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this is the Ru 800s a massive valise cleaning and track renewal machine from austrian company placer and thor in global corporation to a tell scheme with agent intensive use degradation of Europe's railways becomes an inevitable consequence standing in the way of the eventual disuse of this vital infrastructure the ru 800 s can automatically remove the old track swap out the concrete pillars add extra ballast and then bolt everything securely together in the span of only an hour this staggeringly large and powerful machine can simultaneously remove and replace up to 656 feet of old degraded rails with shiny new track in case you're wondering that's 1.2 4 miles of new track per day when loaded with the supplies necessary to replace an entire days worth of track the ru 800 s tips the scale at a brain bending 650 tons and 580 feet long this mega machine is longer than the Great Pyramid of Giza is tall performing what was formerly an insanely dangerous job the ru 800 s keeps the trains rolling introducing the screensaver from Indiana company lick sheen arguably the most effective machine ever devised for the smoothing and leveling of concrete surfaces built for leveling massive areas of concrete cement the screed saber provides outstanding productivity while maintaining precisely accurate results with extendable booms reaching up to 18 feet ultra wide screed heads and precision guided controls these astounding machines possess incredible speed and efficiency the screed Sabre uses a horizontally position screed head that's extended to a specific spot above the cement by a mechanical boom mechanism depending on the screen saver model used the correct spot is determined by either one or a combination of a 2d laser 3d GPS or 3d LPS guiding system when the correct spot has been reached the screed head is lowered until it's in contact with the cement the head is then slowly pulled back toward the machine creating a perfectly smooth level surface from the tried-and-true screed saver to to the fully loaded screed Sabre boss 240 a screen saver is available for jobs of any size or situational need with our ever expanding infrastructure these amazing machines allow contractors to meet their deadlines introducing the WT 1500 in T will trolley from AC hydraulic an incredibly helpful tool designed for the safe handling of large commercial vehicle tires when giant truck tires need to be installed or removed the WT 1500 NT is the right tool for the job this extraordinary wheel trolley allows a single worker to handle massive tires measuring up to ninety 4.5 inches wide with a weight of up to 3,300 pounds first with the tire in an elevated position place the WT 1500 NT directly beneath the tire then set the jaws for inward movement next use the hydraulic handle to contract the jaws until closed around the tire further use of the handle will lift the trolley into position when the tire has been freed from the wheel use the adjustable strap for added stability using either of the two maneuvering handles you're free to move the tire the industrial-strength caster wheels ensure secure effortless maneuverability with the WT 1,500 MT moving any commercial tire is easy the question is how did anyone ever manage it before meet the probes fly gwaan from global corporation Probst handling equipment created for professional contractors the fxm 30 vacuum tile laying device employs a circular vacuum plate and vacuum pump attached to a weighted dual-wield aluminum frame designed for laying tiles weighing up to 30 kilograms this convenient tool allows precise tile positioning every time the operator positions the vacuum plate onto a tile and activates the vacuum pump the tile is then raised onto a vertical position where adhesive is applied moving the tile back to a horizontal position the fxm 30 then rolls to the installation point where a second worker helps guide the tiles snugly into position the smaller fxh 25 employs a rectangular vacuum plate connected by a hose to a standard shop vacuum first a worker gently presses the fxh 25 onto the tile and holds it for a few seconds when suction is achieved the tile can be lifted from the stack and placed into position on the floor whether used for large industrial flooring jobs or resurfacing your bathroom floor the probes fly guan is the right tool for the job this is the TM a truck from Pennsylvania company Royal truck and equipment an important innovation designed to protect workers within highway construction zones to shield Road workers from being hit by errant vehicles highway crews often position a truck in front of oncoming traffic installed on the trucks rear the TMA or truck mounted attenuator is designed to help keep the truck from moving forward toward the workers in an impact by absorbing much of the force referred to by a number of names TMA trucks have demonstrated their worth many times in real-world crashes when a distracted driver impacts a TMA equipped truck the TMA offers an extra measure of resistance as it crumples inward though these impacts are still very serious accidents tmait trucks have been shown to be highly effective in shielding both the trucks driver and the crew accessories include lighted arrow panels for directing traffic and radar systems that both alert drivers for the current speed and warn the TMA trucks driver of a pending impact now also used to protect many commercial truck drivers TMA trucks are definitely making a positive impact check out the MGK 13 a high-performance edge trimmer and guidepost mower from German company docker engine works made for use with municipal carrier vehicles the MGK 13 is usually equipped with at