4C Visions, Season 1, Episode 8: Jamee Stiffler and Mike Beck

[R.V.] Welcome to 4C Visions I’m your host
R.V. Hight Director of communications at Central Carolina Community College in
this edition of 4C Visions it is my pleasure to welcome Jamee Stiffler Dean
of Admissions at Central Carolina Community College Jamee is originally
from Gettysburg Pennsylvania she obtained her Bachelor of Science and
management from Pennsylvania State University in 1997 and her Master of
Science and management from Troy State University in 2002 she has 16 years of
higher education experience Jamee worked as a program coordinator
for Troy State University and in student services for the department of
veterinary medicine at NC State University she has worked for Central
Carolina Community College for 10 years and has served as Dean of Admissions for
the past three years overseeing the offices for admissions placement testing
career center and special populations Jamee welcome to 4C Visions
[Jamee] Thank you for having me R.V. I was extremely honored when you asked me to
be a guest on the show [R.V.] Well we’re honored to have you Jamee
what are the responsibilities of the Dean of Admissions at CCCC [Jamee] Well I
oversee the functions and the staff with admissions placement testing Career
Center and special populations and I also have an advising caseload but also
I work across the college departments to make sure that all of those functions
are working smoothly and properly [R.V.] Well that’s quite a quite a job now for our
viewers who are interested in attending Central Carolina Community College what
are the general admission requirements [Jamee] Well the first step would be to submit
an admissions application and then we would require an official high school
transcript to be sent they can send that directly from their high school also
high school equivalency they can have that sent as well
as far as college transcripts we would require them if they are pursuing
veterans benefits or a health science program but otherwise we would only want
them if the student would want them reviewed for transferable credit we do
encourage those students to submit those college transcripts that way they are
not having to do classes more than one time also if they’re pursuing a program
that requires English or math or has English or math contained in that program
we do require placement testing and we do administer the Accuplacer which tests
them in English and math not a pass/fail test but just merely to see where
they’re at on the spectrum but there are some instances where students are exempt
from that placement test for instance they could have graduated high school in
the last five years with a appropriate grade point average and a fourth math or
they have transferable credit that would exempt them so those are the general
admission requirements to our college [R.V.] Wow now are there programs of study that
require additional entrance requirements [Jamee] There are especially our health science
programs like nursing medical assisting health information technology veterinary
medical technology health and fitness science all of those health fitness
health science courses I’m sorry do you require some other admission
requirements such as they have to have prerequisite courses to get into
specific courses in the major also the test of essential academic skills and
like for instance for example for nursing they require certified nursing
assistant and to be listed on the registry also there are some other
programs besides health science programs that require additional admission
requirements like our basic law enforcement they have things that they
need for the state requirements but there are other programs that have minor
requirements but there are those programs out there that that do have
additional requirements above the general admission requirements they
would have to have [R.V.] Well I know there are those students who
may be unsure of what program that they might want to take what would you
suggest for those students [Jamee] Well we do have a Career Center on all of our
campuses and we do encourage the student to see our career centers to do an
assessment that career assessment will measure skills abilities likes and
dislikes and it’ll tell them what programs are best suited for how they
answer the questions but there is a focus for our college that we do want to
make sure that students are getting in that appropriate program from the very
beginning that way they are having good progress towards the workforce or if
they’re going to transfer to another college but we will be focusing very
heavily on that and next coming semesters to make sure that students are
stuck in the appropriate program [R.V.] And I know that your Career Center just
recently held a career fair they talked for the students talk a little bit about
that and how our students find jobs at career fairs [Jamee] This year had ninety three employers which is
a very big turnout for employers but students they come back career fair they
may have on the job interviews submit their resumes talk about what
availability they have within those employers that are there but also
besides our career fair students are welcome to come to our Career Center to
look at job searches we have job boards on our campuses and our Career Center
coordinators are very good about having their ties to the community getting
those job on job on-campus recruitment events where we go out to our programs
that are most applicable like for instance we had a few other companies
come that are just opened up in Sanford come to us they wanted to do job fairs
strictly on our campus and so we reached out to our students on campus and have
them come to those job fairs on campus [R.V.] Wow would tell me a little bit about how
many students that you normally have that apply and are there any do we
have a limit of students that we can accept [Jamee] No we do not have a limit of
students that we can accept we’re an open enrollment institution we have
about 4,000 applications on average for our fall semester but we’re an open
enrollment institution as I said where we accept everyone that meets the
requirements for you know high school to be into a curriculum program but also as
