$450 Acer Aspire Desktop PC – Part 2 – Windows Performance

hello and welcome to tech deals windows performance review on the $450 Acer Aspire T desktop computer I've previously reviewed this computer link to the full playlist in the video description below if you haven't seen the other videos go check them out this video is all about general Windows performance video editing encoding 3d animation multitasking web browsing watching videos general 3d graphics performance this video is an overview of what to expect if you buy this computer now I've run this same type of video on other computers and other builds that I have done in the past so you can compare them from machine to machine this is an i-5 7400 based computer seventh-generation quad-core KB Lake Intel processor 8 gigabytes of system ram and a 2 terabyte hard drive it is running on the integrated graphics the Intel HD 630 graphics I'm going to show you a little bit about what that looks like later in this video there will also be game performance videos coming up soon so be sure to subscribe to my channel if you have not already done so to check those out what you're looking at here is a free program called CPU Z a great program you can download run on your own computer to get lots of information about your machine you can see here the name of our CPU the core i5 7400 it's a kb lake seventh generation chip if we click on memory you'll see we have the 8 gigabytes of RAM installed graphics intel HD 630 you can find out all kinds of useful information about your computer using this free utility link to it in the video description below I'm going to come over to the bench tab the purpose of this is to do a basic simple bench that tests the performance of a single thread test and a multi thread test you can use this to compare the relative performance between this machine and your machine some are faster single threaded than they are multi threaded to give you a simple example you can pull down for a reference to compare I'm going to pull down the latest and greatest i7 7700 K CPU now this is the four core eight thread processor top-of-the-line chip from Intel 305 $50 you will notice that it's single thread performance is faster and the multi thread performance is faster why is that well 4.2 gigahertz base speed versus 3.0 here that's all clock speed these are the same generation processor from multi-threaded this does have eight threads but it's the same four cores as our i-5 7400 what if we go back a little older what if we say take a look at an I 5 2500 k 3.3 gigahertz 4 core 4 thread notice that both the base single thread performance and the multi thread are slower than this new chip although that's a k chip and it could be overclocked but it's an example one more example I'll show you and then we'll move on the AMD FX 8350 processor now I recently did a build on an FX 8300 this as a base of 4 gigahertz my 8300 has a base speed of 3.3 but it's very easy to run it at 4.0 about 1200 on the single thread which is slower than this machine but 7465 on the multi thread so the AMD FX chip is slower on a single thread but faster and multi thread and so whenever somebody says which processor should I buy you always have to ask the question for what why are you buying a computer now if we bring this down just as another example this is an i three processor two cores four threads notice that a four thread processor running at 3.5 gigahertz does not touch a true four core processor the single thread performance is very very close this is a fourth gen it's a little bit older but this is why hyper threading is not the same thing as real course if you're running games or doing video editing or video rendering or 3d animation if you're doing something that will use for real processing cores hyper threading two cores four threads is no substitute for real cores now go run this on your own machine and compare the results but that's cpu-z bench the next program we're gonna have a look at is 7-zip now 7-zip is also a free program that you can download your I'll link in the video description below 7-zip is a file compression decompression utility it lets you take a group of files or just a single file and compress them to make it easier to email them or upload them or put them on a on a USB thumb drive it has a built in benchmark utility which is what you're watching right now the benefit to using the built-in benchmark utility as opposed to me just taking a group of folders and compressing them is if you take files and folders and try compressing them a you can't necessarily run that yourself because you won't have the files and folders to test with I want you to be able to test all this on your machine one of the questions people ask when they come to my channel is should I buy that computer should I build this is is it worth upgrading well you decide run these tests yourself compare them to the performance that I'm seeing and find out for yourself this is why I don't just throw up charts and graphs of some performance numbers I know some channels do it I know some people do it I get asked all the time well land well you could make five-minute videos just throw up some charts and talk about them for a minute sure but then you wouldn't see them run you wouldn't actually know what's going on I think this is more informative now if you just want the results well fair enough I appreciate that but looking at these results take a look at the resulting number