least one flail style mower head mounted on a hydraulically powered boom arm controlled automatically or manually by the driver this ultra wide cutting attachment is ideal for roadside grass trimming on either level or angled embankments the MGK 13 is also capable of carrying the LSM 40 circular attachment sometimes used to fine-tune the trimming job done by a preceding dual bladed mower such as the mighty MK 25 this highly customized tool is perfect for cutting around reflector posts guardrails traffic signs or other ground embedded posts the LSM 40 is carried in a slightly elevated position and then lowered to ground level when encountering a post if then in circles and partially rotates around the post to completely shred the surrounding grass creating a much more neatly manicured appearance able to be used with a variety of different attachments for various types of trimming applications the MGK 13 helps make roadsides safer and far more aesthetically pleasing meet the Maya automatic route harvester from Polish company Wareham June designed for the efficient cost-effective harvesting of cherries and plums when it comes to harvesting fruit on an industrial scale this amazingly efficient machine is second to none using its attached shaker arm the Maya automatic shakes the fruit tree with just the right amount of force to loosen only the fruit that's ready to be harvested prior to beginning the shaking process the Maya automatic unfolds the telescoping screen on both sides of the tree trunk to catch the fruit as it falls when there's no more fruit falling from the trees the screen retracts bring all the fruit collected into the machine the fruit is then deposited onto a conveyor and move to a cleaning unit to remove leaves small sticks and other debris after cleaning the Queen newly harvested fruit is expelled into boxes with capacities of 10 or 20 kilograms with special order boxes holding up to 500 kilograms producing large quantities of the highest-quality fruit possible the Maya automatic is an investment many fruit farmers can't afford not to make check out the clappa floor master a handy robotic tool that can smooth out concrete screens with e the process of screening or smoothing wet cement can be back-breaking work with its high compression shear strength automatic laser leveling and ultra reliable operation the clap of floor master shields workers against the stresses manual screeding places on the musculoskeletal system it also streets twice as much area as manual screening in a similar time frame which makes the customer and the crew boss extremely happy the floor master uses a specially designed head that compacts the floor to a depth of up to five centimeters while a forward position crew member works the mix with a rake or leveling tool the head smooth out the surface with a back and forward motion while simultaneously vibrating the cement this vibration reduces potential shrinkage cracks and optimizes the distribution of steel reinforcement materials as the machine proceeds forward the cement is further compressed beneath the machine posting an error tolerance of only one millimeter for 20 meters of screening the super-efficient clappa floor master is a concrete workers best friend check out the stump axe an extremely effective stump grinding attachment from Ohio company feet cons durable productive and cost-effective the stump axe cuts a full 20 inches into the ground to eliminate the stumps feeder roots with its extremely sharp AR 500 3/4 inch steel blades this spinning stump destroyer can grind even the most stubborn stomps into sawdust the stump X can be attached to either a skid steer or an excavator it's relatively low rotation speed of 7 to 16 revolutions per minute greatly reduces flying debris making it safe to use even in your backyard but don't mistake the stump axes leisurely pace for a lack of power spinning with an insane twenty to thirty thousand foot-pounds of torque this amazing tool gets rid of those stumps fast well maybe not that fast the suffix can be used with any species of wood even in rocky or difficult ground conditions other than cleaning and sharpening the blades every 1000 uses very little maintenance is required counting one of the highest potential production rates in the industry those stump X exceeds when other tools fail introducing the breathtaking truck dumping machines from global corporation trucks the most mind-blowing way imaginable of emptying the contents of shipping trailers including both drive-through and back on configurations truck dumpers provide what could easily be the fastest most efficient means of separating a trailer from its contents with power the likes of which most people never see these magnificent machines can flip an entire tractor-trailer rig at ridiculously steep angles high into the air the Brooks truck dumper has lifting capacity of up to 180,000 pounds once completely secured on the platform the truck is then lifted to angles of up to 65 degrees by a pair of intensely powerful lifting arms when the optimum lift angle has been reached the trailer's cargo literally falls out on the trailers open rear doors into an awaiting bin from start to finish the entire process can be completed within three to five minutes utilized at such large facilities as Georgia's Almaty green energy biomass plant Jacksonville's Keystone terminal site and the bioenergy wood yard in Alta Vista Virginia this all inspiring machine has become an invaluable tool which of these machines did you think we're the most insane tell us in the comments section below remember to subscribe and click on the bell notification icon to ensure you don't miss any upcoming videos see you next time

