5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Contacts (Tips & Tricks)

(melodious instrumental music) – [Scott] Let’s get so much
more out of Google Contacts. Hello everyone, Scott
Friesen here at Simpletivity. Helping you to get more
done and enjoy less stress. And if you use Gmail or any
type of Google application, chances are you are
using the Contacts page. So in today’s video I’m
going to share with you five tips to get so much
more out of Google Contacts. And let’s get started with accessing the Google Contacts site. Now for most of us we
spend much of our day here within Gmail. And ever since Gmail
updated its interface, probably the most common
question I’ve received is, Scott, where are the contacts? In the previous version of Gmail we had either a button or a drop down menu over here on the left-hand side which took us directly to Google Contacts. And I was really hoping with this new sidebar
on the right-hand side that we would have a mini
version of Google Contacts. I mean they’ve already given us the Calendar, Keep and Tasks, it’ll be interesting if they
actually add a Contacts preview here on the right-hand side. But until that happens what
you need to do is go up here to your Google apps icon, select it, and then find the Contacts icon. However, the very first tip today is to get you there even quicker
with a keyboard shortcut. Now before I show you the shortcut, we need to make sure that you
have Gmail shortcuts enabled. And to do that we want
to click on Settings, go down to the Settings option. And on the very first
tab, the general tab, we are gonna scroll about a halfway down and you will see that there
is keyboard shortcuts. Now by default Gmail has this turned off, so you’re gonna need to
select keyboard shortcuts on, select this radio button and then don’t forget to
scroll down to the bottom and select Save Changes. Now with keyboard shortcuts on all you have to do is
select the keys G and C, short for Google Contacts. I’m going to hit G C on my keyboard and immediately in a new tab it’s going to pop up my Google Contacts. It might take just a second there to load, I’ve got quite a few contacts
in this sample batch here. But any time that you are in Gmail, not even just the home screen, you could be within a message. As long as you’re not in the search bar, as long as you’re not
actually typing something, even if I just open up one of my emails I could select G C on my keyboard and it’s going to bring me
directly to my Contacts screen. Now the second tip I
want to share with you as it pertains to Contacts
also relates to Gmail. Many of the context that we see here originated from email communication that we had with these individuals. And what Gmail will do by
default is add a new contact for every single person
that you email or reply to. However, there may be
some of you who don’t want everyone to be added to your contact list just because you emailed them or you reply to one of their emails. So let’s go back to
Gmail for just a second, we’re gonna click that gear icon and select Settings once again and we’re staying within the General tab. And let’s scroll down a
little bit further this time, and here is the option that says create contacts for auto-complete. And you can see by default, when I send a message to a new person, add them to Other Contacts so that I can auto-complete
them to next time. Auto-complete to them next time. Now this is the default option. Now if you like you can turn this off so that you will manually
add contacts yourself. Now personally I like the default option because it helps me to
grow my contacts list and then I don’t have to remember
everyone’s email addresses or their first name, last name, it’s going to remember
that information for me. But if you don’t want Google to continually add to your contacts list, you can choose this option here. All right, so let’s jump
back into our contacts list. And another problem that we often face no matter where you are managing your Contacts is duplicates, right. You send someone, the same person maybe has
multiple email addresses and Google maybe create
three different accounts, three different records
for the same individual. Well Google makes it very easy for us to find those duplicates. Here in the menu we can
select the Duplicates option and it’s going to quickly take a look at all of the duplicate entries and in this case it’s found two duplicates within my contacts list. Now you have an opportunity to take a look and see if they are actually duplicates or maybe you actually know
people with the same name or maybe you accidentally
entered in the same email address for two different people. So here we can see, I can
look at some of the data that is duplicated, whether
it’s a first name and last name, sometimes you may have
duplicate email addresses. And before I dismiss
or merge those accounts I can always click on them myself and take a closer look at what is going on within this particular account. Now what I can do
immediately is I can say, you know what, this is the same person I would like to merge this information and select Merge in the
lower right hand corner. And the great thing is is that regardless if there are
multiple email addresses and multiple phone
numbers like you see here Google will merge them all. So it will keep both
of these phone numbers, it will keep both of
these email addresses. Now if you don’t want
to keep both of them, you can either remove one of
them after you’ve merged them or you could do that right
now, you could select this, hit the edit contact icon, remove the phone number or
the email address for example that you don’t want before merging. I’m just gonna hit the
Merge button right now and there we go, there you see, I’ve got both email addresses
and the phone number and I’m gonna do the same here
for the one at the bottom. Now you will notice in
the top right-hand corner, if you have a large list of duplicates and you’ve done a quick
review of them all, you can always select Merge All, and it’s going to do
everything on your behalf. But selecting Duplicates once in a while, maybe once a month or
every couple of months might be a smart idea so that you don’t have too many duplicates within your system. All right, let’s go back to my master list or the default view here. And a tip that I want to share with you has to do with adding some
more visuals to your contacts, specifically adding some pictures. Here you can see in my sample list I have almost no pictures