here and then watch the number changing in real time this is the compression number and this is the decompression number interestingly enough it's faster in compression normally it's the other way around go figure our total score is fourteen thousand four hundred and nineteen now you want to look at the resulting because the real-time numbers are changing you'll see this runs we've just as I've been talking it's done eleven passes so this'll run continuously giving you an ever updated number if it manages to beat this during a run so download this try it on your machine see how much of a difference it is if your computer is around seven thousand then this machine is twice the multi-threaded performance if your machine is twenty eight thousand then you have twice the multi-threaded performance it really is as simple as that this is a great example of a test that uses all the cores very very well look at this in decompression it's basically using four hundred percent of one core thus it's effectively using all the cores on come oppression it's using about three and a half not quite as effective but pretty close the next test we're gonna run is Cinebench r15 I'll click the Run button and it will start Cinebench is a 3d rendering benchmark if you want to do any type of 3d animation 3d rendering any type of drawing anything from AutoCAD to 3d design this is at least an idea of how well the machine will run now every program is gonna be a bit different if you're running blender or one of the professional programs but the idea is if you run Cinebench r15 on multiple computers the score you get can be compared relative a thousand score computer will run twice as fast as a 500 roughly give or take the value here is that this is easy to download it's free link in the video description below try it on your own machine this will use I believe up to either 32 or 64 well it'll use basically all the threads you can throw at it I forget the exact number of threads it uses total but it's a lot each one of these boxes represents a thread now if we were running on an eight thread processor you'd see 8 boxes 1/16 red box processor you'd see 16 boxes and so on how long will this take run it on your own computer and see if this is the type of workload that you are doing run it on your machine and compare the score if your machine is half the performance of this then upgrading will get you double the 3d rendering performance if they're about the same then it won't 540 points is that a good score it isn't anything it has to be compared relative to something else to give you an idea a comparison Rison 7 1,700 running at a fixed 4.0 gigahertz scored 1,750 when I ran it on Cinebench r15 so that processor is more than triple the performance of this one of course it should be that is an 8 core 16 thread processor running at a higher clock rate more cores and more threads it scales very evenly with performance the other test we're going to run is the OpenGL test now this is somewhat graphics dependent especially since we have integrated graphics the see 6:30 in here rather than a dedicated graphics card I find that once you put a dedicated graphics card in the performance of this is CPU based more than it is graphics card based whether I have a 1060 1070 or 1080 does not make a substantial difference however this is actually the first time I remember ever running the OpenGL test on integrated graphics so it'll be interesting to compare this to the current configuration versus the upgraded configuration which is coming up soon I didn't mention at the beginning of the video but I am going to upgrade this machine to 16 gigs of ram i will upgrade it with a gtx 1066 gigabyte graphics card and I will put a solid-state drive in and I'm gonna rerun this entire windows performance review video post upgrade so you have an idea of what to expect if you put a little bit of money into upgrading your nice new computer there we go and our score is 39.86 frames per second good bad depends upon what you're comparing it to but remember that number because if you want to watch this video side-by-side with the post upgrade windows performance review to see what difference it makes with those upgrades the next test that we're running is crystal disk mark a drive benchmark utility that you can download and run for free link in the video description below you'll notice a running trend there I try to use things that you can download and test yourself to make it easy to compare whatever your current system is with what I'm showing you in these videos now on the left hand side of the screen you will see the hard drive that is included with this machine the two terabytes 7200 rpm hard drive on the right hand side is the a data su 900 256 gigabyte solid state drive it is installed but Windows is not running on it I will transition and do the clone here after I finish this video but since I have it in the machine I can show you both drives at the same time now there's a lot of numbers on the screen but let's break it down look at the top two lines first sequential and 4k now the four K stands for 4k random read and write meaning it's reading and writing chunks of data in small bits randomly across the drive whereas the sequential is like a file transfer like copying files the sequential is queued up to four with four threads that's what the queue 44 stands for that would be simulating a heavy workload of multiple programs reading and writing or a program