2019 Best Free IPTV Setup for Firestick and all Android Devices – No Ads! TONS of Countries!

hey guys and my treasure hunter here today is Monday June 10th 2019 and today I'm bringing you another free IPTV solution if you have not already checked out my previous videos with the u.s. TV and radio liven at that TV and madro those are all very good solutions for free IPTV this one is going to be a little bit different we're gonna be loading an application and then we're going to be putting a playlist and m3u playlist into it so it's a little bit different way it's a little bit more work to get it set up initially but it does give you another way of getting free IP TV channels and these are also going to be free of any advertisements so it's a good solution so today we're gonna be doing it on my fire TV box you can do it on your fire stick on your Android box your Android phone it is an Android based application so if you're on a fire device you're gonna bring up downloader if you are on any other type of device that does not have downloader then you're just gonna bring up a web browser and we're gonna open this up and enter the Euro and I'll be right back alright guys so here's the girl I also put it on the screen this is gonna be for TV mate now there are many players out there that you can load m3u files into and play them I tried I think about six of them and I like the way that this one out laid the channels and it seemed to be the easiest most user-friendly so this is the one that I'm bringing to you guys it's called TV main enter that euro go ahead and click on go and it'll take you over to mediafire where I have the file I don't deal with files on file link stores I don't mess with all that and will go ahead and install ok so that's a quick install now we're gonna go ahead and hit open now my camera might not like to focus on this screen when you open it up this is a blank screen there is pretty much nothing this application won't do anything we have to add a playlist and right there in the middle of the screen it says add playlist so you're gonna go ahead and click on that alright so then it brings up this screen and we're gonna be actually entering a year oh because you can copy and paste from clipboard not gonna do it would be very hard to do on a fire device anyways if you're on a PC or something like that or a phone it wouldn't be too bad but anyways we're gonna do by entering the Euro so go ahead and click on enter Euro and once again I'll be right back when I get our first m3u file ural we're gonna be entering two of these so we're actually gonna have like to playlists within our TV mate in order to grab channels from alright guys so here is the first year old that we're going to enter I'll also be putting it on the screen and pause it because it does take a look a lot of type this in using the fire stick remote but anyways we will go ahead and click Next and see that is just entering a euro so it's not going to actually download anything so then it clicks over to the next which you will go ahead and click on and then you can add a name here change it it'll kind of default and just name it something it'll name it like the last so many letters so you could click on this and name it something I'm just gonna leave it as that that's easy enough and then I'm gonna click done and now over here that quickly it went out there and grabbed all these channels now before we go into it I'm gonna go over here to the left I'm gonna click on settings I'm gonna click once again on playlists and I'm going to add the second playlist and right away and then we'll go over and look at how it works I'm gonna click down on add playlist and it once again brings you back to the same screen so once again we're going to input a year old and I'll be right back ok guys so here is the second year oh it is almost exactly like the first one except I put a B and in here because basically this is kind of like the backup but it's not really the backup it's just an alternative sorry and what I did the 6 and the 19 stands for the month of June six months in 2019 input that click on next and once again it'll highlight over here and you'll click on next it'll once again ask you do you want to name this something you can if you wish there's no need to as long as it populates something like that you can go ahead over and click on done update all playlists so what it did it added two thousand seven hundred eighty one channels in the main list and four hundred and twenty five channels and the kind of backup for secondary list over here on the left once again we'll go through it there's categories this is what is really nice about doing this type of method using m3u files instead of just basically an apk that's set is look at all of the channels as far as world channels now some countries or languages just don't have very many channels and I'm not saying that all the channels that are in there are necessarily going to work because this is free IPTV some links will work some links will not work but the number of languages or countries over here on the left is in sane there is just dozens and dozens of different countries but we're going to go back up here to the United States then we're going to click over to the right that's where you can actually start clicking down through the channels I'll kind of just scroll down through these I can't show any content because it'll get a copyright strike but I'm just going to kind of go through down through here some of these are SD some are HD you never know until you try to bring a channel up some will work some won't work at times but it's definitely I've been messing with this now for two days and it's definitely worth having on your system in what we'll do is in the future because you do need to update these m3u files and links so I'll put out a new video probably about once a month or so when these start really going down and these links need to be for these lists I should say to be updated and there's other lists out there too I'm not gonna go into that but there is an adult only list if you're into adult channels I'm not gonna put a video out on that but I could pretty much somehow if you were able to contact me through my social media type stuff I could tell you exactly how to get the m3u file you know links for adult stations if that's what you want to add so there is quite a few us channels and like I said it breaks it down into different countries and then you also can come up here let's see you can add favorites by basically long holding on a station like I've got this station pulled up if I long press on it you can see that over there to the right it clicks that I can add that to a favorite now it's put it as a star and basically there was a favorite now getting between there is I'm clicking left and right this stuff is really easy I mean that this is why I picked this particular player because this will work on perfect player this will work on you can even use VLC player to bring up playlist and play them but this one was the easiest most user-friendly puts the nicest looking icons over there it's it most easy to navigate that's why I put this on here but anyways I mean that's about what there is to it you know I can't and I do not ever show content true content because like I said they'll end up in the copyright string but see now when I came down to the bottom I went into my next playlist so here is the secondary or second playlist and it's kind of got to play the categories a little bit different you know whoever put this playlist together the website to put this play together they kind of labeled them put them into like subcategories which is kind of cool and I found it obviously as you've seen that this list only has four hundred and some channels compared to the other one has two thousand and some so there's not as much but you'll find a couple channels in here that you won't find on the other one maybe some have duplicate but the other one on that is pulling from a source and maybe it's only SD or maybe it's not working at the time you come over here and it's working but I kind of like this because it kind of pulls them out and puts them into categories you know you got news world news weather I think that most of the um that are in this particular playlist seem to be American channels so the B list or the backup list it looks to kind of be for the most part American and then this is kind of an interesting one if anybody knows what Pluto TV is basically it has kind of different categories it's almost like a 24/7 plays in a particular type of genre and it just keeps playing different movies or different shows within that genre so you know between the two lists I picked out these two lists there's several other ones that are more country specific and like I said there is the adult one but I'm just not going to put that on here but all that you need to do to add a list you know if I come up with another one will probably be sticking with this player because this player extra good is will just come over to the settings the playlists and just add another playlist right here and you'd add the ural in and it's as easy as that then refresh it you know and update all playlists and every time you open this up the default setting is that it'll update these lists so that is about it guys I mean between these two do check it out and like I said it's got a lot of stations here's seems to be some kind of locals I don't know I haven't really went down through it I don't know how how good of the selection is but it's got a lot of stations from other countries unlike anything I've really seen in one particular apk so you might find some stuff in here that you really like and some languages or countries in here that you haven't never seen in the all-in-one apk before anyways guys please like share subscribe and there is a donations tab down below if you so choose to help out and support the channel anyways I will catch you in the next video take care [Applause] you you

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