2 thoughts on “5G cell service around New Orleans?

  1. If I could rewire the 5G antenna they want to put in front of your house to boil the eyes in your head then any could, oh wait, I wouldn't have to rewire anything, it's already wired to do that, one just needs to turn up the power, conveniently they were made for this, they won't overload. 5G is very dangerous if I were everyone, I'd get camo net and drape it over your house, the kind with the little bits of metal that scatter cell phone calls, I think a lot of it is pretty cheap, you could make huge circus tent style shelters to protect livestock etc.

  2. NOT one single word of the safety hazards, and lets shove it down the throats of the poorest libtard city we can find! Truly truly FAKE NEWS libjoes!

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