6/2 & 6/3~Day 39 & 40~Boots Off Hostel to Damascus~Mile 428.5 to 470.3~TMH: 479.1

Good morning, everyone. I’m eating my breakfast before we head out. So. Today’s gonna be interesting. So we are going to do a 24-hour challenge. Um. Basically, it’s not like a true 24-hour challenge, where you like hike as far as you can in 24 hours. Well, sorta. So like, okay. So here’s the plan. Right now,
we are in Boots Off Hostel, and we’re going to Damascus. Damascus is 42 miles away, and we’re gonna hike it in 24 hours as a group. So we have Yeehaw, Mousetrap, Sponge, Green Jeans, Northstar and I. So there’s six of us that are gonna try to get to Damascus in 24 hours. And yeah. But I’m a little bit slower, so
I have to start at 6 a.m. And then we’re gonna meet halfway ish, like at the 24
mile mark, at a shelter before, by 8 p.m. So that we’re all together when we night
hike, um, because we’re definitely having a buddy system when we’re night hiking. And um, and we’re also, along the way, because not everybody has… like some people have AT&T, other people have Verizon, and we don’t know how signal’s gonna be. So we have everybody’s phone numbers to text each other. We’re
also going to sign the trail logs at the shelters, along the way, with the time
that we went through. So that the people behind, like me and Sponge, that a little
bit slower. You know, like when like Yeehaw, Mousetrap and Northstar, and them got in before us, so we had idea how far ahead they are from us. So yeah. It’ll be
interesting. And if I don’t seem like I’m very excited, I’m very excited! But I’m
gonna get eating and get going. So I found a new flower. I think they’re
primroses? Possibly? And but, there’s a whole bunch of them All right. Good morning again. So yes, we
are doing the 24 hour mile. 24 hour mile. Haha. 24-hour challenge, 42 miles to Damascus. We have started doing it. Green Jeans is way ahead of me. So, um. Just because,
it’s like, “Let’s go. Let’s zoom. Do our own pace” type of deal. It’s really been
beautiful. I’m along Watuga, Wataga Lake, however you say it. And sorry for the shakiness, but I need to keep moving. It’s really beautiful, because the sunrise coming up. And the mist off of
the lake was really nice, too. And I got some video and pictures of
that, and hopefully it turned out alright. And, um. Yeah. I’m not sure how much I’ll film overall, because it’s gonna be such a long, long day. And I kind of have to zoom a little bit. But not, not a lot. Just a little bit. And
um, just cause it’s a long day, so I’m, I’ll probably have to split this video into like two or three parts. But yeah. I’m feeling great. I’m feeling awesome. I’m so excited. I’m glad to be on the trail. I’m about 0.8 out or something. And yeah. So.
it’s only about 6, almost 7, cuz we got out at like a little late. Later than I wanted to.
I wanted to get it out at 6, but it was closer to like 6:45, 6:50. But that happens,
so. But yeah. I’m gonna get my butt moving. So I’m walking along the Watuga Dam Area. It’s part of the trail. But I like the rocks. So it’s kind of hard to tell on camera,
but these rocks, are these… it’s this pretty like rose color. It’s really nice. I like
it a lot. Sorry about that. But yeah. I’m about almost four miles in, and it’s going well. I’m doing very well on time, actually. But it’s been easy, so far. Like almost completely flat. Obviously I’m going uphill right now. But yeah. So I’m going to get going. So it’s 9 o’clock, and I’m six miles into this challenge. And it’s time for snack break. So I think I mentioned this before in my
videos, but like my hunger definitely has kicked up. And now, if I start to have
actually like really bad hunger pains, they’ll give me side cramps. Like up into like my
ribcage and stuff. And like, it really hurts! So when it starts to do that like
I, I know, I definitely need snack break. I can’t just ignore it. So I’m gonna have
some pretzel bits and some jerky. And then I will head on to the first shelter,
which is 3.2 away, check the logs, see how far ahead Green Jeans is, and then continue on. Sort of view through the trees here of a town or a… No, it looks more like a business down there. By the river. That’s pretty neat. I look over as I’m hiking here, and I see
this. And it says, it’s really hard to see kind of what the sticks of stuff, that
says 20%. So whoever put this here figured out, either, probably this year
some time, that we have hiked twenty percent of the Appalachian Trail. Huh. I
don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s cool. Yay, me! If it is true. Sorry if I
sound a little tired. I’m in an uphill. But yeah. I am…almost a fourth of the way done with this challenge. I’m at 9, no actually, I’m at 10 miles. So I’ve like 0.5 to go. That’s like 1/4 of 42 miles. Anyways. I am doing awesome. I feel awesome. The
trail is kind of, overall, easy as far as like elevation and stuff. So that’s nice.
