I have no idea how I'm gonna record this boys and girls first hundred I walked in here's the brand new mighty cash double up their rampart you get for the way this works when you get your fame it gives you a second real with the exact same things you triggered it with so like I got all these nickels and it gave it to me twice and then you fill it up like a normal mighty cash game look at that oh and if you fill it up you get times two not the grand like sometimes you get tricked because lightning link is like that come on middle one if you get the middle one up there I get old oh my goodness please give me the middle one come on I hope I get to pick one I hope I get to pick line yes the middle three right the middle three the middle save the world here we go I need that one in the middle to get that all doubled guys if I get just that one it's doubled no come on some down here yes oh my god I need one one I get them both doubled if I get one on one please come on oh my god last spin I need one of them at least double come on oh how do I miss bow see how much we made boys and girls just walk in 36% looser rapport yes youtube-channel be back guys all right you know what I'm gonna switch to dimes and I'm gonna play what is minimum $45 for 54:15 so 300 together let's see maybe it's our day right come on maybe it's our day all my goodness come on come on Oman can you imagine if I get a bonus are the dragon comes down right now I might pee in my chair I think them kicked me out for that all right last one for five I'm gonna go one more even the little fingers below because I need to get something nothing I should have done that all right I'm gonna switch back to diggle's and I'll be back oh my god I don't my god oh my god oh my god oh my god from what was that the mighty cached elbow and I sound son among gold and look I got 40 free games I got 43 games I mean I put a bunch back obviously so I played down to 200 on that one at 450 and I kept going lost it sat down here three dollars I was like you know what let's get a bonus for everybody and how much is this I'm scared to find out how much this is because it's like still going ding ding like I don't like I haven't even sugared my bonus yet I'm kind of excited music ending adding the sand of music of 200 Wow plus 42 we're back after 4 o'clock that should have given me another 500 fans come on so in this one when you get the thing you go ah bah come on we'll see if I can get it 40 games oh why are you just doing one and not making magic happen afterwards come on tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu doo doo doo – we're gonna do some on we got 3000 so if you had this all the way down it would reveal and then go up but this is the bonus like I feel like the bonus should do a nudge for that one there it is there it is give me that guy punch – nope wrong winter all right so now you open up another one and if you get the second one you go up again – a third one I got it touch – Kings how much is that big one that's how you do a board you know I see how much that is which is it the line I'll accept two dollars eight dollars oh my god alright guys here's the big one now on this one if you get a wild on the front and then three wilds open you can get like a million spins I hit the bottle up to 300 here we go oh please give me a bonus in the front okay one more oh my god give me that same greeting rules hold $32.00 annoying oh my god that's a $32 a line boys and girls but it's time spent on food oh my god $32 alarm see see see see this is the best game ever my dad used to love Sun and Moon like he would sit for hours and hours and play it the only reason I'm playing this is because of him I was not a fan of the original like it's kind of one of those games and you just sit there and hope for five bono symbols so you can get 50 spins and hang out my god all right so I hit the punish we just let this go cause it's so beautiful like more spoons this is gonna answer it now five hundred sixty-five hundred fifty-eight come on oh you should know it it should definitely nice so you can get like a whole screen of bonus symbols on this one if you wanted to all right we got 25 boys and girls say how we do we're up to 560 I got high but I shouldn't because it's a casino 20 more 22 more actually I use a reach all that hurts or didn't know it again I don't know why I'm expecting it to nudge it's not the mechanic of the game but I'm saying you're going you know what it should not we got 15 more cool here we go another genius at the mansion another chance at the magic Oh baby baby baby baby baby baby come on oh where was that second one to be that guy all right 15 games left oh cool baby plus whatever they rethink greetings come on second real circuit rule oh my god I missed it give me the green guy yes how much is that four dollars a line I didn't if I had that one higher I would have gotten the other one too to shut it up which is how you think over a hundred oh my god these are pretty screens on my god okay guys guys first hundred don't forget this was our first hundred that we got the mighty cash right behind us or two rolls down and 835 oh my god come on one more time how many more spins I got ten more I miss the nut punch – ten more guys come on come on while real about a reit rare six more oh my god live after this one I'm excited can I get a Big Damn cinnamon gold for my dad he honestly would sit on this game for hours a bowl blue thing blue thing first okay now we're gonna go up a level now we need to second row I don't care what I get right now second row is important oh no everything – oh my god I got the rings but I didn't have any rings all right two more games guys can't do it one more time one more time oh please open to the bonus no that was a bonus symbol that was 15 games I think 860 guys Oh sick a real singer real second really out please o ring now ring now ring now all right last spin guys please not that that could have been nice $885 $885 a couple backhoes oh my goodness that was almost a lot bonus few backups together three more come on you know what should we go home guys can you come back tomorrow come back tomorrow $800 profit in one hour come on 800 profit in one out I