$300 Budget Gaming PC Challenge – Scrapyard Wars Episode 1c

this is kind of neat I have cable managed this case a good dozen or two times before this is actually a case with which I am intimately familiar so I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to working it again in quite some time now it does have two lists Bay's here but they're not exactly the world's most elegant system this I won't need so we're just going to pry this up so this is actually not the correct reading for this piece so we're kind of creating our own creds as we go Linus has to clean out his entire PC to get started while Luke only has three parts to pop in to start overclocking we're not sure what the outcome of this will be but we do know it will be close he just isn't cleaning his stuff because he didn't find an advantage rag like I did yes he advantage rags are not real so Linus is obviously in a stage of denial at the moment it wasn't real how could I hold it in my hand having already used his advantage drag the Linus can be seen here using a box or his underwear where we can try and jury-rigged this well we can take this off without damaging it without without too much I think we should go for it I think that were a little bit doing research to see what this trip is trip off see what this board is capable of to hear them whispering as if that'll help I mean the shopping stage is done Luke so uh you know the fact that you have crap Hardware no amount of keeping it secret is gonna keep it secret forever and then I'll tease you oh yeah I forgot about that I'm sorry excuse I hope this has a right notion okay oh okay so these are a little lot they're a little worse for the wear right here see there here's a little trick you just give me the old that so here we can all absolutely stuff right there I forgot this I don't have time for his shenanigans at this point in the competition because winners do not consorted own twin as hard I don't consort with them yeah that's right shoot got it in there once therefore I can do it again and that is why I have two children yeah the only one around here with proof of his virility how do you know as your mother would kill you ha ha you can fight no no he's right my mom would kill me you'd be dead yeah you'd actually be dead yep hmm did you bring out any zip ties no but there might be some in the screw bin' that'll do it a hi-yah all that is a thing of beauty right there fantastic oh I'm feeling good today yeah then my mini wheats are like I ate them I crapped them out I ate them again I took a picture put it on Instagram this was a real score like this was probably worth a good chunk of the budget right there along just nicely why don't you get the hell out of here spy we don't hate you over here we accept your kind yeah losers are stuck hanging out with the other losers this is real good this is trustworthy that's the difference between this and snakes in the grass like Luke oh I should have done this before I did the other thing oh well I don't know if it's gonna reach are you missing my epic struggle over here no one yes oh yeah that table management all right all right now we did specifically say that there would be demerit points for leaving the garage and I don't need to leave the garage but I do need to walk over here so I'm averting my eyes berkel will Buerkle will hold this box art Aaron is he still here okay well someone someone will Buerkle will supervise me here I got saved my blinders yeah okay I got my blinders on doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo this box right here is called the fun box because there's a chair on top of it for some reason see this is something Luke wouldn't even think of needing probably because I wouldn't need eggs I'm not terrible nice one of these uh yeah uh yeah let's get like a moment there we go alright see you got a system fired up over there I hear keyboard strokes no not at all I didn't finish installing all my drivers like half an hour ago oh what's that sound is that a hard drive Oh interesting oh ha I wouldn't know what a hard drive sounds like I mean I'm all solid-state over here man there we go change to 3:45 Japanse we don't boot fine okay ah here's the moment we've all been waiting for mmm-hmm um small problem I mean it's not a big problem it's just a small one okay oh yes oh yes we got this this is good oh I don't think we have that you don't wonder what we can get out of this baby Wow it's been a really long time we're not gonna quite go for that know that instead of aiming for like ultimate I don't mean for like high want you want to go ultimate yeah well that tells max possible settings in every day that tells me a lot about the other way you waited your system I don't know how much it'll show on screen but we can my screen oh wow this takes a while to load I literally didn't even change anything I opened afterburner and typed in a number didn't press ENTER in the screen with black oh all right this is yeah there's nothing lets me oh come on would you take care you take your attempts Oh I'll shut her down it looks like I might need to dial back good luck no that's two crashes I wasn't mentioned yet you know you said that like it was a horrible don't worry minded go start yo my computer's better under load it's like a rotary engine I got to get up to a certain rpm before I do chicken stock I might be blaming you for this and what happened I did nothing whenever I open executables the screen goes black I was working this last night biggest fun I haven't touched it unless I came back here in the middle of the night I've been supervise the entire time I've been here all right so this has an FPS counter on it I guess we're gonna see my score so you might as well check it out Oh dad artifacting does that count against me they don't know I don't know I think that's just frankly I can't tell oh no there's some dough okay alright I think I think we have to call this one off okay all right seriously seriously let's just load up three mark here well I think I know something about his system I'm fairly sure that's a reference cooler that is a sound I've heard before it has a particular tonality to it that doesn't seem it's not running in a full happy alright so oh I was your to please hats looking tired we're doing fancy damage right again you still have to run the actual games don't be too smug this is a graphics benchmark I'm just happy I won one of them by like a lot like two times was that cuz I have that backwards and then it goes about two times oh yeah has a crash unless your FPS is uh 1600 it's just 1920 200 and Counting 2600 and Counting do you see do you see this clear glitching so we're 100 times glitch exploit we don't know I'm trying to get to 200 times you see in a couple seconds here all right why don't you go ahead and shut that down and I'll take a run at this this is the physics test yeah you didn't know there was a physics test inside us so 58 66 is the mark to beat the first successful run I'm still higher it's not as higher still higher the had a hard drive is horrible like everything is kind of working properly I didn't did it start walking though I feel like it started walking because remember yeah it was counting FPS with my sinus there's no Terrans but look at the science oh it's coming back area not nearly as much them I have no I'm not saying a deduction for all right here we go physics test oh dear so what were you getting here 17 or something oh that is Darrell all that let's suppose you know what you're oh now it's tired for calling teach again oh ha ha ha 58 66 honey what have you gotten 57 45 oh all right what the hell is this yeah just run it just run it in a bowl and I'll go on little situps for that's appropriate whoa average FPS 66.6 minimum forty six point nine six that's a pretty respectable minimum I don't know how bottlenecks are gonna be there I'm guessing 73 73 you're gonna get you know I'm gonna guess minimum 58 yeah I'm not gonna oh oh son son who just got wrecked okay so here's Lupe's results min 39 average sixty three point three here's minuses results min 56 whoa ever JT two point one all right oh wow ensure swift victory with Corsairs highly responsive lightweight Gaming Mouse the Sabre RGB click now to learn more I originally thought you had a 7950 now I'm pretty sure you have a 7970 which means you spent about half of your budget on your graphics card I think I know for sure you have it wrong I know for sure you have a dual-core CPU because usually because you got absolutely destroyed you must have ddr2 and I think you've got 4 gigs of RAM you how did you get it – nah the the thing that's gonna blow your mind though I have a q6600 is right Oh words yeah and that that ram and the dual core I think would you'll cause a little bit but I don't think you were gonna come out with the core core yeah I got a quiet or what I gotta clubs for so really the big winner the big winner would have been probably a combination of the two they could get a 290 @q sixty six hundred eight gigs of ram a good quality power supply an aluminium fronted case if we took my card out of my system and put it in here which is what that would have been yeah that would be a pretty sick machine for three hundred eighty bucks and that's still cheaper than all the consoles we looked at you could still buy one or two games to equal the console price I mean I think for $300 if you can build a rig like this then guys like bear is at the you know it's funny and I guess we'll make this the conclusion for this we get this a lot where people criticize us for focusing really on the high-end stuff and and the brands that make the most sense at the high-end and they ask us well why is that there's such great value stuff out there on the low end and the answer is that if either of us we're going to build a $500 machine do something like this we would do this we wouldn't be buying new that was on exactly I did for the guy who's trying to find one that I can get which shouldn't be that cheap and then I would have not rush purchased that setup because it came with a terrible motherboard because if you're smart and you're a good shopper both of us were doing this at the same time with only 48 hours to turn around all of these deals not even we realistically only had seven or eight hours to contact people and pick up and let go get them yeah we ended up with machines that we could easily resell for more than what we paid and to match this performance buying new from the store would cost at least 50% more or more so there you go guys used hardware good value this was fun but you got rekt I did you got rekt silent that quad-core man quad-core is pretty so thanks for watching guys this has been the very first round of scrapyard wars we have lots of great ideas coming for this series let us know in the comments if you want to see more let us know how you liked the format it's a little different than anything else we've done don't forget to subscribe and we'll see you guys again next time thanks for watching guys hey you remember how you voted for Luke well you should feel bad for being wrong