attempting to reading and writing multiple things at one time this is actually not very common for your average desktop user but briefly if you look at the read and write numbers on the hard drive you'll see they look great almost 240 megabytes per second read speed a hundred and seven megabytes write speed for the hard drive that is just fine very respectable numbers not to be sure the solid-state drive is much much faster especially in write performance however that's not why you buy a solid-state drive the reason you do it is random performance take a look at the 4k read and write numbers for the hard drive about one megabyte per second when the hard drive has to physically move it's read and write head around the drive the performance is dreadful this is why you need to defrag hard drives disclosure this hard drive is fully defragmented I can in fact if you look over here on the Left you'll see defraggler right here I have fully defragged this hard drive before running any of these tests so that's as good as it gets take a look over here on the right 231 megabytes per second read speed 310 write speed the random performance of this solid-state drive is between 230 and 300 times faster than the hard drive when given a cue depth of 4 running 4 threads as I said before that is not a common situation for a desktop computer user you are more likely to have the bottom numbers now I want you to transition down to the bottom two lines left-hand side a hundred and eighty eight megabytes per second read a hundred and seventy-seven megabytes per second write very respectable numbers in fact the write performance in straight sequential is actually much better than if you throw four of threads for different right set it at the same time that actually messes it up same thing is true on the random the drive-in right performance is actually faster 4k q depth of one than it is 4k q depth of four read speed however is slower half the performance take a look point four eight megabytes that is dreadful the random queue depth of one read performance of this hard drive is not that great to be completely honest with you point four eight is actually pretty bad now the one point one three on the right performance is not bad but let's come over to the SSDs and see what we have now the sequential read and write is spectacular almost four hundred and fifty megabytes per second read speed over four hundred and fifty megabytes sequential write speed what is out three times faster than the hard drive now three times faster is nice but again this is not why you buy SSDs that SSD is roughly equal in price to that hard drive so in terms of price you can either have a 256 gigabyte solid state drive or a second two terabyte hard drive look at the randoms this is realistic random performance 33 megabyte per second read speed 120 megabytes per second write speed first question why in the world is the right speed so much faster than the read speed okay simple answer these solid-state drives are smart when they have random writes coming in they have a buffer there's onboard memory that takes the stuff in that it takes in the random reads and reshuffles them and writes the minimal orderly fashion to the drive furthermore solid-state drives are smart they have a processor on board and some of the NAND flash the actual flash memory on the drive is super fast memory that writes much faster than the bulk of the memory on the drive and so what the controller does is it takes incoming random writes reorders them in its buffer writes them to the quick super fast cache flash memory and then when the drives not busy it flushes that to the slower memory very clever design and it's why the prices of SSDs have been able to come down so much in the past few years is they've gotten very smart about how they make these drives please note a hundred and nineteen point two megabytes per second would not hold if we did a full drive right the buffers and the memory and the processor would become overwhelmed at some point if you tried to do a three a 256 gigabyte random right to the drive that number would collapse and come much closer to the 33 are you gonna do that no of course you're not that is a very specialized use case that's what the high-end pro drives are for this is fine for the average person the random write performance is more than a hundred times faster than the hard drive and the random read performance is about 65 times faster that's not 66 percent that's 65 times this is why you have a minute boot up time on a hard drive and ten seconds on the SSD this is why you can run windows update and update your programs and install programs and launch games and have level load times measured in seconds where's a lot of times that stuff's measured in minutes on the hard drive a solid-state drive in 2017 is the single biggest upgrade that you can make to your computer that will make it snappy er now a solid-state drive is not necessarily going to give you a higher frame rate in games it's not gonna make your your video rendering run faster but it'll make your multitasking smoother it'll make your program opening much faster it'll make the whole computer much more fluid if you can swing to 75 to $100 that a 250 gigabyte class SSD is going to cost you install it it will feel like a brand-new computer this is true by the way of older machines take a 5 year old computer swap out the hard drive for an SSD and you'll feel like you have a brand-new