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your writing skills are likely to improve a steady rate just to ride and experience however I think there's a few little cheats and hacks things to concentrate on to make your ride and improve super quick Timon is always gonna be a physical hard thing theory of course but when you find a bit of climbing flow you'll find things become definitely easier definitely less tiring and actually a bit more satisfying so I'll right in here out in Squamish in British Columbia it's almost a bit like a British trouser Center as well up this really nice flowy climb but it's fairly technical and you've got lots of switchbacks with things like this stone in the middle so it's really an exercise in changing gear all the time nice and early trying to keep a consistent power cadence so you don't slide but also trying to work your way around these stones sometimes actually have to get your front wheel around the edge a bit and then your back will come up the inside of it just to try and keep that flow and get up the hill as flowy is smooth now there's least amount of effort as possible okay so how do you improve those things quickly first one is to really make sure you're looking up and around the corners to plan your line especially for those rocky situations number two now you're looking further ahead that's going to help you change the gear nice and early as well you'll also need to learn how quickly your bike shifts so you can ease off the power to do it then get back on and it becomes very automatic number three a nice little hack especially on the steep uphill switchbacks is to drag your rear brake just help you keep balance promise me – the power you're putting into the bike almost like a clutch on a motorbike makes it super stable to power in and then drag in a bit of back brake as well it's wet but it's good I think to learn the fastest you need to take yourself into a nice fun relaxing environment so that's gonna be different for everybody but make sure you're having lots of fun it might mean going away from sort of intimidate intimidating situations maybe a ride with other groups it really like pushing themselves on but you could crash and lose some confidence so make sure you're having lots of fun riding a lot and that's when you can improve the fastest pump tracks are downright fun to ride the smooth flowing rollers can take riding a bike back to the basics without a rock or routine sight to ruin your flow you can concentrate on the fundamental skills of pumping the bike to make speed and keeping your momentum with good flow a fast smooth rider on a pump track is likely to translate that to the trails just look at how the top races pump their bikes as well as pedaling hard why not try it out at a pump track ride to your weekly riding schedule and see how quickly you improve all round a great way of riding your bike more is to pack your bike in a bag jet off somewhere nice and go for a ride in holiday even if you take some time off work and void your local trails for maybe a week or something it's not as good as going somewhere new and riding fresh trails you've never ridden before it gets you out of that rut maybe riding the same trails like Cott work every time so riding your bike on days back-to-back is a really cool and fun way of getting bat fast on your bike the thing is a couple of really important things for when you're descending I really help you improve nice and quickly first one is bit like that uphill flow it's making sure that you're looking way ahead and looking where the trail goes now this section looks quite intimidating so it's really easy to look down at the floor but actually it's probably easing it looks but you need to be looking up there where you need to be because it's really easy to concentrate on this bit and then go over the edge there and actually the trail goes that way and it's quite easy like I said the other one is to really think about your body position so on the bike in a place are this I want to be relatively healed at and that's gonna bring my hips towards the back of the bike and really all that's doing is keep my weight central on the bike because off to the front wheels drop in if I stay flat on my feet and in the middle of bike my weights going forward and that's not a good place to be so think about where your feet are on the pedals and drop in your heel slightly when the trail stop going downhill well I'll definitely recommend comes cornish if you want to learn how to ride rocky Rui amazing trails as quick as possible it's really really good if you want to see a video that goes more into depth about descending skills over there flat one if I see Martin race his bike a Whistler just up the road from here click down there fall thumbs up if you want to get better quickly and subscribe loads of videos on there jam10 see them already

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  1. Love the helpful videos…. But i have to say, im really craving a video watching Neil and Blake just shreeeddding. Neil has this captivating glide accross the terrain that looks weightless, and Blake is so playful and active. Really would love a video of just pure riding. The 2 of them just having a good shred!!! Watching riding can be as satisfying as actually riding In my opinion!

  2. I'm from the philippines and can i get any tips for when you don't have budget for a full sus mountain bike? because here in the philippines XC bikes are common but i like downhill and not XC riding thanks for the answer 🙂

  3. Taking the train with your MTB to some new place in your own country might be a better idea than flying to Canada to improve your riding skills.

  4. What fork should I put on my trek roscoe 6 I currently have a garbage coil fork looking for a good air fork that fits a plus tire? #askgmbn

  5. I started at a pump track which had table tops rollers step ups and downs and a small pro line and built up my skill for my past 4 months and really make more comfortable on a bike in tight corners and keeping flow and builds fitness

  6. If You really want to improve your skills, try riding a 20in. or 24in. BMX Bike! It's why BMX is an Olympic Sport. & MTB was just a "demonstration sport". MTB's are too easy to ride fast & think you are a great rider. Ride BMX and get your skills on!
    Side "O" here We come! BMX it's where the skills are! BTU & Single Speeds 20/24/26in…Boss/Cooks/Lil' John's & Champions! BTU didn't need No Gears! Berkeley Trailers Union they are Major Bay Area History.

  7. Find a ride group that is slightly faster than you. Also, watch GMBN, Seth's bike hacks and othrr great youtubers!

  8. Dont ride the same trails all the time, espec tech and jumps. I had been doing that, then came to do smaller easier jumps elsewhere and took hours to be able to clear them or get any confidence. Mix it up

  9. Make a conscious effort to look where u want to go, especially.in slow tight turns and tech…NOT just infront of ur wheel.
    Helps balance and smoothness. Looking up where u want to go makes an immediate difference, but its hard to do. Its amazing.how much we naturally look ½m infront of our front wheel. Only ever momentarily glance there…90% head…ahead! Easy to say, hard to do

  10. I’m still scared of jumps and drops but hopefully this video will help me to boost my confidence
    Thanks guys 🤙 🚲

  11. I'm impressed. Been dragging my back brake a bit in turns for 30 years and you're the first person I've heard mention it. Nice job and thanks for the other tips too

  12. No way I'm going to brake uphill. I might briefly hit a harder gear to speed up approaching then downshift at entry to have a higher cadence at the steepest part. Faster == more stable.

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