301 редирект на https плагином Really Simple SSL без редактирования htaccess под WordPress

The best solution to customize
https and www redirects on WordPress today is Really Simple SSL plugin. I previously recommended doing
redirects via htaccess file, but eventually discovered
two big flaws this method has: First flaw: some
plugins overwrite the .htaccess file, so the code
redirect may also be lost will stop working. The second disadvantage is different
settings at hosters on cheap rate. This means the htaccess file
processed everywhere different, and there is no single universal
code for all hosting. The third drawback is high
probability of error, and how the consequence is easy to drop
site. With the Really Simple SSL plugin for everyone
there are no such problems. You ask, why
generally do server https and www redirect? There are several reasons for this. All spellings
a site like https://site.ru, https://www.site.ru, http://site.ru and http://www.site.ru are
four different sites for search engines. It is necessary that there is only
one option that gave would be the 200th server response code,
and the remaining options were given would be a 301 redirect. If this is not done, then
all four variations will be be duplicates in relation
to each other and compete between each other in the search engine
extradition. Also, without a redirect search
the system may be wrong choose the main mirror. Plus, after gluing
reference weight of all four variations will be combined. Let’s move on to installation and
plugin configuration. Click “Add New”,
“Install”, “Activate”. Click “Forward”. And I advise you to switch
to the redirect method through htacess. I will explain why. By default, redirect
the plugin will execute via CMS, i.e.
PHP what will create load. And htaccess processes the server,
and therefore on large sites this method is preferred. After activating this
the plugin will add options in htaccess file a small slice
code. Let us look at him. Here we have a small
a piece of code that adds plugin. In theory, this code you also
can use on other sites on other
CMS’kah. I checked under opencart
– he works on a hosting Beget. Now about how to check
redirect Option one is through
browser console. For example, Google Chrome
press F12 and jump link. We see that our link
gave 200 a response code, which means redirect did not happen. Let’s change the address,
for example, remove https. We will get 301 redirects with
http to https. Let’s add www. We will see 301 redirects with
https www to https. Now let’s go from http www to
https. This is the most interesting redirect,
because here it is double. First, the server runs
transition to https and then removes www and it turns out double
redirect This is absolutely normal. The second way to check
redirects is using third-party services. I will show you an example
bertal.ru. Let’s copy the link,
check it out. We will see that the response code
200, everything is OK. Let’s remove https. First 301, then 200 – all
correctly. Add www – see double
redirect, everything is correct. First on https, then removed
www. The only nuance of such
services is that using you do not look at such services
e.g. personal account site that requires
authorization. here you only the console will help
browser. In the next video I will show
how to work with topics and with child themes. Subscribe, put
likes. See you in the next video!

3 thoughts on “301 редирект на https плагином Really Simple SSL без редактирования htaccess под WordPress

  1. Благодарю, все быстро, понятно, без воды и мычания!👍 Продолжай в том же духе, успехов в работе! Хотелось бы узнать по поводу хостингов BEGET и REG.RU есть принципиальные различия или это дело привычки?

  2. Пожалуйста подскажите.

    Я скачал сайт с веб архива в нём много статей. У ссылок загагулины, под типа: file/&6_о/gd/of.html

    Как переправить все статьи, категории? На нормальный ЧПУ ? Циэмеска – ВордПресс.

    + Как потом эти нормальные чпу и категории переправить на HTTPS. Получается 2 ной редирект с загагулин к нормальным, а потом эти нормальные на безопасный протокол.

    Пока всё это, делаю на open server

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