computer all over again the next test we're gonna do is a handbrake video encode render now I have handbrake open again a free program that you can download and do yourself and the source file I have publicly posted so you can test against this exact same file if you look up here source rise of the Tomb Raider rx 462 gigabyte the is a 1080p 60 frame per second five-minute game performance video that I produced a little while ago and there will be a link in the video description below you can go download this and run this test yourself if you look on the bottom of the screen you'll see that we are currently running we are about 5% complete now the beginning of this runs pretty quick and then it slows down over time I'm not going to show you the entire thing because it would take much too long but in short this is using the ruku 2160p 60 frame per second for case around preset now we are not upscaling to 2160p Hambrick doesn't do that unfortunately you need another program but the reason why I've selected it is because what it does if you look at the pop-up here it's converting it from h.264 to h.265 this is very CPU intensive we will end up with a resulting file that will look nearly as good as the original but be a much much smaller file size h.265 is the new performance standard for compression but it takes a lot more CPU power to encode the whole purpose of this is just to demonstrate how well does each computer encode video it's a video encoding test and it's something that I used to do this in Adobe Premiere Pro the problem with doing it in Adobe Premiere Pro is you have to have a copy of it and most people don't and so I'm using this instead now if you look down at the bottom we're about 10 percent complete it says estimated time remaining 16 minutes our average frame per second however is dropping as we reach a challenging part of the video the beginning of this is pretty simple and straightforward if you actually watch the video parts or complex parts are not based upon what I see so far this will probably take in the 25 to 30 minute range to actually run we'll be back when it's finished and here we are coming to the end of the encode process it ended up taking just over 30 minutes there's about a minute 30 left estimated with 31 minutes so we'll be at about the 32 maybe thirty three minute mark depending upon where this ends that information by itself doesn't mean anything you have to compare how long this code takes two how long it takes on other computers now I've run this on other machines for example the Pentium G 4560 the two core for thread machine took over an hour so even though it has four threads just like this does it is most notably half the performance and that processor runs at a fixed 3.5 gigahertz whereas this one only runs at 3.3 when all four cores are being used two does not run at 3.5 turbo which is only on a single core there's just no substitute for for course if you want to do high-performance work in 2017 you need at least a four core processor minimum if you want respectable performance now certainly an i7 or most notably a Rison seven processor will be twice again as fast as that it was less than 20 minutes on the rise in seven CPU so it makes a big big difference there we are about 18 seconds left 17 so we're at 32 minutes would it be about 32 minutes and 30 seconds when this is complete ham break 4k video reading code from h.264 to h.265 links to everything in the video description below including the raw source file so you can run this on your own computer using the exact same preset in the exact same video file and compare your results the next test that we're going to run is the heaven benchmark 4.0 now as you can see already the performance is nowhere near the other computers I'm not running this because I expect the integrated graphics the HD 630 to be awesome it's more a point of comparison do you really need a dedicated graphics card in 2017 how good are those integrated graphics well actually better than you'd think first of all let me click the benchmark button there we go benchmarking yes it's terrible will this computer and the integrated graphics play League of Legends yes will it play overwatch yes will it play rocket League yes will it play Grand Theft Auto 5 well yes it will run it it won't be very good you need a graphics card for that and this here is showing you basically that for for modern triple-a gaming titles that run in DirectX 11 that have a lot of detail yes you need a real graphics card now I'm gonna rerun this heaven benchmark 4.0 test with the GTX 1060 installed when I do the next windows performance review and you'll see night and day performance between the two in short yeah you know this isn't that great now I'm running on the extreme preset I always use that so these settings are exactly the same from machine emission machine yes it does put it in a window to puts it at 16 1600 by 900 but that's what the extreme preset does if I do custom settings it makes it harder to make sure I use the same settings from run to run and it makes it harder for you to make sure you're running the exact same settings so I am going to go ahead and let this run for now simply see you can see the performance because I think it's important to put it on film this takes a couple of minutes to run so if you don't want to watch the whole thing just fast forward the video by about three minutes or so otherwise we'll see you when this is finished and here we