beside my contacts. And by default what Google is going to do is put the letter of their first name along with sort of a
random color beside it. So here you can see I’ve
got an awful lot of C’s with just a few different colors here, a few different shades of
purple and maroon or magenta, whatever that is here. It doesn’t really help me to differentiate who these people are. I might like to have some pictures for people that I actually know well. Now some of these pictures
may come over pre-populated if that person has it associated
with a Google+ account, if they’ve already uploaded
a picture on their end. So some of these pictures
may be pre-populated from their own user account. But for others that you would
like to add their picture, and one of the main reasons
that I like to add pictures is that this carries
over to my mobile device. So when I’m texting with someone or if I’m looking up someone’s name to give them a call on my smartphone I like having the picture there
rather than just the text. So let me show you how to do that. I’m going to select
this person right here, just as an example. And if you click on the actual
icon on the avatar area, you can see that it gives us the option to set a contact photo. Now we’ve got a choice here, this is a recent photo I believe that I’ve
uploaded, it’s of myself, but that’s not obviously
who I want to put in here. My second choice is to upload a photo. Now some of you are probably thinking, well, you probably don’t just have their headshots on your system, right. You don’t just have them ready
to go to upload your photo. Well here’s a much easier
way for you to do so. I recommend going to one of
their social media accounts. And in this example I am
going to use my own account just because I haven’t asked
anyone else’s permission to share their photo in today’s video. But you can go to Twitter, you can go to LinkedIn, to Facebook, anywhere where someone includes or typically includes their headshot. Now here in Twitter all I’m
gonna do is select the headshot which is going to give
me a larger preview. But if I right-click on this image, I’ve got a few different options here and what I want to select
is copy image address. Not this one, not copy the image, but I want to copy the image address. I’m gonna select that, which is going to copy the
image address to the clipboard. I’m going to come back to my contacts and I’m going to select upload photo. Now you’re going to be presented with a screen or a dialog like this which typically allows you
to select or pick that photo. But even though I have that
same photo here waiting for me, what I’m going to do is I’m going to paste what we just copied on the clipboard, this is that copy image address
and I’m gonna hit Return. And what it’s going to do is it’s going to actually
download that photo to my computer but it’s also immediately
going to upload it right here to my contacts list. Now I can change the dimensions here if I drag it within the corners. I can rotate it if I like, but I like the way it looks already, so I’m going to hit Done, and now this image is
added to this contact. So if I close this up, there you can see, now I have this image added
to this person’s contact here. So for those key contacts, maybe they could be members of your team, your family or key clients,
find their social media account. And if you would like to add their face alongside their comic, you can
just copy the image address, and then paste it to get
it into your contacts list. All right, now the final tip
I want to share with you today is all about creating groups. Because one of the easiest ways and ways to be more
efficient within Gmail, is that when you create groups, so that you don’t have to be adding multiple email addresses all of the time. If there’s a group of three or five or maybe even 20 people that
you email on a regular basis, it’s much better to create a group. Now within Google Contacts they actually refer to these as Labels. And of course individual contacts can belong to more than just one label. Here I’ve got one called Client Team where I have four individuals. When I click on it I can see those four
individuals right here. I’ve got another label that’s
called ABC Work Project but I don’t actually have anyone in this work project just yet. So let me show you a few ways in how you can add people to a Label. If I go back to my main contacts list, one method of doing so is
actually just by checking the few contacts that I want to add. So maybe these are three individuals that I would like to add to this label. With the three of these selected, all I need to do is select
the manage labels here in the right-hand corner of the screen and I’m going to say ABC Work Project, and that is going to immediately
add those individuals. There you can see the number three, it’s going to add those individuals to this particular label. Now of course maybe there’s someone else that I want to add to that label, and I don’t want to go down
my long list of people. So all I need to do is find them, I can use the search
window here to find them. And then if I select
the more actions option, I can see the labels at
the bottom of this menu. And here I can say ABC Work Project and I’ve got the checkmarks there. You can see that it’s highlighted or I’ve got the label attached
directly to this contact and you can also see here
on the left-hand side now it has been increased
from three to four. So the great thing is, is
when I go back to Gmail, let me go back to my inbox and I’m going to start to
compose a brand new message. If I start typing the words ABC, now I get ABC Work Project here and it actually gives me a preview of some of the email addresses in there, I can select that, and immediately I’ve got
all four of those contacts. All the individuals who make
up that particular label. So, I hope that you
enjoyed those five tips for getting more out of Google Contacts. I’d like to hear from you next, what are some of your
favorite tips or tricks on getting the most
out of Google Contacts? Or of the five that I share today, which one is most helpful to you? Thank you so much for watching. If you like today’s video be sure to give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment and
don’t forget to subscribe. And if you’d like to watch
even more Simpletivity, you can click on another video right here. Remember, being productive
does not need to be difficult. In fact, it’s very simple.

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