37 thoughts on “$300 Budget Gaming PC Challenge – Scrapyard Wars Episode 1c

  1. I like this series, I tell people all the time I just buy used parts of craigslist and they seem surprised that my computers work lol

    Back in 09 I built my first rig with a triple core amd cpu, 8gb ram, with a Radeon HD4890 for like 400 bucks, and at the time the 4890 was the best gpu AMD had on the market, but that quickly changed, I think I got the 4890 right before the new cards were released, but a few years later I traded the rig for a laptop that I used for a few years and sold for 400 bucks. I then bought one of those razer tablets after they were discontinued off ebay for about 650 bucks and a few years after that traded it for my current rig which is an 8 core amd fx-8320, 16gb ram, and a radeon R9 390 8gb, which obviously I am in the process of selling now a few years later. I got an offer for a nice laptop plus 150$ so in a couple weeks I will probably take that since the laptop has a comparablish gpu and better processor, I think the RGB lighting in my pc helped with my trade offer, but I am going to sell the laptop to a friend who wants it for 600 bucks. I have a deal lined up atm for an XFX RX 480 8gb for 100 bucks so I have a good start at my money back and a new rig with basically the same power GPU but I will hopefully be able to get a much better processor since that is my major bottlekneck atm. If I only did the trade and sold the laptop though I would come out with making 100 dollars for all my rigs in the past 10 years. This is of course not including monitor and peripheral costs.

  2. For 75 bucks, i got a grx 960 strix oc, a xeon x5460, 6gb ram ddr3 1333, power supply and a lga 775 socket board. Legit, i literaly spent 50 bucks on the gtx

  3. Yeah, but you don't have to keep the used hardware alive for next few years. Just for an hour or so 😀 THAT'S WHY we buy new hardware for reasonable price.

  4. Where I live no one sells used hardware other than hdds and ram and the best you can find is ddr3 4gb sticks

  5. "I got it in there once, therefore I can do it again, And that is why I have 2 children" -Linus Sebastian, 2015

  6. So, what's the best price/ performance GPU that can be paired with an lga775 quad core cpu (q9550/9650/x9770)?
    Is the a benefit to upgrading ddr2 ram to ddr2 on an lga775 mobo (Asus p5q pro)?

  7. This was definitely fun to watch and give some ideas about building a pc without spending a fortune

  8. My current laptop has a pentium with integrated graphics and 4gb of ram and i can run csgo with low settings on 1080p with average fps of 20-50fs

  9. Mine has i7 9700k and liquid cool and gtx 1060 and 2tb hdd at 7200 rpm and 240gb ssd and is only $1400

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