are at the results an average frame rate of yeah 4.9 with a score of 123 it's horrible what can we say for serious game playing integrated graphics doesn't cut it unless it is eSports or casual titles such as League of Legends rocket League etc that this for all the advancements that Intel has made in integrated graphics they just don't hold a candle to the real thing so moving on from this let's take a look at some web browser performance first things first with the web browser we're gonna open up Microsoft edge and we're gonna come here to download Chrome some people would say the whole purpose of Microsoft's web browser is to go get chrome fair enough we're gonna run both of them today chrome setup has finished downloading now download speed is gonna vary per machine but the actual install time is this computer now it hasn't actually started yet even though I clicked run because we're waiting for the hard drive if you look there we go on your marks we'll go ahead and close edge now downloading is virtually instant of course because I have a fairly fast internet connection however this right here yeah that's the hard drive and that's okay that's not too bad how long do you how often do you really install web browsers that's pretty minor but we're still waiting for it to open Oh hard drives hard drives anyway we'll go ahead and close that for now we'll come back here to Microsoft edge and here we are in Microsoft edge at my channel youtube.com slash C slash tech deals we'll click on videos and since we have four threads we'll do one two three four we'll go ahead and open four videos and I will open all of them into theater mode to force HD on the videos to make sure that we are stressing this as much as we can but in fairness when it comes to playing videos let me just tell you this upfront this computer's not going to have any problem with that because it has dedicated video hardware playback if you right-click on the task and hid task manager now this may not come up for you this may be what you see if you've never opened it click more details click performance and we'll click our CPU we are using nine percent six percent five percent of our CPU why is it so low when we're playing for HD videos simple there's dedicated decode and hardware playback included on the intel chip and thus it basically uses next to nothing in fact I have a Power Meter hooked up to this computer right now this is to the wall this is the power supply for the tower now this does not include the monitor this is just the tower but it's the entire tower power supply computer motherboard CPU everything twenty five twenty five and a half Watts twenty six it just touched 26 watts this computer is currently pulling we are currently playing for HD videos you can see down here there were at 720p and over here well it's still an ad there we go hey that's a relatively recent video that's 1080p at 60 frames per second so this computer is using half of a standard incandescent light bulb worth of electricity to play for HD videos run the processor run the RAM run the hard drive that's how energy efficient modern computers had become now this computer comes with a 300 watt power supply it's way overkill for what it is but what it means is we can install a gtx 1060 graphics card without having to replace the power supply now i'm going to show you that in a future video but look how smooth this is there's no issues oh there's the recent video I did on cooling changes on the FX 8350 fretted performance is faster and there is the part 2 of the Rison 7 1700 completely different than this machine but what a beast hey there's uh oh I was talking about that machine that's a great machine then you see 10 8 720p at 60 frames per second alright alright the next Paige I'm gonna show you is Yahoo and I pulled this up in Google's Chrome I use Yahoo on all the computers I test because their website is technically shall we say a mess now I'm gonna open up one two three four tabs because we have four threads I generally try to open up as many tabs we have threads that varies from machine to machine but how smooth is this oh that's pretty nice now it's still processing the ads haven't loaded yet there's an ad these web mopes you know it doesn't want to scroll because it tries to load a video over here and yeah how's our CPU going look at that this website crushes your CPU usage unlike playing the videos this took us above two cores we're currently using almost three cores almost 75% of our CPU power just to load a couple of web pages it's reasonably screw smooth on scrolling it's worth noting take a look at this here this box this image there's a frame right here these links this text and this text are all separate images loading each of these four pages we probably generated Oh brackets we probably generated three to four thousands separate internet requests this is not a commentary on the quality of Yahoo's content if you like it great if you don't find their website technically is dreadful the internal design of it is just absolutely ten years old it's awful so the reason I test with it is because it crushes CPUs look at that it's it's it's using this is using half or more of a quad-core seventh gen I 5 processor to show a webpage now this is more reflection on Yahoo than it is anything else if you pull up you know Amazon you pull up Google it's not nearly this bad but I use it to stress test take a look at our RAM usage now RAM usage is to some