10 Things You Should Never Google – Seriously, Don’t Do It – Part 2

10 Things You Should Never Google – Seriously,
Don’t Do It All the innocent people out there, we are
planning to give you the shock of your life so hold onto something, else you’ll fall
down! Prepared now? Okay so the news is that internet isn’t
all sugar and spice and everything nice, it isn’t just your savior when you need information,
it is hiding dark secrets! It has all the disgusting and gross stuff
that you don’t plan to watch but guess what, you’ll come across it even if you didn’t
want to, all thanks to smart naming! So if you are sitting there ideally and thinking
about the next thing you should google, watch this video and then decide if you are bored
enough to put yourself through such trauma! Number 10. “Bear” by Marian Engel
Oh a book about the giant animal, loads of information about their clan and high quality
pictures, wow! Is that what you thought it’s gonna be like? Entirely wrong because this cute book is about
a woman’s affair with a BEAR, you heard that right, a real BEAR! So now do you want the informative details? And what about the pretty pictures? A passage in the book reads, “Her menstrual
fever made him more assiduous”. Uhmmm any curiosity about the book has evaporated,
we are so done with books about animals! Number 9. Brian Peppers
Uhmm this isn’t a tasty recipe of peppers by a man called Brian and if a recipe is what
you are looking for, don’t fall for this bait because you might lose your appetite! Brian Peppers is a registered sex offender
from Ohio who was convicted of “Gross Sexual Imposition.” Now this information is already unsettling
and then we also know that is suffering from a grim deformity that may be due to Apert
Syndrome which leads to malformations of the skull. If this is making you curious enough to google
him then let’s, ask you to imagine a guy with a super bloated face covered in gray
paint. Did you smile? Number 8. Things to do before you die
There are high chances that you have already googled this one up but those of you who haven’t
got a chance yet to set their eyes on any such list, keep clear! Those lists include things like bungee jumping,
world tour, river rafting, have an affair with a crocodile, kiss a snake and marry a
dinosaur! That was supposed to be a joke, but never
mind. While people around the world are crossing
one thing after another on these bucket lists, you are stuck with your laptop and cribbing
why you aren’t a part of this ‘fun’! The point is, why torture yourself and make
yourself believe that your life was worthless? Number 7. Harlequin fetuses
If anybody has been pinning you to google this term, you have our support, kick them
where it hurts! Okay, forget the last part but they can still
not do this to you! This term refers to a baby born with the congenital
skin disease ichthyosis. Okay we are warning you, a skin disease is
gross and this one is breaking all standards! The fetus has a thick layer of keratin on
the skin which causes diamond shaped scales, go by our word and don’t google this! And if you still do, you’ll at least learn
that when a person asks you to google anything about a fetus, they aren’t doing you any
good! Number 6. Recently bought item
Sounds funny, why are we stopping you from searching an item online that you have just
bought? Uhmm, if you are ready to punch your card
details into a security-free holding page that supports about a hundred spelling mistakes
then you can get any item for about half the price of the high street! Now if that is not your cup of tea, you are
doomed to splurge a 100 dollars for that jacket you could have got for $50 from the online
market. Since you aren’t buying it online anyway,
why check it and get your blood boiling? Number 5. Blue Waffle
See we have food names all over this list but bear with us because it is for your own
good! Now when you google this one with your ‘safe
search’ on, you are only getting to see blueberry waffles which look delicious alright. But if you manage to shut that safe mode off,
you are in for the shock of your life! You will come across a picture of a woman’s
infected vagina and that, is going to leave you sleepless for nights! The only good news in this case is that the
picture may be a hoax because no woman has yet come forward to claim it, so chill! But you’ll still be grossed out, so keep
clear! Number 4. Fournier
So you are a fan of NBA and find no reason why you shouldn’t google Orlando player,
Evan Fournier, think again because this guy has been nicknamed “Never Google”! Not that this guy has a history that you shouldn’t
be seeing but his last name is also a type of gangrene that affects the genitalia. A flesh eating disease that affects the genitalia,
let that sink in! Nobody in their right mind would want to search
something like this, not applicable if you are a doctor, in which case PLEASE look it
up and make sure we don’t get it! Number 3. Nikki Catsouras death photographs
Death can never be funny, let alone pretty so you can understand why we are stopping
you from googling someone’s death pictures. But when we are talking about Nikki Catsouras,
know that the pictures are gruesome! Back in 2006, at the age of 18, Nikki crashed
her dad’s Porsche in a toll booth and lost her life. The body was in such a condition that the
police did not call her parents to identify it but took pictures due to protocol. Guess what? The pictures got leaked on the internet and
are still available! Any plan to google them? Kiss your sleep a permanent goodbye! Number 2. Goatse
Are you expecting a group of goats making friends with each other or playing around? How we wish this video was about that because
that would have been ‘oh so cute’ but hard luck! Though there is a chance that you have already
heard about it because it is an internet meme but if you haven’t then we are here to break
the news! It is a picture of a naked man using his hands
to spread his anus. Yea, we said that, ACHIEVEMENT! But this isn’t a challenge so even if you
force yourself to see it, take it as no achievement, whatsoever! Number 1. Smoker’s lungs
No matter how beautiful we are from the outside, we can’t say the same thing about our insides,
we mean the biological insides! Our organs aren’t a pretty sight anyway
and when we talk about the lungs of a smoker, okay now that exceeds all levels of grossness! Just don’t google it, on second thoughts,
if you are a chain smoker, you must see it at least once! Who knows, it might motivate you to quit smoking,
we mean the visuals are earth shattering! Which of these things have you already seen
or planning to google? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
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  1. So you find it funny to laugh at disability??? Just shows how fucking ignorant SOME of you Americans really are and the reason the rest of the world looks down their nose at your vile lack of compassion.

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