5 most skilled Operator on heavy Machine in the World

49 thoughts on “5 most skilled Operator on heavy Machine in the World

  1. Ugly noises are, which you probably call music, is sickening. Let us hear the natural sounds of the machines!!!!

  2. Really you think that is impressive my dad does that almost every week and he has a Guinness World Record still standing!

  3. I'm pretty sure no one has ever told you this but that thumbnail is extremely realistic and I thought I was actually there for a second when I looked at it.
    Subscribed just so I could unsubscribe.

  4. At least I know for an absolute fact that the thumbnail (click bait) is in no way photo shopped whatsoever..😂😂

  5. I run every piece of equipment on this list… and non of this is that difficult. Number 4 and 5 look impressive, but it’s really nothing more that finding a balance point and using the steering to counter. 5 was good, but even if you fall forward all you do it rest on the bucket and keep going in reverse until the back tire hits the bed.

  6. Very skillful drivers. The strange digging machine at 0:53 must have some sort of gyroscope mechanism inside of it else the manoeuvres that it did would not be possible.

  7. In the pussy-ass United States, we are told that "safety is first!" BULLSHIT! If you gotta get something done, then practical common sense and inventiveness are first.

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