10 Worst Internet Trolls

10 Worst Internet Trolls NUMBER 10: BRENDA LEYLAND After the 2007 disappearance of their 3-year-old
daughter Madeleine, Gerry and Kate McCann received a number of threatening messages
on social media, implying their involvement in the abduction. One Twitter user, Brenda Leyland, tweeted
accusations at the McCanns approximately 400 times over a 10-month period. In 2014 a Sky News reporter confronted Leyland.
They asked her why she had sent the tweets and informed her that a Scotland Yard investigation
was underway. A few days later, Leyland committed suicide. Sources: BBC, The Guardian, Sky News, Belfast
Telegraph. NUMBER 9: DENNIS MARKUZE [Marr-cuz] Considered to be one of the first internet
trolls, David Mabus [may-bus] was known in the 1990s for sending threatening emails to
numerous renowned scientists and atheists. In 2011 Mabus joined Twitter, creating hundreds
of accounts to intimidate and harass anyone who doubted the existence of god. A police investigation revealed the troll’s
true identity to be Dennis Markuze, a man with a history of mental illness. During his
apprehension, Markuze threatened the arresting officer, saying ‘the same thing will happen
to you like what happened to the twin towers’. Sources: Montreal Gazette, Patheos, The Naked
Scientists Forum. NUMBER 8: CHARLES FITCH Charles Fitch from Michigan, United States,
ran a YouTube channel called ‘Ebayisajoke’, on which he discussed his theory that the
e-commerce company is a scam. He targeted small business owners who used
the site, bidding on their auctions, refusing to pay, and giving their businesses bad reviews. He would then edit pictures of the sellers,
putting them in compromising situations and then publishing the images online. When Fitch was tracked down by private investigators
in 2013, he denied any wrongdoing, claiming that he had only sought to expose scams. Sources: Chuck Fitch Scammer, Ripoff Report,
YouTube.com/Ebayisajoke. NUMBER 7: ANDREW AUERNHEIMER [Ow-ern-hi-ma] Better known by his pseudonym ‘weev’,
Andrew Auernheimer gained infamy for his racist and sexist trolling and hacking. In 2007, weev led a ruthless trolling campaign
that destroyed the career of prominent game developer Kathy Sierra. He posted her address
and social security number online, and also spread false rumors that she was a former
sex worker. Sierra received death threats as a result,
causing her to cancel numerous engagements and quit social media for almost 6 years. Sources: Fast Company, Wired, BBC, Computerworld. NUMBER 6: BENJANUN SRIDUANGKAEW [Ben-jan-nun
Shrid-jun-ca-ooh] Writer Benjanun Sriduangkaew wrote blogs and
commented on forums under the username Winterfox, spreading incredibly harsh and personal criticisms
of other authors, particularly targeting black writers. On a forum designed to raise the profile of
racial minorities within the publishing industry, Winterfox launched especially intimidating
and racist attacks against writers Cindy Pon and N. K. Jemisin. She wrote abusive responses to anyone who
posted positive reviews of the writers’ works, allegedly telling one commenter that
she should be ‘raped by dogs’. In 2015 Sriduangkaew apologized after she
became the victim of cyberstalking campaigns herself. Sources: The Daily Dot, Wired, Medium. NUMBER 5: JOSHUA GOLDBERG Joshua Goldberg, from Florida, was known for
