5 Ways to Watch 4K Content on the PC

Canada recently celebrated its 150th anniversary and being good Canucks and all we wondered what better way to show off our raw patriotism and dedication to the maple leaf than some good old-fashioned Netflix and chill but watching 4k content on the PC is not as simple as you might think so when Intel reached out to sponsor a video featuring their seventh generation nook we jumped at the opportunity to cover how exactly it works and it is going to be such a wild ride that your knuckles are bound to be white by the end of it okay that last one was a bit of a stretch stretch like this the reasons for hooking your TV up to a PC rather than a lower-cost HDMI stick like a chromecast or a streaming box mostly come down to flexibility you can run whatever software you want interface seamlessly with storage devices on your network and even use the media PC itself as a file server for the rest of the household with external storage so here then is the PC we chose this isn't the fastest hook available but we specifically requested the i5 variant for a few reasons at under $400 we liked its balance of features performance and cost the i5 Nook is quite a bit shorter and more compact and its lower power consumption partly thanks to offloading video decoding to the on-board GPU and noise will make for a better home theater experience we configured it in about 20 minutes with a 128 gig Intel 600 P series SSD – 6 of crucial ddr4 memory and a fresh copy of Windows 10 now when we first did our proof of concept testing for this video we turned to our tried and tested LGU d88 4k monitors unfortunately while they support HDCP 2.2 we ran into some handshaking issues but it just wouldn't be a video 1 ultra HD without a problem with DRM would it thankfully our bros over at LG hooked us up with a much more recent not to mention bigger screen to play with the LG OLED 65 B 6p an enormous 65 inch Ultra HD premium certified OLED TV with the now-familiar and awesome webOS interface and gyroscopic remote as usual my message here is the same OLED have I mentioned OLED yet with it's unbelievable contrast is the future and I'm actually really glad that we're using this for our UHD testing instead so with the hardware out of the way let's get into our first method of 4k content consumption local playback of normal computer files while there isn't much legitimately out there at the moment we can handle both freely available test files and any consumer 4k video capture thanks to everybody's favorite flexible media player VLC number two everybody's favorite free streaming site YouTube first demoed 4k playback in 2014 and that was without requiring any elaborate hardware based DRM more on that in a moment and they added HDR 10 support in late 2016 though it should be noted that very little HDR content is available at this time our CPU usage on our nook stayed at between 5 and 10% thanks to that GPU decoding that I mentioned earlier number three all right so this box has full support for the controversial software guard extensions for playback 3.0 DRM that's been spearheaded by the content production industry which lets us access then streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime video at full UHD 4k quality as long as we're using Windows tens edge browser though it should be noted that the native Netflix app also supports UHD playback number four there are also digital stores like Sony Pictures of store and soon Microsoft's Windows Store and film and TV app both of which if you have the DRM compliance built into your PC will support 4k videos but none of the stuff I've mentioned is especially new and all of it is either limited in terms of content availability or in terms of sound and image quality so what about method number 5 I promise five playing back UHD blu-ray z' that option was absent four months after the launch of 4k blu-ray and there is a significant and very noticeable difference in quality between an internet stream running at about 6 megabytes per second versus a discs bit rate which can nearly triple at that is where our shiny new pioneer BDR 2:11 ubk comes in imported straight from the Land of the Rising Sun it's the world's first and at this time only Ultra HD compatible PC blu-ray drive and given a decline in physical media use in modern computers it's likely to retain its title for some time with support for almost literally every major disc based format sort of like laserdisc and this along with a five and a quarter inch enclosure is the PSLE resistance of our 4k playback PC it actually worked far more painlessly than you'd expect but like our UHD streaming services it doesn't work without hardware support and a software install for the software guard extensions DRM so then we are now able to consume virtually any content that we can go to a store or online and buy as long as its movies so can we game on this thing I mean there is a Thunderbolt 3 port on there so this being Linus tech tips of course we grabbed a razor core slapped in a gtx 980ti and plugged it in to see what it would do the answer well from my experience the much higher clocked core i7 variants of intel's mobile chips are quite a bit more potent for this use case the good news though is that steams in-home streaming is a thing if you really want to have a gaming PC experience on the couch with the i-5 and you have another gaming PC elsewhere on your network our 4k 60fps gaming stream ran perfect over a standard gigabit wired network connection so in summary then we basically been looking for an excuse to buy one of these new blu-ray drives and test UHD compatibility on the latest PCs with the hardware DRM support and hopefully seeing it all pretty much working outside of some question marks with respect to monitor HDCP compatibility what is interesting for you guys as it was for us so thanks for watching guys if this video sucked you know what to do but if it was awesome get subscribed hit that like button or check 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36 thoughts on “5 Ways to Watch 4K Content on the PC

