100 thoughts on “$299 Taco Bell Mexican Pizza | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

  1. Honestly, these two together as a cooking/cultural exploration format, is something that I would love to keep watching!

  2. Is anyone else disappointed Josh didn't bring the fancy version back to Guelaguetza to let them try it after they taught him how to make the dish?

  3. If I could pick any two Mythical Crew members to hang out with for a day, rack up a bar tab, and collaborate on drunken gourmet eats, it'd definitely be Emily and Josh. Thanks for giving me some insight into into what that day would be like.

    For another episode, maybe show us the classic lightly spruced-up ramen options VS a gourmet (overly expensive) take while using the same noodle pack to serve as a control in the experiment.

  4. GMM and all the other mythical entertainment shows are awesome but Mythical Kitchen has officially risen to my number one.

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This is a great video! Makes me want to try it, but I might set my kitchen on fire lol!
    EMILY! STAY CALM!!! haha!

  6. So I have to question if this is still a family show? I wasn't sure if this was a poor attempt at jokes or a drunken mess. Hard to believe Rhett and Link can be approving this…

  7. Josh and Emily by themselves are already bombs of chaotic energy, but the two combined is absolute mayhem. I love it. Please make Emily a regular.

  8. I think you’re mixing up carnitas with barbacoa, carnitas is the one where you cook with the orange not the barbacoa.

  9. Hi guys
    This episode was very nice. Please introduce more mythical crew members.
    Some graphics about the ingredients in between shots might give a bit more structure to the video.

  10. You should challenge a sorted food chef to a contest. See who can use the same disgusting ingredients and prepare dishes to see who can cause Link to vomit the least

  11. Doesn’t say “see you next Tuesday” because of the acronym. Says “see you next time” which is the exact same acronym

  12. I absolutely love Emily!! Please make her a regular!!! Her and Josh have such great Chemistry on camera. What a great pair. Feels just like Rhett and Link when I watch GMM.

  13. ID SAY THERE IS OVERWHELMING SUPPORT FOR JOSH AND EMILY!!! BEST KITCHEN DUO EVER!! (also is Emily's hair the most gorgeous hair ever????)

  14. I wish these two would get married. I know they are just good friends but Emily and Josh are so perfect together and it makes me happy.

  15. IDEA: "DRUNK COOK-OFF" – Every episode two guests plus Josh have a good few drinks, and then the two guests compete in a cook-off with Josh judging!

  16. Everyone wants Josh and Emily to do this together forever, but Josh gave Emily a contagious illness at the end of the video, and laughed about it. RIP Emily!! LOL

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