setting up numerous accounts on talk forums and – under different names – taking extreme
positions on opposing sides of debates. He aimed to encourage heated arguments, particularly
on topics such as race, gender, or religion, which had the potential to offend people. His most controversial online persona was
that of an Islamic radical who spread anti-Western hate. In 2015, Goldberg was arrested for using
this persona in an attempt to incite terrorism. He allegedly gave advice to extremists plotting
to bomb a 9/11 memorial in Kansas City. Sources: Washington Post, ABC News, The Independent. NUMBER 4: LEE RIMELL For more than two years, 45-year-old single
mother Nicola Brookes was the target of incessant online abuse. Trolls harassed Brookes, posting photos of
her online and sharing her home address. They even set up false Facebook accounts in her
name, which they used to post explicit comments and lure underage girls. In 2013 Brookes won a court case, which compelled
Facebook to reveal the names of her attackers. One of the trolls turned out to be police
officer, Lee Rimell. However, no charges were filed against Rimell, as Brookes had gone
against the police’s advice and engaged him in discussion, voiding the investigation. Brookes denied ever receiving such advice. Sources: Naked Security, Telegraph, Huffington
Post. NUMBER 3: ROBERT AMBRIDGE Twitter user ‘Old Holborn’ gained international
notoriety in 2014, after he used the platform to make controversial statements about sensitive
subjects. He made crude jokes about delicate topics,
such as the 1993 murder of two-year-old James Bulger and the 1989 Hillsborough disaster,
which saw 96 soccer spectators crushed to death. When Old Holborn’s identity was revealed
to be 51-year-old father of six, Robert Ambridge, people bombarded his office with calls for
his resignation. Ambridge was utterly unrepentant for his actions,
saying ‘it’s not my responsibility what other people find upsetting’. Sources: Liverpool Echo, Telegraph, Essex
Chronicle. NUMBER 2: SEAN DUFFY Shortly after a car accident killed 16-year-old
Hayley Bates, vicious troll Sean Duffy posted obscene messages on her Facebook tribute page.
He edited her images to cross out her eyes and commented on pictures of the accident
scene with ‘Used car for sale, one useless owner’. Another of Duffy’s targets was 15-year-old
Natasha MacBryde, who had committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. Duffy created
a YouTube video called ‘Tasha the Tank Engine’ and edited her face onto images of the children’s
cartoon. In September 2011, Duffy was sentenced to
18 weeks in jail and prohibited from using social networking sites for five years. Sources: The Guardian, BBC, Channel 4. NUMBER 1: RYAN JENNINGS In 2013 the comments of teenage internet troll
Ryan Jennings were so malicious that they drove 17-year-old Callum Moody-Chapman to
suicide. Motivated by a row over a former girlfriend,
Jennings hounded Callum with insults and vicious threats. He said he was going to stab him
in the face and burn down his father’s house. The attacks were too much for Jennings’
vulnerable victim, who decided to drown himself in a river. An inquest found that the cyber bullying had
been the main factor behind Callum’s suicide. Jennings was ordered by the court to take
part in 8 months of rehabilitation counseling. Sources: BBC, Brief Report, Grimsby Telegraph,