  1. For anyone like me who hates DRM, look at https://www.defectivebydesign.org. They try everyday to make DRM illegal.

  2. This Video is usless. The Question is, how can i Watch every Blu-Ray i have payd vor on my own PC. Its a shame: I have Payd vor my Blu-Rays and in Switzerland Payd SUISA-Fees for every Harddisk but be dont able to watch a Blu-Ray 1080p on my PC because of fucking of Copy-Protection. How much money they more want for i be able to watch my Blu-Rays?????????????????

  3. Your doing it all wrong. You need to use makemkv software and a compatible bluray drive. Makemkv will rip any 4k movie disc using Libremode. You can then play any movie on pc or anything you want without DRM worries.

  4. Apreciate the effort…. but the title you've put on the video represent an useless solution. It didn't help me at all.

  5. wtf i have one of those nuc thingies and i didnt know what it was for so now its just laying on the table collecting dust

  6. Couple years later SilentPC mentioned: "From what i understand if you use the latest version of Cyberlink and a recent Nvidia driver you should be good to go."

  7. This NUC (NUC8i7HVK) says SGX not available, wonder if that mean a no go for 4k blu ray? [bottom of first page graphic https://www.anandtech.com/show/12572/the-intel-hades-canyon-nuc8i7hvk-review-kaby-lakeg-benchmarked/7 ]

  8. DRM needs to die already. As a person who still buys DVDs and BluRays (I'm a sucker for steelbooks), I feel like I should be able to freely used the disc that I purchased with my own money.

  9. I have a pc with a 4k monitor that supports HDCP and intel core i7 kaby lake cpu and still can't watch 4K content, WTF?!!

  10. This did not tell me HOW to watch 4K BR disks on PC; just vomited out how DRM restricted it is. I have the fucking disk in my goddamn hand and put it into a compatible 4K BR player, now how the fuck do I actually watch the shit? Tell us that!

  11. Its crazy. On my Acer LCD 1080 looks good. 1680×1050 native. But that 4k man. Never mind the native. Its just better! I know the actual res being displayed is not 4k,but it's like watching a DVD vs Blu-ray on the same old projector. The clarity!

  12. Not even joking didn't buy the whole DRM makes people want to pirate until far cry 3 and now trying to play a 4k disc on my pc with a bdxl drive and a 980ti, oh and the speed to play a standard pluy as it chugs through all that 'protection'. ill point out something illegal downloads do not equal lost sales, in fact, I could argue quite the opposite.

  13. You don't need a special UHD drive you just need a drive that supports the BD-XL disc format that is of course if your'e gonna copy it with Make MKV that is which is great because who likes getting the disc out everytime you wanna watch it but the thing is the only reason people buy Blu-rays or UHD Blu-rays is because of the high bitrate audio and video.

  14. "Our 4K 60FPS stream ran perfectly "
    On the screen when he's saying this, it seems to say it's running at 39 FPS, not the game on the PC, but the stream on the NUC

  15. We run a windows 7 HTPC because that was the last support for cablecard. We can watch dvd and blu ray with minimal head ache. since 4k has sooooo much DRM we found out about torrents!! the blu ray drive hardly ever gets used now. did you know they have games you can torrent too!!?? LOL @ DRM

  16. All of these are stupid. Just head on over to Rarbg, filter out everything but 4k, download your favorite torrent program, fire up your VPN and bam…all DRM free 4k content. For free. Sail the high seas matey's!

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