36 thoughts on “10 Insane Machines That Will Blow Your Mind ▶4

  1. The trailer dumps have been around a long time.I ran two way back when.One was trailer only the other you could leave the truck attached.Only one driver ever did in 5 years i worked there and he did it just the one time.Ever thing that was not bolted down went flying.

  2. One mile a day…. 300 miles a year assuming best case scenario, breaks, illness, fatigue etc…. So one east to west coast USA in 9 years for ONE track with no other infrastructure.

  3. I've actually used the Truck Dumpers when I used to haul biomass. They are pretty cool machines. Can you imagine trying to empty that stuff out of a trailer with a shovel. Lol 😂

  4. i dunno , but i think americans dont have good idead in tec ….looking at the kids toys they use to made , lol …..even to put the man on the moon they need germans :)…germans are the best!!

  5. those are some neat machines. the concrete troweler and finisher, stump grinder, and train track replacer stand out to me

  6. LOL Listen to the narrator speaking up the benefits of the TMA Truck Safety Device. At around 7:08, on the video, it sounds like he's saying "though these impacts are still very serious accidents, TMA trucks have been shown to be highly effective at KILLING both the truck's driver and the crew" LOL That's great, but do you have any devices that might protect the drivers and crew?

  7. Those truck dumpsters are still used but most companies, at least in the US, don't like using them because the insurance needed to operate them is outrageously high.

  8. Not sure if watched an advertising well spoken with annoying music catalog video, or a footage of cool machines ……..

  9. I thought they were all awesome there goes the workforce there goes to unions there goes the pay I guess no one will ever be able to to afford a new car a new house anymore cuz you won't be any jobs left robots working the gas stations me and you already have an orange orangutan robot in our White House it's owned and operated by the Russian so-called president Saudi Arabia Crown Prince

  10. The thumbnail is at 13:49 – It's a semi-truck dumper. A platform which lifts semi-trucks to 60° angles with huge hydraulic cylinders, to unload it.

  11. The Train track machines are all very impressive until you get some hot weather.
    Laying miles of track as a single strip of metal doesn't allow the rail to expand in heat, so you end up with lots of wobbly rail lines when the sun gets too hot.

  12. At 14:00, in my town , they have the same system for over 30 years. They dump entire trucks of wood chips for the paper mill.

  13. In the late 90's I hauled potatoes in a reefer to Allen Canning just outside of Siloam Springs AR. In order to unload I backed the truck onto the unloading platform, set the brakes, shut truck off & got out before they started lifting the whole truck up so the taters could roll out of the trailer onto their conveyor system.
    When everything went smoothly I could be on & off the platform in less than an hour.
    I can see where the one featured in video is a much newer & improved version in comparison, but the idea & working product has been around for a long time already.
    Some of those other machines were absolutely friggin amazing.

  14. they use the truck dumper at many places that make things like chips and french fries. only difference is those places handle food and the driver must unhook from the trailer to prevent motor oil from leaking down the ramp into the food.

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