10 Reasons We May All Be Living In A Computer Simulation

okay I don't know if we are or are not in a computer simulation but if we are why do the computer gods make b56 you couldn't spare a couple extra inches stingy today the concept of simulating a reality is not that abstract video game makers are able to create simulations of entire worlds that we can control then there are scientists who are able to simulate entire universes for the purposes of study so if that's all true how do we know that we aren't in someone's simulation right now here are 10 reasons we may all be living in a computer simulation number 10 is the multiverse parallel universes have always been a popular theory in quantum mechanics describing our reality as just one in an infinite number if you watched Rick and Morty you know what I'm talking about each new universe is a variation of our own in either a relatively large or miniscule way for example there could be a reality with no squirrels and I have air disturbing they can be unintentionally created through diverging decisions like choosing to vacation and chill a while another version of you chose Greenland instead without enough knowledge of how space-time works or what lies beyond our three dimensions we may be unable to prove that parallel universes even exists however in simulation Theory parallel universes are a series of simulations all running at the same time rather than infinite realities simulations would be launched with available computing power to avoid crashes each reality would run under a different set of conditions to see how we cope with the outcome and with the world as it is right now I think we got the short end of that simulation stick number nine is time travel simulation hypothetically a human civilization in base reality will be far more advanced than us but they may also be in much more danger than us an advanced civilization may have been nearly wiped out by global warming untreatable epidemics or a murderous AI and here that little robot that vacuums our floors for you it's gonna cut you in your sleep if we set aside the idea that these future humans are running a massive sim program as either a sick joke or a giant video game it may be that we are a projection of their past selves if something went catastrophic ly wrong in the future observing simulations of what happened before would serve to find insight into how it occurred or how to solve the issue before it got much worse if life in the future is already difficult to sustain then perhaps our simulation is a way of letting those that couldn't survive in the physical world live on in digital form essentially saving our species it's kind of a brain image our situation you know with electrodes attached to it that's the future you have to look forward to number eight is Earth's conspicuous conditions the earth almost seems too precise to be a natural occurrence almost as if it were designed for us to live and thrive in order for humans to exist we need very specific conditions and we happen to be extremely lucky in that regard earth is 150 million kilometres from the Sun which is perfect enough to give us warm temperatures to survive in our son is not a dwarf star nor is it overly massive so it gives off just the right amount of light and heat Earth spins around the Sun giving us a good balance between heating and cooling on the surface if everything was simulated earth would simply be programmed with all these convenient qualities in order to support life according to this theory humans may not be the ones behind the driver's seat after all earth could literally be a perfect digital incubator growing humans as an experimental species for aliens to study Oh Matt you're out of your mind that sounds crazy am i because that's exactly what scientists do right now and they're universal nations to them were the aliens number seven are the limitations of reality natural laws govern how things exist and function the maximum speed of light is 1080 million km/h and it cannot be broken down into a simpler form that is able to surpass that speed science is unable to explain why this is but we do know that the speed of light is the fastest that anything can go in the universe our natural laws could be compared to the limits of a computer processor or the maximum speed of transmitting information through a network oh man this one's gettin heavy if everything was simulated the speed of light would be set simply because the machine that runs everything couldn't process anything faster than that other universal constants such as Newton's plants or the electrical constant could all be explained as the maximum information values that the system can allow before it crashes number six is the photo me paradox in 1950 physicist Enrico Fermi revealed that if there are billions of stars and possibly trillions of planets that orbit them how have we not yet been visited by intergalactic life of all the planets in the universe there must be some that have developed intelligent life and there must be a couple that have beaten us to inventing interstellar travel by this logic we should have been visited by now and unless aliens have decided to deny us contact or the government is covering it up it seems highly irregular that we haven't seen anything yet in simulation Theory our simulation only accounts for human life and is not designed to account for other life where it should exist throughout the universe or in this gets even deeper perhaps each planetary civilization is designed to be independent and to believe that they are alone in the great expanse oh man this is deep we're just designed to think we're alone oh mama number five is the game of life in 1970 British mathematician John Horton Conway created rules for a simple game that plays itself and evolves based on a player's input the game of life includes an infinitely expanding 2d grid of square cells that interact with their eight neighboring cells in either in alive or dead state the states are determined by a small set of guidelines including that a cell with more than three live neighbours dies and any live cell with less than two live neighbours dies players can create systems and let them die out spreading into complicated patterns as players experimented the game became significant proof that a machine capable of computing absolutely anything was possible with people actually creating their own games within the game we may have created the means for a programmable life simulation back in the 1970s oh my god I'm really starting to believe I'm not real okay that hurt that hurt I'm definitely real now number four our simulation glitches even the most tightly programmed in bug tested simulations will always have a few glitches if we're part of a simulation glitches would certainly explain some of the strange phenomena that we experienced paranormal occurrences like ghosts may just be programming bugs that have yet to be worked out hey mom I know grandma died but she's in the kitchen and she's see-through of course in these cases people would actually be seeing what they have described and should avoid them at all costs then there's feelings of deja vu which may be legitimate as your life is accidentally repeating certain instances because of a system error these glitches may be part of the simulation as well as part of some people's artificial intelligence code meaning certain mental illnesses or psychic abilities could also be ruled as bugs so wait a second in this context could aliens be hackers or maybe even a malicious computer virus oh no this is getting heavy and we still got three more and I am questioning life number three is Moore's law and advancing technology technology is becoming more sophisticated and its integration into nearly every aspect of our daily lives is becoming more and more popular in 1965 the co-founder of Intel Gordon Moore discovered that the rate of improvement in their technology had doubled each year since they started and he predicted that this would continue into the future as technology advances things like video games and virtual reality will become indistinguishable from our reality when pom was released back in 1972 it involved two rectangles in a square dot 45 years later we have photorealistic graphics in massively multiplayer worlds with complex program algorithms if earlier humans had made these increasingly quick leaps and technology power it's highly possible that we could already be inside their new-age virtual reality it may be virtual reality but remember there's still rules so don't go jumping off a house being like Matt Santoro said it was virtual reality thinking you can fly you did number two is the universe is mathematical humans are extremely inquisitive and we're constantly striving to understand things that we cannot recreate or witness physically so we use mathematical calculations in order to simulate almost anything in our conceivable universe since our reality can be explained with various mathematical equations we could conceivably run a version of reality on a computer by breaking down equations into binary code not only is this a possibility it may have already been done in 2012 theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gates discussed his discovery of a type of computer code the code used in modern-day browsers and search engines inside equations that are being used to explain fundamental elements of the cosmos so it would appear that we have already found pieces of code written in existence you know if we do even exist and number one is it may be unavoidable clever inventors and physicists are already proving that we are capable of creating a simulation of life at some point in the future if we are able to become creators of a new human civilization and a new digital earth will we do it the short answer is yes despite questions of morality and ethics the computers of the future will most likely be powerful enough to create simulations on smaller scales with godlike powers in every programmers hands it will only take one person unable to resist the temptation to start the process another product of this power falling within our reach is that the possibility that we are all simulated and that our ancestors acted similarly to create us will become much greater and if this is true how many simulations deep are we within the base program where simulation set a simulation SATA simulations as inception and done so that was ten reasons we may all be living in a computer simulation and if you guys enjoyed this remember to give it a big thumbs up also be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications by clicking the little bell beside the subscribe button so that you never miss a thing because I release new videos all the time thank you guys for watching I'll see you in the simulation bye