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  1. Why in technology can't you have nice things?! Because the internet trolls mentioned, must be very vicious cyberbullies, but none were actually members of the KKK as of yet!!! They were just plain sickening trolls!!! Trolls, past, present or future, aren't just typical cyberbullies! THEY'RE FRIGGING MONSTERS, JUST LIKE THE NAZIS, THE LIP CHALLENGE AND THE MANY CHAPTERS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN!!!

  2. #8 charles fitch is still stalking people here on youtube using the youtube id "seller critic" plez check out his hate filled videos and flag them as bullying

  3. ikr
    Its like a person posts a picture they drew and they say "hey guys. I drew this picture and I hope you like it."
    Then some internet dick has to come in and say "ha that looks stupid. I bet I can draw a better picture using my ass and with my eyes closed"

  4. Good stuff. Now I know how to troll better and learn from their mistakes 🤔🤣🇺🇸‼️ HAAA RAPED BY DOGS🤣

  5. The Internet and social media have given bullies a mask to hide behind and can now target anyone they want without considering the consequences of their actions. Cyber bullies and Internet trolls are cowards and must have really sad and pathetic lives if all they do is abuse people online. They think they can say what they like and do what they like and get away with it. Internet trolls and cyber bullies must be held accountable for their actions, especially if their behaviour towards other people online results in psychological trauma and suicide. No one seems to care or take it seriously and if you confront a cyber bully and Internet trolls they will just use your response as ammunition to continue what they are doing. You can't win, it's a vicious cycle which must be brought to a stop. You can't even offer beat wishes or condolences towards people on the internet because trolls and cyber bullies have an unhealthy pathological need to be horrible and disrespectful. For example I expressed my sympathies regarding the death of Bruce Forsyth on a video on youtube and two trolls in particular used it as an excuse to be absolutely vile and disgusting not just to me but for other people offering condolences as well. I confronted them and reported them but nothig has changed, one of the trolls even said "You know that by replying you are making us want to do it more" and it just made me think there's no solution to stopping trolls or cyber bullies. You can report them but nothing happens and when you confront them they carry on and personally attack you.
    Internet Trolling and cyber bullying really needs to stop and they should be charged and prosecuted for their actions. If things don't change it will keep on happening.
    It needs to stop

  6. read first 30 or so comments here…troll classifications for these people in orininalty, wit, observations = ompa loopa.. relgion, race, so on easy targts beucase you can literly type anything get comment..try mental jousting to knwock somebody off there mental square. pick more stable people.  these "trolls" in the vid are just fuck you evil stalking assholes.

  7. I once heard from someone that there was a game called Habbo hotel and then a lot of people decided to dress as same guy with afro hair it sounded pretty funny….

  8. Here is someone that should be on the worst internet trolls list, his name is Kaya Henry Mitchell. Here are his Channels:https://m.youtube.com/channel/UChtr3a4PmHkbxTXuZAUvxqA

    Here is his Deviantart Account:

    And Here is a horrible picture he made back in April, which my Friend William will be here to show you how bad the picture is, Please Don't take this serious, but All of this is True. Kaya Actually did all this for real.

  9. I look at trolls as people who do things 'for teh lulz'. None of this is lulzy? Are we using 'troll' as a term to define anyone who does anything horrible or hateful on the interwebz? Plain cyber – bullying isn't trolling, the trollz only do it because the reaction from it is funny. In #1's case, he bullied for a personal reason.

    I also noticed a lot of twitter people and celebs thinking 'trolls' and 'haters' are the same thing, when it's really not.

  10. A very inspiring video. As I'm in my 40's, and still live in my mum's basement, my ultimate goal in life, to be the Number 1 troll of not only YouTube, but the entire two universes. I think big. And hope that I get raped by dogs.

  11. Yall are pussies if u think trolling is cyberbullying.. get some thicker skin & stop acting like a bitch or get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich like a bitch. Anyone who killed themselves bc of trolls shouldnt have been reproducing anyways.. It's just natural selection

  12. God damnit I just hate trolls! They fuck up everyone's fun! I mean, what even is the point of taking the time to be an asshole? I mean, it does take some training! But really who takes
    Read more

  13. Obviously you've never heard of doxxacles

    Caused 11 sucides,got someone to fuck then self with a knife.

    He was one of the most feared purtitans

  14. Goldberg, pretending to be an Islamic terrorist, but being the actual terrorist. Shocker, there’s a whole country doing that. Goldberg could live there, but Palestinians born there cannot return. ((Hint)) these are not trolling examples BTW.

  15. Writing an essay about whether or not people should be prosecuted for statements made on social media. This was helpful

  16. I find that if you say anything against the opinion of others they accuse you of being a troll or. Kinda like democrats and fascist accusations

  17. I think trolling is what the world needs. Now there is hilarious trolling like the deaf school winning a Taylor Swift concert due to a Internet vote or getting Donald Trump elected… and there is tasteless shit trolling where you just attack someone.

  18. www.YOUcanverballyattackalmostanyoneTUBE.com lol! J/k but seriously enough of this goes on outside the net. And you can click on this??? Didn't know so I checked it out and there are links for varying defense tactics for varying things.

