1-800-GOOG-411: Google’s 411 service

BRIAN: Hi. My name is Brian. I’m a voice researcher
here at Google. I’m here to tell you
about Goog-411, Google’s new 411 service. It’s totally free, it’s
real easy to use. Call 1-800-GOOG-411. That’s 1-800-4664-411. So you say where you are. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: What
city and state? BRIAN: Mountain View,
California. You could also type
in a zip code. And then you say what
you’re looking for. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: What business
name or category? BRIAN: Pizza delivery. GOOG-411 OPERATOR:
Number one– BRIAN: Choose the
one you want. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: Danny’s
Fast Pizza. BRIAN: Number one. And Goog-411 will connect you. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: Connecting. BRIAN: Yep, I’d like the
pizza delivered. Yep, thanks. It’s really simple. It’s totally free. Ah, these guys are
really good. And if you call GOOG-411 from
your cell phone, you can also say “text message,” and GOOG-411
will send you a text message with information about
the business you’ve selected. If your phone has internet, you
can also say “map it,” and we’ll send you a map of the neighborhood around the business. And this is the GOOG-411 team. One of them is the
voice of Google. Can you guess which one? MALE SPEAKER: Soon, we will
reveal the secret identity of the voice behind GOOG-411. In the meantime, you might want
to pick up the phone and see if you can match the voice
with the correct team member.

100 thoughts on “1-800-GOOG-411: Google’s 411 service

  1. Good service, but FYI-The town of Suwanee, GA is pronounced like:
    Goog-411 mangles it as

  2. I like it that most of the services from Google are free! That's what I call a customer-friendly company.

  3. Great service however I live in Quebec which is mostly French, although I am English when I give the instructions for a French city name it doesn't understand and it takes too much time to do this, your computer finally gives up trying, so it needs to be refined in that respect. But I love the idea of it. Thanks Google!

  4. I use this service all the time (from day one)! Saves me loads of time and effort! Absolutely love it, works 100% perfectly! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. Video is good, but when or when will you write the software for the Jawbone Icon to
    use voice on the Droid. We, in Oregon, must not text or touch the phone while driving. All my other phones have been able to use voice from the headset.

    PLEASE write this software, it will save lives and fines.

    Sai Simonson

  6. BUT this is for BUSINESSES ONLY! For number of individuals, you can call 1-800-373-3411 on your cell phone for Free 411. You'll have to listen to a short commercial before getting your number, but it's still better than $1.75 and up – the current cell phone charge for 411 calls.

  7. I never get the text. It'll prompt you to ask for details, then prompt for a text message, but I never get them. Cool service though!!

  8. ramp it up and offer services like TELLME.

    i've been using tellme for well over 5 years and i know you guys could do better.

    nice thing about mobile search is it can be done on the fly.

    when traveling long distances in bad weather call 50 miles ahead and ask for current conditions there, this way, you'll always know what you're driving into.

  9. What a great service and I love the video instructions ~ easy to remember and lighthearted….great for my novice-tech-self ~

  10. I was very excited about using this Google service. I tried calling United Airlines, but I got New Zealand Airlines instead. Well, I'm happy I did get some type of airline and I'm sure they fly places.

  11. My guess: Mike Schuster
    Can I suggest another command along with TEXT and MAP IT?
    ADD TO MY CONTACTS: which would add the business to my Google contacts if I am using an Android phone.

  12. I am so low tech it is sinful… but I used this and it works… Thank you so much google and the google team.

  13. I am so low tech it is sinful… but I used this and it works… Thank you so much google and the google team.

  14. so long goog-411 you got me through many great days at high school! and u will be a sorely missed :(, me and a whole lot of my friends are going to give you a proper send off later :'). R.I.P GOOG-411 :'( though soon you will be gone, your voice will never be forgotten 🙁

  15. I really do miss this service I told as many people as I could to use it instead of calling 411.. (they never understood why) However using a android phone now it's still the same.. like a local pizza place I said the name and it showed the address and phone number under the google search.. pressed the phone number and it connected me.

    I did add the bing number but I still missed Goog 411 and I miss when it said "calls provided by level 3 communications"

  16. I really miss this service google 411 is dead, and Bing 411 is dead as well, here is a toll free number free 411 number to call It is very similar to GOOG-411 with no advertisements 888-247-2425. It has the same software as Bing 411, good luck to everyone.

  17. This video is very informative, but still if you are stuck somewhere you can always

    contact support (+1-888-507-2003) for help. Even if you forgot your password.They are genius.

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