so let me get this right a browser that
focuses on privacy and security is super fast it doesn’t show you any ads it
doesn’t allow any trackers but at the same time pays you cryptocurrency for
viewing adverts coming up right after this if you new to the channel and you
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to me thank you okay so the browser we’re talking about
is called the brave browser now this browser is available on Windows on Mac
or Linux on Android and even iOS so pretty much all platforms are supported
now as we can see from the home screen when you first launch it it will tell
you how many trackers were blocked in total how many ads have been blocked
how many HTTP upgrades so if you do go to a website which is just HTTP only
this will automatically try it’s best to upgrade that connection to HTTPS so I do
think that’s a great feature built into the brave browser and over here it tells
you how much time has been saved so if you imagine you do go to a website and
you’re waiting for those adverts to load or for those tracker scripts to run each
of those processes is taking up valuable time so this browser is going to block
this by default and when it does block them it means you’re going to save time
in your browsing so again this will just give you a summary of how much time
you’ve saved using the brave browser now Biff history but the brave browser it
was co-founded by a guy called Brendan inch now Brendan actually co-founded the
Mozilla projects which we know is the crater of Firefox on top of that here
she created the JavaScript programming language now javascript is pretty much
used on all websites it’s a very very popular language so this guy definitely
has great credentials now just came back to the browser as a previously mentioned
it’s focused on your privacy and is focused on security which means
automatically out the box without any kind of configuration without any kind
of tweaking it’s automatically going to block all trackers on websites and it’s
going to block all adverts so for example if I just go into a website like
mr. try cnn.com so when you do go to a soil you can see here I’m not seeing any
adverts but the same time if you look at the address bar I can click on this
this gives me a great breakdown telling me that nine individual third party
truckers were blocked and we can see here that there was no scripts that
needed blocking we can see that none of the connections required an upgrade to
HTTPS but just having this granular view I do think it’s a great feature of this
website now for whatever reason you find like things are not loading properly
maybe some scripts I needed to be run or not running you can actually
individually turn off the shield for this website so you can click on this
and this will now basically load the adverts on the site if there’s any
trackers I need running they’ll all run so you can have that granular control on
a website by website basis you can also click on the down arrow here and see
exactly the source addresses for these third-party trackers now we know these
trackers they’re monitoring on what you’re clicking on you know what you
watching what you’re seeing and stuff and then based on that content they then
give you adverts based on that but here we can see as those trackers are blocked
and none of that information is given away to anybody now in case you’re
wondering how does brave actually work well brave is built upon chromium which
is the open source project Google and others maintain so the same back in
technologies actually powered the Chrome browser are also powering brave now in
terms of configuration because this is based on chromium they click on a
hamburger menu here and go to settings we can see the layout looks very very
similar to what you would see on Chrome but let’s go to settings now the
settings are really nicely laid out and it’s not too overbearing so and it gets
started you can make sure that brave is your default browser if you want to do
that you can specify one startup what happens does it continually left off you
want to open up a new tab or do an open up a specific set of pages so for
example I’ll click on this click on add new page and here I can just say go to
tech dock to UK comm ad which means now in theory when I start the browser in
fact let me do that now we can see that automatically opens up that particular
web page so if you do have some websites that you regularly look her you can get
them to start mightily every time you start the browser now let’s go back to
settings now key thing to understand is because this is based on the chromium
browser it will support most of the Chrome extension so if there are certain
extensions that you regularly use like lost pass or like certain other plugins
like I use to buddy for example there will be more or less supported using
brave and the shields we can see the default setting for websites which is is
gonna block away at verse it’s gonna block all third-party cookies and it’s
also going to block the third-party a fingerprinting and this was the
extensions to keep out the option we’re party for it
is gonna try a new HTTP everywhere so just to give you that more secure
connection here you can control things like social media blocking so if you
want to see Google logging buttons or facebook login buttons you can switch
them on and off so it is very customizable as you can see guys but I
would say for the basic user if you’re not technical then I would leave
everything as default and I would automatically give you a very good level
of privacy and also security now in fact to answer what makes brave so special I
would say definitely the first thing is just the privacy and security so some
other browsers do have privacy controls some other browsers you can install
third-party plugins and add blockers to give you some level of privacy and
security but with brave browser it’s actually built in directly into the
heart of the browser so again no configuration no tweaking no settings
soon as you launch it you are now protected and you’re secure next up I
would say is the speed now it goes without saying if I’m browsing a website
and I’m not waiting for any adverse to load I’m not waiting for any scripts or
in a third-party trackers to you know finish loading it’s inevitably going to
