’s why I got all these phones
laying around the house that only I only use connected with Wi-Fi and the one
that I broke cracked the face – I was just getting used to it and I cracked
the face – dropped it leaving out the house I was so mad
oof that made me angry uh Nicky the only one talkin to me why Nicky the only one
talking to me out for treats to say you have bad luck girl
miss forty so say you got bad luck with phones girl I drop phones and water but
I did good I did good I’ll be having this one for a long time
all right no another one for a long time I was if I keep a phone longer than a
year that’s good but y’all it’s so cheap to get a phone down here I almost
constant the same as a phone bill I think you should upgrade your phone
every three to six months only thing I don’t like is I don’t like getting a new
number I don’t like getting a new number but
you can get a new phone almost every month for the same price is your phone
bill Nicki say I had a hundred phones already and I always forget my past well
you need just send yo phone to you when you try to log into accounts I forgot
the password and let them say your email so you can get back in and just change
the password yes moto are the phone’s Nicki say keep
a phone for a year is great hey joy George say hey miss tasty how you doing
you can say I’m doing that now I hope it works
yeah it’s your work so you guys if y’all haven’t subscribe to I got a new one for
Christmas mine was getting hot and keeps shutting off I have a same song yeah one
day when I get grown I’m gonna give me one of them iPhones well I had our phone
I got the iPhone 7 but I want a new new one but the service with the company
that I got the iPhone 7 whit was horrible I couldn’t even do lives it was
horrible I was like this phone is so crappy it
was horrible so I was just gonna take the phone to
another company in change the same color out but the company told me that
t-mobile no that uh Bose both mobiles iPhones are locked when you
can’t change the SIM card so I couldn’t continue to use my iPhone so I could use
my iPhone only when I’m using it on Wi-Fi Nikki said I had iPhone 7 and it
fell on my shoe while talking and never came back on
again I didn’t even you didn’t even follow
heart Theresa said I dropped my phone trying to answer it while I was cooking
and I didn’t even catch the call I didn’t call the person back either
because I was mad that I dropped the phone well it’s don’t sound like I’m the only
one to have a little phones Oh for cheese to say Oh booths is
horrible I had them had to stand by a window to
get a single we’re good I thought oh Lord
somebody should’ve told me to booth I had heard for years that people were
saying booth was better than cricket but baby I want you to know that cricket is
everywhere cricket is in Mexico cricket is cricket is a cheap phone service but
they is good oh let’s go say I have Verizon and it’s the bomb.com with girl
if you could afford that bill and keep it moving
for Theresa say I have Verizon don’t you have to be under contract with Verizon I
love the little companies that I’m signed up because you don’t have
beyond the country if another company have a better deal next month and got a
free phone you can move to another company get a better deal and then in
two or three months move back to another company Joyce said hey taystee hey
everyone hey joy pretty to say nope you get a prepaid okay you just guessed say
nope I don’t it’s prepaid mmm how much are the bills
per month like I bet you it’s still cheaper than other places I mean more
expensive joy say hi are you tasty I’m doing fine honey hope everyone is having
a nice evening 78 unlimited everything 78 that’s deep my phone bill is 40 no
fifty fifty well you could get you can get a phone down here with unlimited
call especially like if you are older person and you’ll need to be doing all
their texts and stuff and you just wanted to talk on the phone
you can get a phone down here for $30 a month unlimited unlimited calls and
unlimited texts for $30 a month Hey Queen almost everyone has MetroPCS joy
say watch your cereal video from earlier gonna go back and write some comments
after the live on thank you joy I appreciate it
that was just a quick cause y’all I was supposed to be doing these morning
McBain’s I’ve been staying up all night not waking up in the morning mmm so I
just decided to doing my morning mutt things whenever I wake up because that’s
my morning that’s my morning Kaneesha said I have sprint it is
guesser I think like I think like $32 or 3334 oh that’s how
much I’ll be easily the gal Joey is speaking Alyssa girl say a month
prepaid Jorge say hi kanesha kinesin say I went back on some videos and coming to
taste you thank you miss kanesha for Fox Tresa say not as high as French I paid
one hundred and ten dollars to get rid of them Wow that’s how much a monthly
beer was for one line that’s like three lines with other companies
Kaneesha say uh hey Joey hey Queen say I love your videos thank
you Queen Alyssa girls say yes ma’am and Tony say uh you get data and everything
for $40.00 tasty Wow but I’d be using the internet for my other phones
everything is connected to Wi-Fi when y’all see me doing using my other phones
it’s it’s internet and like if I can’t afford a phone beer every month I still
got my phones and I still got apps on my phone where you could receive phone
calls and make phone calls so as long as I’m in the house or as long as I’m
anywhere we internet I still could stay connected to the world so sometimes you
got to eliminate some of them bills y’all sometimes you got to eliminate
some of them bills that you can’t afford you ain’t got the money for or you need
the money for something else sometimes you got to eliminate some deals Kristen said her I have a free few
phones clucks Tresa say yes joy say yes you’re right for Teresa I am paying that
right now with Sprint couldn’t you say my rent bill not high actually Alyssa
girl say mine is on Wi-Fi too and you listen girl say to save on data Nikki
saying I know that’s right Tony say I have to pay $100 with Verizon boy you
gotta switch to another company what other phone companies you have in your
area you better switch and that’s just for one line or two lines that’s just one lie of a two line lines just one so I asked you all what Wi-Fi
are you using whatever company you got your Wi-Fi with you can continue could
connect your phone to your Wi-Fi when you and your house whatever internet
service if you got Internet you can connect your phone to your internet you
don’t matter what company it is gets to here in my area it’s new wave
communications we got the rising cricket boosts t-mobile I don’t even know if
they have Sprint PCS anymore I don’t even see them anywhere and even Walmart
have their own wireless service Nicky said I have AT&T I think AT&T is
