10 Gjera Te Pabesueshme Ne Antarktidë që as Shkenca Nuk Mund ti Shpjegoj

Brave Browser is the fastest, most private and secure computer browser and Phone. Download it now by clicking on the video description link for it enjoying a faster browsing experience with no ads to save time, or earn monthly rewards as well. -Antarctica is very wonderful, it is full of hidden secrets and is the most interesting place in the world. SUBSCRIBE my channel to bring you every day Interesting Facts English. Antarctica is a place where many incredible things Science still can’t explain it and with such a weird story it holds many mysteries and secrets which are much more trembling than anyone could imagine. Youtube as the most mysterious Man of Mystery Things invites you to follow this very interesting video and give your opinion on comments on what you think about these 10 Incredible Things in Antarctica that neither Science I Can’t Explain. 10.There Are Many Mysterious Ways Hidden Under Thick Layers Of Ice In Antarctic some of them have been discovered but still remain mysteries unexplained. One of such discoveries are the underground lakes that were first discovered by Scientists in 1970 who say there are hundreds of thousands of lakes under the ice Antarctic. These mysterious lakes are thought to have been created after the split Antarctica from the supercontinent many years ago. 9. A stream of red liquid in the middle of Antarctica has puzzled Scientists for many years of research. For the first time a blood aquifer was discovered by a geologist Australian in 1911 and began research to unravel this mystery. only in 2018 Science revealed that the source of red water is due to a lake Underground Filled with oxidized iron which gives water this color. But per many people again Enigma does not have an accurate explanation, 8. A giant hole as large as Dutch territory is opened in Antarctica 2017. The Antarctic Holes are not something new but of such magnitude it’s really a mystery. Although some Scientists have discovered that when water I the warm pushed to the surface by ocean currents makes the ice layer in top to melt and create this phenomenon, there are some Scientists other than a hole e such a large size may not be common and therefore there remains an Enigm that cannot be explained. 7.A few years ago News about the Pyramid Found in Antarctica that may changing the history of mankind aroused many people’s curiosities. The object is not the shape of a pyramid was first discovered in 1910 but maintained secret from the public. After 100 years people learned about this Mysterious Object and began to create conspiracy theories, the Pyramids around the world are wide Unbelievable that not even Science can give an accurate explanation and one of them is also the Pyramid found in Antarctica. 6. You have already learned that there are hundreds of mysterious lakes hidden under the ice Antarctica, but what if there are more Unbelievable Things to say The Nazis built a station in Antarctica to fly to the moon, and Hitler did not committed suicide but fled to Antarctica. Even if these Incredible Things it is not true the Germans actually built a base hidden in Antarctica. The Nazi base did not survive long after its crew was poisoned from the polar bear meat. But for what a Nazi base has served in a country with extreme temperatures remain riddles without explanation. 5. Scientists managed to detect very old bacteria in the thick ice Antarctic. Bacteria are thought to be 420,000 years old. Scientists do not are sure if ice acts as their preserver, another curiosity is if these creatures are dangerous to humans, and neither can Science an explanation of how these mysterious living things survived. 4. Not many years ago some scientists from Japan discovered a new meteorite from Mars to Eastern Antarctica, which was the largest meteorite ever found country. These incredible things really are mysterious too, because spend 40 days collecting 75 pounds of meteorite in this country on conditions extremes may not be common. 3.Even though the temperatures are extreme, Mount Erebus in Antarctica is an honor the most active volcanoes. Mount Erebus has been active for about 1.3 million years, which is astonishing Scientists leaving without an accurate explanation. The activity of the volcano has increased very much in the last 30 years making another mystery in Antarctica that not even Science can explain. 2. The most mysterious fish in the world is in Antarctica which evolved into one very unique beings to adapt to extreme cold conditions. The translucent creature has always amazed scientists who remain one mystery unsolved today. 1. One of the most incredible things seen in Antarctica is very large mysterious creatures. It is thought to be a humanoid with 65 meters long. It was first seen in 1960 and since the lovers of this mysterious creature have described it as a form human with arms, legs, hands and no special facial features except for two big eyes and one mouth. It’s very strange how a giant creature was not noticed until 1960, Science yes tries to solve this mystery but still without explanation, and you Friends and Friends on SHQIPtube comment on what you think about this mysterious creatures and other incredible things that not even Science i can explain in this video.

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  1. 7# un mendoj se shkenca nuk e din se cka perdoren piramidat e lashta me shume vite ,pra ato perdoren si nje shej simboli ne gjithe boten si nje hart qe tregon dicka por edhe alienet ata bazohet tek piramidat sepae cdo vit alienet e vizitojne cdo piramide t botes po ashtu si qielli qe duket naten ne ngjyre kalter dhe te gjelber ajo tregon per ta ndhimuar babagjyshi ose Santa claous ne pjesen veriore te Amerikes ne artakdita po ashtu kto t gjitha piramida te gjithe boten ato lidhen prej hartes dhe krijon nje simbol qe as shkenca nuk mund shpjegoj per at simbol /deri sa e tregova une per me shume informata ne facebook Fati Ademi dhe n instagram fatiademi99

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