12 Fun Facts about Pugs

12 Fun Facts about Pugs The Pug Originated in China in the emperor’s kennels. Pugs have tremendous personalities and for centuries have been kept purely as companions. They are affectionate and tolerant with children in the home. Pugs love daily running and tend to be very playful. After a workout they like to take a nap on your bed or best chair. Pugs are not strong swimmers and so should be kept away from pools and hottubs. Pugs make excellent therapy dogs. The ultimate lap dog. Their easy-to-groom coat should be brushed once or twice a week to control shedding and clean the face wrinkles frequently. Pugs are easygoing, playful and affectionate.
Pugs are totally devoted to their owners. They are generally accepting and sociable to other animals. Pugs are eager, brave watchdogs. Pugs are best exercised on a harness rather than a collar. Pugs are easy to train. Now that you’ve read these fun facts about Pugs, I’m sure you realize that training is essential for mental stimulation and to develop his or her full potential as your perfect family pet. Click this link: http://tinyurl.com/hu7qfn5 to get 4 free dog training videos. We believe this traihning is the best on the Internet. Results are guaranteed.

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