extent Google Google's Chrome is no longer lighted when it first came out it was a lightweight easy to easy to use web browser that was nice to computers now it's not power usage our power usage is up to about 33:34 watts at the moment so this extra CPU usage is pulling more power what if I click a new tab well it's waiting for it responsive I'm not trimming any of this I will show you all this in real time if I can think of something to say stats CPU yep here's where I started clicking right here on the this is where I started clicking on the various tabs and you could see the jump what I'm trying to show you is that if you're multitasking while web browsing and you're going to complicated inefficient websites your CPU usage jumps to the roof will this all work on a lower end computer absolutely of course slower but it will click NASCAR MMA what in the world is this research I don't know what it is and we'll click on this one mix tomorrow's guys look scary I wouldn't want to meet them in a back alley they could kick my butt and there's another big spike in CPU usage now whenever you see those spikes the usage on my power meter jumps up into the mid-30s about 33 35 watts but now as it comes back to idle our usage is back down to about 25 26 watts the power efficiency of these modern computers is tremendous and one of the big difference between say a second gen machine with an i-5 2400 versus this AI 570 400 power consumption this uses up to half the electricity from the wall that one of those older machines does in fact this right here if I scroll back in the video is it going to go that computer is an i5 3450 that's a third gen right there I've covered second third and other and fourth gen machines in the past that computer will use up to twice the electricity of this one because of the efficiency difference in the chips that's why I got a power meter from the wall so I could see how they go RAM usage wallets come back down as have open tabs I'm actually gonna minimize this for a moment I'm gonna minimize that let's open a second set of Chrome now I'm gonna go to amazon.com and we are welcomed by dress shop girl hi dress shop girl or as my wife says is she selling dresses or legs yeah um last summer I kind of started a thing with dress shop girl if you come to amazon.com and you were not signed in she always appears if you hit refresh she'll do a little dance force again she went away for the holidays and then came back but boy they they need to find more clothes for her let's take a look at this computer Acer Aspire desktop seventh gen 450 dollars what do you want eight gigs of ram two terabyte hard drive if you just need a basic high-performance energy-efficient computer with tons of storage and upgrade ability options you can put more RAM in you can add an SSD you can add a graphics card if you're looking to buy a prebuilt for under $500 this is the machine to buy um this isn't really a desktop review but I'll talk about it if we come down here to towers where our towers towers there we go towers just briefly I want to mention something if you really are gonna buy this computer and you are going to put in a graphics card and you want to upgrade it and have more features take a look at this machine here from CyberPower 4 720 yes it is a little more expensive than dropping a graphics card on this Acer Aspire put a 200 or graphics card here at 6:50 this is $70 more it's worth it it really really is better case better it comes with a 600 watt power supply a larger case with more room it's a better overall choice it does come with half the harddrive space but if you want a real gaming computer I would strongly say that it's worth the extra 70 bucks to get that if you are able of course the flip side is you can buy this machine here and put a gtx 1050 in it and spend 550 total and still play lots of games just fine then there's this computer over here this Lenovo idea Center for three hundred and seventy-five dollars that has an i3 dual-core processor it's seventy five dollars less what I bother neiha not really first of all one terabyte hard drive 2 terabytes but two cores versus four if your budget strapped I wouldn't buy this I would buy I would buy this computer and I showed you this a minute ago this is the I five thirty four fifty you can buy these for a hundred and fifty dollars on eBay if you don't have the money for this or this don't get something like this get a used i five instead it will be much faster in most situations than an i3 will and you can put it together even with the RAM and hard drive and an SSD and a graphics card and still be less than three hundred and seventy five dollars and at this point let's go ahead and open up some tabs we'll click all these whatever they are and PC components drives one of my favorite topics let's see here if we come down here to graphics cards speaking of which the graphics card that I'll be installing in here is this one right here two hundred and forty dollars gtx 1066 gigabyte card why six well that actually has to do with the benchmark testing i'm doing the three gig is actually just fine for most people which is right here forty dollars less is it worth it and i think most people at 1080p are well served by a gtx 1063 gigabyte card however some people prefer to have a little bit of future proofing with a six gig card that choice is yours how well does this scroll yeah perfectly absolutely totally perfectly speaking of which you want to deal