33 thoughts on “10 Reasons We May All Be Living In A Computer Simulation

  1. We cant be in a computer simulation because why would the simulation want us knowing we are in a simulation.

  2. He showed some backward thinking in this. The Earth doesn't have everything we need for life, WE have everything we need in order to live on this planet. WE evolved on Earth, the Earth didn't evolve for us. If the Earth was a little farther away or a little closer to the Sun (the habitable zone stretchs quite far) or if any other condition/ conditions were different, life would have evolved differently.

  3. I always hear everyone say that..' that we are amazingly lucky that all the conditions we have on our planet are exactly what we needed to live and evolve.'

    I dont know, how no one realizes that WE evolved to match our planet. Not the other way around.

  4. If I am a simulation then I have a few complaints to the alien controlling my sim. Such as why am I single and broke, use some of those cheat codes to give me unlimited funds.

  5. God is the computer lol that might hert some people ..so the galaxy is all an illusion and the moon is not real either mabee they never went there ..I've got a question if someone could answer it could the aliens come into our world in a spaceship is it possible..I'm not sure ??..I've got a feeling aliens have been here and quite possibly still here

  6. We are not in a simulation guys It's God who created everything, come to Jesus Christ you all in order for you to get to Heaven…
    It's the reason why we are all here on earth…

  7. Like morpheus in the matrix said the body can't live without the mind if we r in a virtual world like the matrix i want out lol

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