3 Tips to get unlimeted surveys in google opinion rewards

Hello friendzzz , in this video i am gonna
show you 3 tips by which you can get more surveys in google opinion rewards.
As you people know google opinion rewards is not available for ios users so go away
ios users and come android users here. This is a very genuine money making app that gives
you real money and you can spend this money in google play store and buy games and in
app purchases in other games or apps. So , let me show you the rating of this app. 3.9 this
is not good enough this is because people delete this app without getting any survey.
Actually let me show you the history I downloaded this app on twelfth of October 2017 and got
two surveys example surveys which do not give any money and got my first real survey on
twenty ninth December 2017. After two months but people cant wait. So I will advise you
people to wait… Our first tip is that turn on your device’s
location. This will let google know your location and ask questions about that. Yesterday I
visited a restaurant and today I got a question about that cuz I turned on my device’s location.
Second tip is that go to settings and click on google location history turn on location
for every device connected to this G-mail. Third tip is that turn on you device’s wifi
when you go to a specific restaurant and connect to their wifi. Yesterday as I told I went
to a restaurant and connected to their wifi and today in the survey I was questioned a
question in which they asked how was the speed of their wifi I said Good and I got 3 rupees,
here you can see So , thanks for watching this video please
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17 thoughts on “3 Tips to get unlimeted surveys in google opinion rewards

  1. I did alot of research on how to get more serveys in still havent i watch videos still telling me the same thing i do it i still have no serveys yes my location is on yes my Wi-Fi on yes i have data it is not working !

  2. What happens if i put my server location to others country will the postal code required from that specific place or its fine with own country postal code…pls reply on this

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