on a monitor you want the video on a monitor that's it covered it twice 32 inch IPS high quality display DisplayPort and HDMI 200 bucks I own two of them couldn't recommend it more for its price for the beauty it's vivid it's gorgeous the colors are awesome that is a deal 32 inches for for 200 bucks is a deal this is smooth as silk if your expectations are reasonable and you're not trying to render 4k video at which point this is not appropriate if you're even just rendering 1080p video this computer for 450 bucks is a great deal and look I can come back and well oh there's nothing to scroll there how about we go here there we go that page might need a refresh yeah it's very responsive what happens we come back to the videos still playing videos oh I need to do color correction on that video I'm still learning what can I say there we go perfect how's our CPU usage not bad very now these spikes are from when I just clicked that refresh in the tab in Yahoo yeah Yahoo's a terrible website what can I say technically it is RAM usage not too bad now we eight gigabytes is enough for this kind of work and what you're watching is one of the two dims installed if you install a second one you also go to dual channel RAM which doubles the throughput of your RAM it adds now between three to seven percent to your overall system performance depending upon what you are doing more in 3d rendering applications less in others I like this machine if you're buying a prebuilt for under 500 hours and you want a new one under warranty this is the deal that brings us to the end of the windows performance review on the Acer Aspire T stock configuration liked this video if you liked it share it with your friends if you loved it remember to subscribe to my channel with the big huge red button directly below this video questions and comments in the comment section and as always check out my video description below the link to patreon to support me if you like my channel if you like my content if you want to see more of this if you can spare a dollar that would be awesome if you can spare five dollars then I will love you forever thank you also the links to Amazon for this computer will be down there if this was helpful to you please use my amazon link i'd greatly appreciate it i will also link to the ram SSD and video card upgrades to both Amazon and Newegg down there as well if you want to add one or more of those please use those as well thank you so much for watching my video I will see you next time

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    Z77 Professional M Mainboard
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    I got around ~ 800€

    I ordered a GTX 1080. Is this okay??
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    Do I have to upgrade my power supply?
    It came out 2008 and i bought my pc from another person in 2012/2013 and I dont know when he bought it. And is my RAM enough?
    Would be nice if someone could help me.

  4. Hey Tech Deals first off love your video's lots of useful info. After watching quite a few of your video's, I am deciding between this Acer, the $720 Cyberpower and the ibuypower AM009i. All are on Amazon (as I am sure you know lol) that is where I will be purchasing from. I will be using the PC for video editing for my up coming channel. I'm not really concerned with the gaming performance. So from what I have seen sofar is that the CPU and processor count are the most important for video editing and rendering. I might be wrong so please correct me if I am, I really am just scratching the surface of video production. I threw in that ibuypower because it comes with i7-7700 4core, a 120GB SSD, a dedicated graphics card and 16gigs of DDR4. I'm not sure about all the brands they are using. So if you could give me your take on what I should start with I would really appreciate it. If you have a better option at or around $1,000. price point that would be great as well. I would like to stay with a prebuilt aswell, easier to deal with 1 seller if there are any problems in the future. I got that idea from from one of you cyberpowerpc videos lol. Thanks again Tech Deals I appreciate it.

  5. I have this computer, I'm using it mainly for photo editing and video editing, i added 16gb of ram and a SSD. my cuestion is, should i buy the gtx 1060 6gb to improve my video editing experience? worth it? Thank you tech deals.

  6. I'm watching the video very informative. I have to ask this question when you build the gaming computers what you do with them do you sell them or do you keep them for yourself. if I'm being kind of nosy I apologize.

  7. Hello! 🙂 Would be nice to see you and some other PC enthusiasts get together for Tech/PC – talk… #Carey Holzman#Bitwit #JayzTwoCents #Paul's Hardware #LinusTechTips #Barnacules Nerdgasm …Greetings from Norway! I've learned so much from you!

  8. does it have a huge difference if I'll use a 4k TV as my monitor instead of a 4k PC monitor? coz pc monitor here is way too high.

  9. i5 3470 or i3 6100 or g4560 for gaming. no vids on it on yt but which performs best in games. they are all very closey priced (maybe not i3) but the i5 3470 is about 10pounds more than g4560. which is best for gaming?

  10. For those who cannot aford a RX 480, the RX 470 is the best option? And how much better is the RX 480 above the RX 470? Thanks in advance, nice video and keep the good work!.

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