5 Tips For Teenagers Getting into PC Gaming

so I know a lot of you high schoolers are getting out right now for summer vacation or you're getting out in the next few weeks and some of you guys are probably looking for jobs to help pay for a gaming PC so I thought this video would be relevant right now in this video I'm gonna be looking at five tips for teenagers that might help you get into PC gaming starting things off at number five it's figure out exactly what you need what do I mean by this a lot of you guys probably already have a desktop that you use for your school checking your email things like that just watching YouTube video day-to-day use chances are that desktop has a usable hard drive that you can extract or some RAM you could use maybe even the CPU is pretty decent he'll the whole PC might be decent except for the graphics card and at that point all you'd have to do is get a decent pass by and buy a graphics card that's actually how I got into PC gaming I had an old HP computer that I use for my schoolwork and I was like you know it has a core i3 it has eight gigabytes of RAM let me just go buy a Radeon HD 6670 and I was doing decent gaming so that might be a cheap option for a lot of you guys with not a lot of money that you can get into PC gaming and get decent performance out of it but even aside from that it's just a nice way to save money you can extract the hard drive say 50 bucks there extract the RAM save like 60 dollars there hell you might have an OS lying around that's another hundred dollars you could save there's a lot of way to save money by reusing parts in your old computers maybe a couple of your friends have some old desktops in their garage how I know a lot of people that keep their old PCs in their garage it just locked away and maybe ask them if you could use their spare parts I mean you can use the case the case isn't something that's really essential to a build do you have a decent case boom that's money saved right there as well number four is probably something a lot of high schoolers hate to do and that's research research research I don't know when I was getting into PC gaming I absolutely dreaded this I was doing a ton of research and I was like man this is fucking boring you know I almost got detracted from getting into PC gaming and I almost went back to playing console blah I was like screw it I'll just do the research and yes it was kind of a pain for the first three days but then after that I got over it and I pretty much learned everything it doesn't take that long just stick with it and you will learn a lot and it will help with the maintenance of your PC because once you know a lot it's going to definitely help keeping your PC up to date running things like that doing upgrades it's gonna be a lot easier once you know everything the number 3 tip parlays from the number 4 tip and that's don't be afraid of the learning curve I remember when I was getting into PC gaming I just looked at all these graphics card with these different numbers the CPU there was Intel AMD then for the GPUs there was ATI then there was AMD then there was the Nvidia 8800 GT Radeon HD 5770 I was so fucking confused that my head was about to explode especially considering the fact that I was 13 years old at the time and I was dumb as fuck some will say I am still dumb as fuck but I would like to disagree with those people but yes a lot of you guys are gonna get frustrated with the learning curve you're gonna be like why the hell are all these numbers there don't get too discouraged by learning all this shit I know it takes a little bit but after it it's actually something really cool to learn about and when you actually build your PC it's definitely good that you know all this stuff know what the parts are things like that and again it helps maintenance with your PC a lot of times you can fuck around with your parts figure out if something went wrong and did the RAM go bad things like that it's definitely good to do all your research and just not be afraid of the learning curve because everybody's going to go through this especially if you're teenager because I think young adults kind of can get over the fact that there's a bunch of numbers but I don't know when I was there I was like dude fuck this there is too many numbers in the screen I suck at math as it is don't throw more numbers at me so for the number two tip it actually goes with the time it's summer so what does that mean I'll let you guys think about that for a second but I know a lot of people that would get off school work all of may all of June they would save up like eight hundred thousand dollars and then they would buy their PC all their money they would spend on this PC they would spend all of it on the PC get a really nice PC and then they'd be broke what happens at the end of June or the beginning of July that's right the steam summer sale if you spent all your money on your PC and you didn't save any money for the summer sale man that's got to be a shitty feeling yes I know you can pirate games don't think I'm stupid but I would prefer nobody to pirate games especially good games and get games like what you to for like 375 you fallout 3 for 250 Fallout New Vegas for 2 dollars and 50 cents a lot of great games under $5 you'd be wanting to pick all of them up and if you broke well you're shit out of luck so use a lot of money on your PC don't get me wrong but save some money buy some games if you're buying a new PC gotta have some games to play you can be a dick and pile all the good games but that's kind of a dick move because developers put a lot of hours into their games and there's cheapest fucked during the steam summer sale come on just save 100 bucks or so and you can get like a hundred great games a lot of indie titles a lot of triple-a titles a lot of good deals during this theme some so so my tip for you guys that are looking to build your PC build your PC with some of your money save at least a little bit for the steam summer sale because you won't regret it at all you can be buying so many games that it's going to be a great time so the final tip for you teenagers is something very important because I think teenagers have a very big problem with this I'm not sure why I think I had a problem with this when I was a teenager too I still am a teenager by the way I'm only 18 years old but I think I've grown up a little bit as I've been PC gaming for almost six years now so I think I know a little bit more than your average you know 17 18 year old but I digress something a lot of teenagers have a problem with is that they're too influenced by others and what do I mean by that yes it's nice to go look at what PC I have what PC your favorite youtubers have your favorite streamers that's nice that's well and good and all realize you do not need as good of a PC as the top streamers have even as I have just because your favorite streamer has you know the highest end i7 a GTX tyne all this kind of good stuff doesn't mean you need it at all and I think a lot of people get it twisted that they're like man you know sodapoppin has a really nice PC I want a really nice PC well do you think sodapoppin started off PC gaming with his really nice PC not at all because like I said before when I got into PC gaming I started off for the Radeon HD 6 670 because I was like hey this meets my needs I game at 720p I don't need something really high-end and even with the 66 70 I was playing the games that I wanted to at the performance I liked at a resolution that I liked at the time find something that suits you don't just buy a PC because your favorite streamer has it because I have it because XYZ youtuber has it that doesn't make any sense at all you're not building a PC for them you're building a PC for you what do you need because a lot of kids in high school they they just watch a lot of twitch streams and they're like man you know these streamers have these i7s they have 2 pcs demonstrating PC and gaming PC well do you think they started off that way how not if you're starting off gaming on a PC and you're young you're a teenager it's probably not the best idea you know spend $1500 on a PC at least in my opinion definitely get something that fits your needs if you look in the game on a single monitor at 1080p a decent settings and decent frame rates definitely don't need to spend $1500 you can get away with a $700 build so my final tip is to get a PC that fits your needs not to do next to you not your favorite streamer not your favorite youtuber it's all about you about your PC thanks raschi's video guys I hope it was informal to those of you that are looking into getting into PC gaming I know you teenagers it's kind of a stressful thing to get into it's like man there's a lot of shit to learn and don't know what kind of parts I want I don't know you know how high-end of a PC I want to hook this video informs you a little bit thanks for watching if you liked this video hit the like button comment down below with your thoughts subscribe if you enjoyed and I'll talk to y'all later have a great day peace