I said before those additional mission requirements for the health science
programs and those other programs they would need to meet but those programs do
have some limited enrollment but you know we will enroll as many students as
we can [R.V.] What are some of the more popular programs that you know sure [jamee] Well we have
motorcycle mechanics that’s a very unique program to our campus and also on
our Pittsboro campuses we have the sustainability programs that we offer we
are doing a new program in the fall the building construction technology program
that’s becoming there in the fall also in the fall we’re doing a health and
fitness science program that’s new to our College also the health information
technology will be new potentially offering a therapeutic massage program
in the spring and so we’re very excited that you know we can offer some of those
unique programs [R.V.] And I know it must be fascinating to you to see the students
so excited about coming to Central Carolina [Jamee] Very much so [R.V.] Absolutely now
what does a person need to do to apply to attend CCCC [Jamee] All they would
need to do is just to submit an admissions application there’s no fee to
apply they would submit it online they can come to campus in person or they can
print it out online and mail it in or come to campus and submit it [R.V.] And you
have a Welcome Center that students can come and speak to a little bit about
your staff and a little bit about what they do in terms of your counselors [Jamee] Sure
when a student comes into our Bell Welcome Center or any of our Student
Services office on any of our campuses we greet them you know make sure that
they’re at home first but we calling back to our offices make sure
that you know answer any important questions they have we walk them through
the admissions in the enrollment process making sure that they’re meeting those
general admission requirements that they know what to do as far as registration
is concerned when they need to make payment when they need to give their ID
card their parking permit so we really explain the process from the first time
they apply to attending class and everything in between is there any advice you would give to students to the college to pay particular attention to in terms of dates or things that they should do sure
[Jamee] Sure well if students are gonna be registering for our summer semester we
have a new student registration beginning April 25th up until May 6th
and then we do start classes May 16th and then we’ll start our fall
registration June 6th and then we will start classes August 15th [R.V.] And so if a
student wanted to attend in the fall they would have until what day to apply
[Jamee] We will they can apply the first day of class so we will again we will get goes
back to we will accept you know all the enrollments that we can okay [R.V.] Jamee since
you’ve been here at Central Carolina what do you think makes Central Carolina
such a special place [Jamee] I would definitely have to say it’s the people it’s the
college faculty and the staff that we have at all of our campuses everyone is
just so passionate about the students that we serve from unique programs as
well as all the support services that we offer so if I would give any advice I
would HIGHLY encourage any student to apply [R.V.] Well I can certainly vouch that
you have a friendly staff that welcomes anyone who may be interested in learning
more about Central Carolina Jamee if somebody wanted to apply to the college
how can they get hold of the admissions office if they would like further
information [Jamee] Sure for Sanford you can call (919)-718- 7300 for our Lillington campus it would be (910)-814-8863 and then for our Pittsboro campus it would
be (919)-545-8025 [R.V.] And of course they can also
go to the College website at www.cccc.edu well Jamee thank you for being with us
and thank you for all that you do for the college we will return after these
messages. and frustration a tool not an obstacle and working hard Jamie but you’re welcome to stay make
faces and like play for free is fine and here come on in Mike make yourselves at
home brother you’re not gonna mess up that’s fighting people I thought you colleges love extracurricular activities
it just isn’t my thing, doesn’t matter together like tacos and Tuesday Fire and
Ice those don’t really go together go to get schooled.com for more info I’m a teacher
let me tell you what I make I make learning a privilege not a chore
and frustration I make working hard seem easy giving up
impossible I make an old subject feel like a fresh thought and unconventional
methods I’m a teacher I make more listen to me
I am captain of the track team what she doen’t really think she’s going to get out of here does she be nice she’s new oh sweetie happened
me my friend Becky got to talk to this super cute boy I tried to act like I
wasn’t jealous but I still totally was and then out of nowhere this concrete
barrier just popped up maybe it was a semi I mean you were driving yeah I mean
I know the whole eyes on the road thing but this was a super important text
maybe you have to know thank you texting great but uh it was only like five
seconds and I’m a really really fast texter so it wasn’t even a big deal
actually she wow I can’t like no bars in this place I wonder if they have wifi here [R.V.] Welcome back to 4C Visions today we
welcome Mike Beck CCCC’s Dean of student learning
Mike was raised in Lee County and attended CCCC during the late 1990s he
furthered his studies at Fayetteville State University earning a bachelor’s
and master’s degree in history and an educational specialist degree in
educational leadership at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia he is
married to Kate Beck also from Lee County and they have two children ages 5
and 1 Mike welcome to 4C Visions [Mike] R.V. it’s good to be here thanks for
inviting me today [R.V.] Well Mike you’ve been both a student and a staff member here
at the college what has that been like for you and what do you like the most
about working at the college [Mike] Well it’s it’s been an honor and a privilege to to
come to Central Carolina Community College as a student I had a great
experience here I can’t attend it here earned a few of my general education