  19. this nut needs to be trolled her user name is shellovesyeshua Her is one of her nutball videos


  20. Well that sounds stupid Rehabilitation old because you troll somebody America are you that pathetic you guys just cannot handle trolls so pathetic our country has become so pathetic

  21. Not a pervert not a weirdo not a real troll just a King Troll. Watching and Learning Just like the critics.

  22. If someone tried trolling me that bad or god forbid made my child commit suicide, I would find who they are, kick in they're front door, drag them into the street, curb jaw them and then beat them to death…

  23. Theres only one way to troll people today. Number one, say the n word, number two, diss homosexuality, number three, the atheist-Christian war on youtube.

  24. I was attacked multiple times by a mother fucker called "Rofl Xd"his channel is here, please report him: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_3OuhA6oSf-1-u8DlWuSRw

  25. This isn't trolling it's more committing crimes and being a terrible human being, I came here to laugh at some trolling but this shit is just fucked

  26. None of these were trolls – they were online harassment. A troll sets a trap for gullible people to take the bait and then laugh at the outcome. I'm not saying its a nice thing to do – but that's what it is.
    …this video was a troll and I just walked into it.

  27. Who ever done this video has a misunderstanding of what it means to be a troll. Trolling is winding up people who take themselves too seriously or saying something silly to get a reaction out of people. These people on trolls they are nut jobs

  28. how to destroy Internet Trolls.

    1. Meet them face to face and tie them up in a private room.

    2. Cut their tongue off with a Knife.

    3. Cut all 10 of their fingers off with a chainsaw.

    the reason why trolls deserve to be tortured this painfully by being eternally silenced is because they are unrepentant for their actions and they never learn their lesson. they deserve agony in their flesh and heart and soul.

  29. Your definition of a troll is fucking stupid and wrong….a troll is someone who purposely tries to make people angry by saying stupid shit that is so stupid it’s funny….this isn’t trolling its stupidity/ terrorism

  30. Your definition of a troll is fucking stupid and wrong….a troll is someone who purposely tries to make people angry by saying stupid shit that is so stupid it’s funny….this isn’t trolling its stupidity/ terrorism

  31. Your definition of a troll is fucking stupid and wrong….a troll is someone who purposely tries to make people angry by saying stupid shit that is so stupid it’s funny….this isn’t trolling its stupidity/ terrorism

  32. Your definition of a troll is fucking stupid and wrong….a troll is someone who purposely tries to make people angry by saying stupid shit that is so stupid it’s funny….this isn’t trolling its stupidity/ terrorism

  33. i love that for weev they missed out that he showed AT&T that what they was doing was bad and been endited because of it he literally was arrested for adding 1 to a number on a public web server

  34. Sometimes Negative Reinforcements is a good thing. This is one of those cases. These people aren't heroes, just respect them for their infamy or else you may be the target of their ruthless endeavors. I hope you all understand.

  35. like there's so many healthy normal hobbies to pick from, why would you voluntarily spend your days being an asshole to people online I don't get it

  36. I encountered a troll here on youtube purposfully spreading health misinformation to get people killed like "don't break your windows when your car is underwater" and "if you have a heart attack or stroke keep walking about" even though an actually health practioner in the comment section said that was the opposite of what you need to do he kept on arguing and spread it to other videos

  37. You have no idea who some of these trolls are, I mean they allow in some mental hospitals free access to the Internet. Many who post on their accounts are aware of their problems and they periodically change their aliases, avatars and even the IP address. These people seem like they're drugged or undergo treatment for mental health problems. The most logical action against them is an instant report and block. Trolling is harassment, period. It's not funny, nor interesting in any way, it's disgusting, really.

  38. Trolling seems to have two separate definitions.

    These are the hateful trolls who’re just out to spread hate for the sake of hatred or whatever. They’re kinda lame.

    Then you have the trolls who play pranks. Those are the funny ones.

  39. I think most of the people have liked or posted a hate comment, thinking about that makes me sick you barely know these people

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