20 thoughts on “5 Tips For Teenagers Getting into PC Gaming

  1. This video is literally me like im not even joking. I had a HP PC and shoved a gt 1030 in it. I went through the suffering of learning what a fucking Intel core i7 8800K is. plus im 13 when writing this.

  2. I just skipped the whole learning everything about pc part and just got a pc that was already built and has all the parts in downloaded steam and got a few games and I have been playing fine ever since I know a little of all the different parts and how it works but I learnt that as I went along you don't need to learn everything to be a pc Gamer

  3. I just turned 16 and I got a GTX 1080 TI Aorus Xtreme edition for my birthday.It’s a beast.I’m buying two monitors 1 in 4k at 60hz and the other in 1080p 240hz.I’m building my own and it’s only going to cost me US$2000 for everything.

  4. I'm a 14 and I work for Lil money I do babysitting u can do something else but for is more easy I built a pc for 200$ parts are core i3 2400 gtx 750ti 8gb ram

  5. What a video that was so informative and exactly what I need but i just can't figure out how to get the money in the first place. Great video 👍👍

  6. I'm building my pc and the research took me 3 hours top. BTW I am a console player switching and want to have a big upgrade so I want to game at 1440p with a 7700k, 16GB ram, GTX 1080, 2TB HDD, and 500GB SSD

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