20 thoughts on “10 Dangerous Idiots Biggest Bulldozer Fastest Machines Heavy Equipment Operator Driving Skills

  1. There is a Spike(Fang) I don't know, what they call, how do they used it, Somebody please tell me what is it?

  2. Instal a second drive wheel on a dozer to put less stress on the track and give more traction to the machine

  3. Only idiot I could find is whomever made this video. Mirrored images probably denoting the illegal copying of someone's copy righted materials, etc. etc. Big dislike.

  4. Steal videos, put them in mirror image and speed them up. That will save you from copyright issues, yeah sure…. look here, the youtube "original"

    So dont get me started on the clickbait, shall we?

  5. I'm stoned watching a dozer push some heavy ass shit. 14:41 mins and 3 minutes wondering why the dozer stopped.

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