credits and before I transferred to Fayettteville State and that was a great
experience wonderful faculty and staff and and working here at Central Carolina
is just an honor and a privilege as well as Jamee mentioned earlier the people
here are great the students are great we’re doing a lot of great things for
the community so it’s just it’s a wonderful position to be in and it’s
it’s a new I guess every day is new new items a new agenda a new task every day
and it just keeps me on my toes I love it
[R.V.] How has the college changed since the time you were a student [Mike] There’s been a lot of
change since I attended here in the 1990s a lot of technology has changed I
remember going here as a student and most of the online distance courses were
on the VHS tape and now of course we have blackboard and online classes and
so technology is probably the area that I’ve seen the most change but also a lot
of the facilities have been upgraded we’ve got a lot of new campuses that we
didn’t have when I attended as a student so it’s good to see that the college is
moving in the right direction in the area of growth and advancing in
technology and we’re really just staying up to speed with a lot of the the new
innovations and changes in higher education really
we’re a 21st century college [R.V.] Absolutely well what role does the Dean of student
learning have at the college [Mike] In my current role there are there a lot of
areas that I assist with evening college student outreach and recruitment I work
with Success coaches the academic assistance center the writing and
reading Center there are a lot of different areas so really when we look
at student learning we focus a lot on helping students get to college and once
they get here we help them get through college through providing academic
assistance and support to make sure that they’re not left here to kind of
graduate and finish by themselves but they know that student learning is here
other areas and divisions and departments are on this campus to help
them get through to graduate to to meet their academic goals and also help them
you know in their personal lives as well so we’re here to support students that’s
that’s the that’s the really the most important piece of my position is
helping students and having systems and policies in place to help students get
where they want to be [R.V.] And that’s certainly an important part of the
mission of the college is to serve our students the very best that we can and
give them those opportunities absolutely which services and resources does the
college offer to students there to help them be successful [Mike] And I just mentioned
a few of them but we offer a lot some of our centers and areas that really help
probably the largest amount of students are writing in a reading center we help
students who have questions about how to write research papers and we help them
we sit down with them and in the writing and reading Center and help them go
through their writing and show them areas that could use improvement we also
have academic assistance we provide computer labs we could we provide free
tutoring we have a science technology engineering mathematics lab a STEM lab
that is open pretty much on a walk-in basis students can come in and receive
tutoring in the areas primarily science math and and really it’s just great to
see the students coming in and out receiving this tutoring and really just
you know increasing their knowledge and working
with their peers to really be successful in their courses we also offer free
online tutoring through a vendor known as upswing and and so students can have
access to tutoring 24/7 and some of the other areas we have Success coaches
right now that really work with with students to help them and we offer a new
Student Orientation we offer advising and registration for students in our
area student learning so we do a lot we really do we offer evening classes as I
mentioned so students who are working or maybe can’t get to college during the
day we offer these offerings at night where we’re really just trying to make
college accessible distance education is another area that falls under student
learning so we offer a variety of online courses and programs for students that
may not have the opportunity to come on campus as well so you know looking at
student learning what we really try to do is make college available regardless
of situation circumstances and and we’re just excited about what we do we’re
excited about helping students you know get their degree diploma certificates
and really just change their lives [R.V.] Wow what are a couple of the current
projects that you’re working on at the college [Mike] Currently there are there are a
couple that come to mind we’re in the process of looking out looking at
possibly offering a summer bridge program over this summer that which
basically helps make helped high school students make the transition from high
school to college so we’re working on that currently really excited about the
potential opportunity there we’re also starting to gear up for new Student
Orientation we’re offering numerous sessions over the summer where students
can come on campus and learn more about the about the college we’re also in the
process as Jamie mentioned getting ready to have some new programs start in the
fall and we’re really excited about getting those programs out into the
community but through marketing and and you know getting by word-of-mouth and
flyers and really just getting that information out there really excited
about those programs so there’s a lot going on in our area that’s some of the
larger programs that we’re currently working on [R.V.] Now what advice would you offer
students you are preparing to begin their college
career during the upcoming summer or fall semester
[Mike] Well I always look back on my own life when I first started off as a as a
college student I had my personal struggles and I think a lot of us a lot
of us do or have so my advice would be to just you know approach college as you
know as a full-time job but you know give it your best be willing to dedicate
hours and days and you know be willing to study and spend quality time but you