make my browsing experience so much faster and I’ll particularly notice this
on the android client so if you do install this browser onto your cell
phone and test the cell I can pretty much guarantee you get a much faster
browsing experience than using a standard browser so definitely unsafe
speed is one of the biggest plus points of using the brave browser now the third
reason is really what sets brave apart from all the other browsers are
currently available as mentioned at the start of this video you as a viewer you
as a zombie that just browses the Internet can actually earn revenue by
just viewing adverts not just to make sure there’s no confusion let us watch
this small video clip and I’ll explain to you during the video exactly how this
applies to you as a viewer but also if you’re thinking about using this as a
content creator so let’s have a look brave rewards is a system that allows
you to get rewarded for viewing privacy respecting ads and pay it forward to
support content creators you love so when they talk about being paid they’re
talking about using the back token which is the basic attention token and this
can be converted to cryptocurrency using the ìiî and blockchain brave rewards is
comprised of three components auto contribute which allows you to make
automatic monthly contributions to your most visited sites
tip so here for example we’re saying if all of us are going to be blocked but at
the same time if you are regularly visit certain sites then want to give
something back to them I mean you’re not gonna see any adverts anyway but this is
your way of saying thanks by tipping the website and giving them back tokens or a
portion of a bad token oops which lets you send on-the-spot bat tips
to your favorite publishers and creators and now ads we’re opting in will allow
you to see privately matched ads and be rewarded for your attention in bat
tokens let’s so this is the big one core so you can basically opportune and let
me show you how you do that so if you click on the brave icon at the top here
brave rewards and if I go over to the reward settings and here we can see I’ve
actually enabled a feature which is ads which basically means I’m happy to see
adverts on certain websites and if I see those adverts I’m going to get paid in
bats and we can see so far today I’ve already earned no point – but you can
also tweak the settings and see how many ads you want to see per hour and the ads
really are not intrusive at all you’ll see a small pop up here and depending on
what you’re interested in dad’s will be somewhat targeted with brave ads your
browsing activity never leaves your device local machine learning provides
all the necessary information needed to serve personalized highly relevant ads
that’s actually a key thing for privacy so none of you’re in a browsing habits
know that none of the stuff that you normally click on none of that private
data is ever sent to the cloud we’re back to brave servers all of that stuff
is only stored locally and using algorithms locally they can then give
you targeted adverts based on the stuff that you know we look out the stuff that
you normally watch but again that data your browsing habits your you know
surfing preferences that stuff never leaves your computer so really guys what
a very interesting concept so you know don’t spam people with loads of adverts
when they go into random websites but allowed the user to opt in and based on
that opportune they can see targeted adverts and actually reward the person
for seeing those adverts so I really think it’s a very very interesting model
and because it’s 100% free to sign up you can do that now at the same time I
mentioned that for content creators you can also sign up to brave and give you a
special link which I will be leaving in the video description now anybody that
installs brave using that link will also allow me as a content creator to earn
some bats which again is no cost to you it’s something that’s paid for by brave
but of course if you want to you are totally free to actually tip me any of
the bats that you weren’t yourself but of course guys it’s totally up to
you I’m not begging I’m not asking I’m just
saying if you want to you do have that ability but in terms of like how this
could potentially change the internet I just think like having this as a revenue
model for in a website for publishers it really is something that could
revolutionize how we see adverts how publishers pay for adverts and really
something that could shake up you know Google adverts and also Facebook which
we know are both monsters in the ad game now if you’re interested in finding out
which publishers will actually pay for you browsing their sites and you know
seeing that adverts done this is actually on the address hey guys so this
is exact I was trying to say so it’s not intrusive it’s a small pop-up you can
just close it on if you don’t to see it but I will actually be earning money or
earning Batsford to sing a small advert there so really interesting guys and I
do think it’s worth checking out now as I was about to mention guys if you are
interested in seeing which publishers actually part of the brave reward
program there’s about 25,000 different websites that are part of this program
and I will be including a link in the description but this is basically the
site here so all of these websites are part of the brave publisher program so
if you do go to any of these web sites like LA Times com
and when you do go to the site you can actually see here if you click on the
reward program this actually confirms that this is a brave a verified
publisher which means you will earn back tokens by seeing adverts and spending
time on this website that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching if
you did find this video useful then do give me a thumbs up if you want to see
more stuff like this then do subscribe hit the notification bell as always I
always appreciate your likes your shares your comments so do let me know what you
think leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real
soon thanks


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    ❤️Thank you SO MUCH for your Likes and Shares❤️

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