nationwide nationwide is on your side uh-huh that’s my issue I use the phone
for Wi-Fi oh you use the phone for I find well you’re getting like
two-for-one but like if you had internet internet service at your home and you
didn’t have a phone service thing you could use connected to your Wi-Fi at
home and still make phone calls and still do whatever you want to do on your
phone if you can’t afford both fields but some people do get the the phone
service because they can have access to the Internet at the same time you just
might need to consider going to a cheaper company like metro pcs and you
can get that bill down to like 50 or $60 a month 50 or $60 a month my cousin ain’t no drinker Tony my
cousin just was talking noise he not a drinker he’s actually a Christian and
they don’t drink he was just we just crazy we just got a
crazy him he was just joking down Queenie she said I’m going to be y’all
please peace and blessings tonight we’re gonna pray for you Queenie Shaw you’re
probably gonna end up on he answers prayers tonight I’m probably gonna go
live on he answers prayers after this anybody else got anything they want to
talk about tonight y’all we could go live on he answers prayers now from my
phone yep yep yep yep yep yep yes he was just putting on chil yeah for us
I know I never seen him treat befo mmm his parents don’t drink nobody in the
house drink they Christians and he wouldn’t get no drink with me I know
that’s for sure so as long as I know the little homie was just talking no it’s that strawberry was a ripoff
yeah Nicky said I need to go to bed too I have a meeting to go to in three hours
Oh Nicky I forgot Nicky you worked the night shift girl so you gonna take you a
nap girl Thank You Nicky for coming in we miss you don’t be no stranger good
night y’all see y’all next time bye Nicky we love you do not drop that phone
again and go get you one of them protective things on the front to
protect your uh your front from breaking I think it’s like 10 11 or 20 dollars
for that screen protector and then just attach on to the front of your own thing
I got one on this phone right there in a case neither case girl they usually give
you a case for free sometimes you got to ask them sometimes
Oh Tony say where the strawberries go where the story is good oh yes as soon
as you get into that strawberry juice just came into your mouth it was so good love y’all
miss love y’all miss you too I will miss tasty I love this phone child you to a screen protector and a
case a case and a screen protector and that’s the only reason why I could keep
a phone up to you cuz before then baby two months three months top drop break
crack the most thing I did was drop phones in water I love to drop phones in
water y’all whoo let’s get us a night Nikki everybody else going to bed on me
y’all I think I’m in this live and we’re gonna go over to he answers prayers have
a moment of silence I’m in live over there in my night over there I put my food clothes in this bag okay yeah we’re gonna in this life oh we
got six more minutes to one hour let’s make it an even hour
Tony say I need the pink the link to that you need to lead to what okay night
everyone I don’t sleep at all wow you are good Nicky say love yeah okay you need to
link to work Tony you need the link to world you need the link to work Tony you I guess to your heart Jamaican what are
you talking about I’m not understanding what you’re talking about
I need to link to it all to your other channel Oh let me get it hold on wait a minute yeah
I got several other channels are you subscribed to Vanessa my life my journey
are you subscribed to tasty talks this is the one we’re going to nix is he
answers prayers that is the link to my other channel he
answers prayers that’s what we’re going after this I I’m still here
my Wi-Fi is missing up so I tried to get on my phone
hey Teresa we gonna go we’re gonna go we’re gonna go to he answers prayers in
a little bit just have a quick talk over there pray for everybody they need to be
prayed for miss kanesha miss Gloria I can’t think of anybody else that has a
prayer request I thought you only had tasting my tasty talks and tasting my
vain girl no no Tony we got live channels Tony he asked his prayers
Vanessa my life my journey tasty talks and tasty my brain eats and plus I got
other channels that yeah I don’t know that he was gonna say the world is the
world that is sick we need to play for the whole world oh yeah we need to pray
for that people that’s being affected by the virus their virus yep mmm-hmm we need to pray for the people
that’s being affected by the one I read okay yeah we got two more minutes to
this video is an hour long we got almost 50 people in the house 17 thumbs up if
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gonna eat tomorrow but I will be trying to come to you in the morning with my
early morning muck kabane let me post a link to the other channel we’re getting
ready to go to over there now he answers prayers what is my phone doing okay we’re getting ready to go over to
the other channel he answers prayers oh it didn’t show it was posted over you so
y’all come on over if y’all want to talk to us and just talk about whatever we
want to talk about being pray and fellowship with each other I will talk
to you guys in a minute thanks for watching mmm bye now

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  1. Forgot to say in the live if you haven't tryed straight talk it's $55 for unlimited talk,text and web just make sure you got a phone with a hotspot. I didn't grow up eating seafood i only are shrimp and fish that's as close as i got but i don't even do that now cause i choked on a bone when i was little and haven't touched it since. My niece is staying with us and tonight she had shrimp cause she seen it in the freezer she was like oh grammy i love some shrimp nope can't do,i could see you now crunching on the shrimp shell๐Ÿ˜‚you so silly.

  2. Heck no i ain't mess with no gator yuck,i have a cousin who has green eyes and hes dark complexion and another one with blue eyes whos light everyone asks is he mixed where like no. It's true some light people think they are better my aunts like that and my grandma always told her she was yellow gone to waste,i have a gap in my teeth i used to hate it but i got used to it.

  3. Believe it or not … I have Never had crab ๐Ÿฆ€or lobster before but I love catfish… perch and sometimes ๐Ÿค… I've have been to restaurants that serve it but I never tried it . I am now…

  4. My mom was light skinned but my dad was dark skinned lol… so some of my sisters and brothers darker than me. Great video Tasty !!! ๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

  5. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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