know my my advice is to just you know give it all you’ve got
don’t give up you know persist and once you finish you know your education it
will be worth it [R.V.] Now all of these services that are being offered is this
something is totally free as far as part of the tuition absolutely
yep so all these services that we offer in student learning are free for all of
our students here at Central Carolina Community College we offer the services
all of the services that I mentioned at all three of our main campuses and
Chatham Lee and Harnett counties so yeah if students come and enroll and register
for classes all these services they can they can use we’re here to serve them
and that’s the beauty of what I do here at the college it’s all about helping
students be successful and I mean that that to me that makes me happy knowing
that I’m able to help others and my staffs the same way they’re willing and
able and and they’re here every day to help students be be successful when to
prosper and get to meet their goals [R.V.] What do you hear students tell you about when
you’re talking to them about the areas that you’re involved in what what do
they say to you about it [Mike] Well like you mentioned you know about services being
free a lot of times students aren’t aware that what we the services we offer
are free so we hear that a lot wish I had known this was here sooner I
wish I’d have known that tutoring was available so and that’s another beauty
of orientation as it you know students come to orientation they’ll find out
about these these services these opportunities they can be involved with
you know prior to enrolling in classes so they can take advantage of them so
yeah I mean I think a lot of students come by and they wish they’d have known
about the services that we offer sooner [R.V.] As a former student how has that helped
you in your current job [Mike] Well I think it kind of gave me you know a great place
to start being a student here because I know I knew the layout of the campuses I
knew how the community college system was structured so when students come to
Central Carolina Community College I know where they’re at I’ve been there so
I can I can let them know that I understand where they’re coming from
I’ll let them know that I’ve you know experienced the same transition that
they’re going through as well so they’re not alone you know it’s nice to have
people who have been where you’re going and for students I’ve been there so it’s
I can reflect upon my experiences and share that with them and let them know
that you know it is a transition but it’s one that can be made easily with
the right support the right faculty and staff that we offer here at Central
Carolina [R.V.] Now when do these students find out about these services that are
offered is that part of the orientation process [Mike] Yes usually as part of the
orientation process and we offer those we’re offering numerous sessions
starting in June July and through August this summer so this if you go the
students will go to the website and look just keyword search New Student
Orientation they’ll be able to access the dates online sign up for a session
and they’ll be able to find out about all the program services that we offer
here at the college [R.V.] And I’m sure this is something that a lot of the community
colleges are offering today how prevalent was this when you were in
school the services did you see that [Mike] Well them to be honest a lot of the
services that we see now when I was in Community College and undergrad you
didn’t really see many of these services so it seems like over the past five ten
years you’ve really seen an increase in student services student support and
it’s really a great thing you’re starting to a lot of local state and
national initiatives supporting students and you know I talked about this a lot
with my wife a lot of the things that students have today they should they
really I think we should be grateful for because growing up we just didn’t have
them so it’s it’s a wonderful thing to see that higher education is really
moving in the right direction and starting to provide student services
programs that really support them and our concern about who they are as people
Anna students [R.V.] And Mike I know you being from this area you can relate to a lot
of our our local students who come to Central Carolina what would you tell
them in terms of I know many of them may be thinking they need to go to a senior
college rather than to a community college but obviously the Community
College played a big role in your life what would you tell those students who
may be considering Central Carolina [Mike] Yeah absolutely
well the great thing about Central Carolina is we offer wonderful programs
we have some of the best faculty members and staff members in the state and if
you’re if students are kind of on the fence about whether they want to go to
Community College or they’re looking at college university you know Central
Carolina or college offers two-year associate and Applied Science degrees in
certain areas that have trades and specializations but we also offer
transfer degrees here transfer programs and the great thing about comes Central
Carolina is the the cost of tuition here is not nearly as high as some of your
larger universities in the state so for me cost would be a huge factor I would
be thrilled if my kids went to Community College for the first two years to to
not only get a quality education but to save money for if they want to go for
another additional two years so you know you’ve got basically one of the best
community colleges here in the state right in your backyard [R.V.] Mike if people
want to learn more about your student learning program tell tell our viewers
how they can get hold of you or learn more about the program [Mike] well you can
visit the website at www.cccc.edu and you can look me you can search for my
email my email is [email protected] or you can give me a call at (919)-718-7296 [R.V.] and once again if you’d like to
learn more information about Central Carolina Community College visit the
website cccc.edu Mike thank you for being here for your service and thank
you viewers for being with us today on 4C Visions

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