think I'm gonna do it this time we didn't do it on always that at dawn of the Andes cool oh my god I got it doesn't want me to go home it does not want me to go home that's ten games I think right yep come on come on baby Oh nudge three things see it opens to Dolph that's what you want it to do six more nudge go green thing $42.00 come on love the tents Penry trigger I'm not doing I'm not doing the real and I'm going to go up to the mech levels alright last spin guys I think I'm gonna leave a night every time I say that gives me some dragon trick if I just say that you leave with 800 problem I just said it again and give me some more just keep singing all that earth six more games six more days come on Oh $36 how come you're not giving me the real no real for me tomorrow last one guys come on all right 38 oh that was a thousand I was gonna leave a 900 for Oh I'm gonna leave a 900 profit I don't leave a 900 profit in one hour because I'm the best in the world and that's how I do it last spin guys last spin together come on jackpot thousand dollars guys way to catch up boom she be making my friends see you next time new beer house I'll put it an extra hundred just for you guys we're leaving with a let's see how we do see how we do just wanted to get one preview here for the new beer house coming next week at G gas coming next week I got a nice video for you come on check but stop why I go I don't want Hans I wanted Hershey's $236 oh alright oh I get the cup and I get huh wait there's wilds already there Heidi you're kind of putting wilds on a rail that already has them come on alright I made 21 games nice come on Oh $21 Oh Hana all right Hannah's like sick yep no Heidi are you Heidi is not very smart today Heidi is not very smart today oh come on can I get a read sugar can I please oh there you go hi to you smart girl there you go another one nope no 35 come on down to Heidi oh oh I could have used the Reacher go oh oh Hans is here come on ladies ah no ladies that could have been magical if I had the ladies we're up to 73 I'm all I got two more Hans pins coming Thank You Hannah that's a great place for it how about you Heidi first one Heidi third one go girl good girl force it first that's the last one but I'll take it fourth one Hannah fourth one no that's it oh yes how much is that why should I leave I should never leave but no I'm gonna leave I just want to show you guys the new beer house I reported a good video out of yesterday but I'm gonna put it up next week for you I wanted to get the new sunny moon up tomorrow so come on that seven games come on hide it drive anymore huntsman stuff I may have one hunter No hold nothing six more come on Hans ladies no 150 oh there he is hey buddy that's it no Excel wilds oh how about a read sugar nourriture come on baby two more game oh that's again come on ladies dance how do you genius what about two more come on oh all right last bin last been pumped I forgot about you whoa oh my god oh my god hi honey that's Ben come on wiles on the last bin know how I've been awesome oh my goodness guys all right we have 900 in our pockets profit because we put a hundred back no we have 800 profit we have 800 profit because we walked out with a thousand we've got 100 in this so we're gonna play down to 2 and walk out with a thousand profit for the day that's gonna be perfect hey this hook that just like the M Resort couple weeks ago that's incredible funny how that works should I do max guys or 450 bets $6 backs hope what do you think what do you think down to 200 is all we're getting so how about 450 down to 200 let's see how that works you imagine if you get something now pull no come on second reel third wheel checking nothing six dollars there come on oh my god oh my god I just needed one breaking my heart ID I'm just kidding I love you you could very well for me oh there she is done third wheel third wheel third Rehana come on oh she's coming what are you doing I had a bunch more rage come on third fourth third oh my god I need those two two two more no oh my god can I get one more real oh my god fourth wheel know how do I miss the fourth wheel we're leaving with oh my god there's more coming oh my god come on oh that was very good yeah this one doesn't at the end too like they really improved on the on the last beer house which I hated she looks just like this one except it doesn't have that Hannah so in case you hated it too don't be confused things are the same machine this is a different game you guys maybe too similar everything is way too similar on this all right guys we got 20 dollars left come on it's more oh you know what let's see two at 6:30 you ready max fat guys come on here we go boom alright last one at six and that's it I'll see you next time what is we leaving with them I'll put it up on the screen I forgot count I think it was we walked out with a thousand nine hundred pop that I'm not gonna pull out all my money I never profit plus the back hundred back eight hundred dollars profit I think I'm right I'll put it up on the screen alright see you guys next week love you

27 thoughts on “$1000 REVENGE ON THESE NEW SLOT MACHINES!!!

  1. I really like the looks of that Sun & Moon Gold game… and I'm glad to hear that you didn'tpee your seat….LOL

  2. I have watched almost every single video's u have and u give me hope in to lose waight and to win money lol i love ur videos thank u so much keep it up. Me and my hisband watch every single video u put out. Your a great man and funny to watch. 😁😃😊

  3. Wow! I'm blown away! We visited RAMPART for the first time the other day thanks to you👍Nice bonus on that sun and moon! 🍻 HAPPY 4TH 🇺🇸, good luck and God Bless

  4. I wasn't too impressed the first time I saw a a gamer play this new sun/moon game — but seeing how nice it was to you, I've changed my mind. Great win — $900 more than you started with. WOW.

  5. LOL! ALWAYS… Consistently So much fun to watch and listen to! 1:47 and 2:33 some of the best yet… TY SO MUCH!

  6. I absolutely love when you say that you won millions, and the excitement in your voice, You always crack me up!!! I’m thinking you’re a Multi-Millionaire by now Dan…😂

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