11. HTML – Adding HyperLinks in Webpages – HTML Tag a

Hello everyone and welcome back. In today’s video we can learn how to add hyperlinks in its human speech. This link could be a next an image or any other extreme when you use it takes on this link. It can redirect to a Web site or a different page of the same Web site or do a different section within the same web reach. You really don’t have to remember this right now. We will try it and examples for all of these. Then you have got it. All right so do I believe we can use them. That. Let’s try an example to understand it. So answer time is ultimately wrapped in number brackets. It needs a closing down. So with product it needs an attribute each. So this is just how tribute defines where the user needs to be redirected. For example let’s say we want to deliver on when someone clicks on this link. So we would do it as you order nature. So let’s get that so let’s just copy this basic human. So we’ve got any of those. You are then we need to add the extremist element which needs to be cleared. Let’s say we want the link to the other text. So let’s just do that. Let’s save it and run our lives. So and as you can see you’ve got a link here. When I right it shows us this clickable mouse pointer. When I click on it it really breaks my big do. It’s a little off the top. So let’s just go back let’s bring on our editor. So when you click on this link it be the new order in the same browser. We can also make it open in a new day. For that we need to use another attribute target. So let’s use that as a target. You can go over the blank. So now we’re going to do this whenever I click on this link to open in a new browser. So let’s click it. And now as you can see it through to the new tab on my left. All right now let’s create an image inning. So for that you need an image first. Let’s say you’ve got this idea that you are so got the image address coming back to our page. That’s being this extended let’s coming this let’s create an image first. So image needs a source of stability. Let’s give an image and it needs an alternate test sir. All right. Let’s see the logo. All right let’s save it. And now as you can see there was this big image here that’s changed the way the height. Let’s say 200 pixels or 200 pixels. Same here. Now we’ve got a bit smaller. And when you hold the mouse pointer doesn’t change click it. So let’s bring this back up now. To make this a leap we need to put up with it unquote. So a So now our image is inside. I’m good. I’m good Dad needs to lift so let’s just open this and let’s open a new browser. So let’s also go to business dog. Got to do it. Let’s say that let’s cool here and now as you can see I might almost point to changes to clickable and click on it. I don’t want to do that in the new that’s also the data guys. If there is something that you did not understand feel free to drop a comment and we’ll discuss it. See you in the next video by Andy.

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