But yeah. I’m trying to make it next to the Iron Mountain shelter, which is 6
point something miles away. And then I’ll probably take another snack break or
lunch there, and then continue on. And Green Jeans is a half hour ahead of me. So we’re signing the trail logs as a safety measure. So he signed at 10:10
and I got into the shelter at 10:40 something. Um so. But yeah. That’s cool. But I’m gonna get going. So I just pulled off my first tick off on my leg. Usually they
don’t bite me, so I’m surprised. It wasn’t attached for very long, I don’t think.
Sorry. You probably don’t know where it is. I don’t know where it is. Okay. Anyways. But yeah. That’s interesting. So I took a picture of the back of my left calf where it was, just in case a bull’s-eye shows up. So if I remember right, a bull’s-eye type bite mark means that they might have… Sorry.
That they might have Lyme’s disease. It was a wood tick. It looked more like a wood tick than a deer tick, so that helps out a lot. So. But
yeah. And it wasn’t very hard to pull off, so it wasn’t attached for very, very long.
But yeah. Sometimes we have to walk through a lot of grass. And this part of
the trail isn’t too bad, but a lot of the trail today has been overgrown with
grass and stuff. So. But yeah. Anyways, I’m about less than three miles from the
shelter. The next one, Iron Mountain. And I will have lunch there. And yeah. I’m
making really good time. I mean, well I’m making normal time, but still. Like I’m
doing better than I thought I was, as far as like feeling good and stuff. So I’m having a good time. So. I’m in between the shelter, so I’m
over a 1/3 of the way, but not quite halfway. And I see part of an old house, the
chimney. Now on the other side, is a tombstones. So Uncle Nick Grindstaff born Dec 26, 1851. Died July 22nd, 1923. And then
down here it says, “Died alone, suffered alone, and died alone”. So I’m not sure if
his… Oh, sorry. Not died alone. “Lived alone, suffered alone, and died alone”. So I’m not
sure if they wrote that because they like them, like them? Or not like them? I’m not
sure. That’s an interesting thing to put on a gravestone, actually. But yeah. I think
it’s kind of neat, but I gotta get hiking. MT: Runa! Me: Oh, hey! So I’m officially halfway to making it.
But we’re meeting at the Double Springs shelter in three miles, which is 24 miles
in. Everybody’s supposed to get there by 8:00. I should be getting in there about 6:30, 7:00. But right now, I need to take my
pack off and have a snack break. Um, I know I can’t get it very well, cause it’s really far away. But there’s like a teal bird? On the trail. Not like the same blue as a
bluebird. So I’m about to go into a cow pasture.
First time dealing with cows on the AT. Haha. Most of them are away from the trail. The trail is this gravel road for a little bit.
But this fence is interesting. Let’s see if I can do it properly this time. Sorry about that. Anyways cows. So. I wonder how many of you guys watch PCT hikers. “Hey girl. Hey!” If you
watch Second Chance at all, you will know what episode I’m talking about. But yeah.
I’m gonna hiking. I made it to Double Springs shelter! 24 miles into our challenge. Yay! This is how you roast it. Y: 18 more miles to go. Captain, I know you will see this, because you watch my videos. The shelter has googly eyes! And I know how you are with googly eyes. There you go. Laugh your heart out. So we have started the second half, which is gonna be the hardest. It is 7:45 ish. And we got
Yeehaw in the lead. And then it’s Northstar, Mousetrap, Sponge, Green Jeans, and then me. So we’re trying to take advantage of the daylight we have left, and we’ll see how
far we get. So we made it to the Tennessee Virginia
border. It’s the State Line. Woohoo! Yay… Three more miles. Yay… Sorry. I’m a little, like… The ridge, the drop offs are getting to me. But like, I’m awesome, now that we’re at the line. So it takes a village here to take
photos of everyone at the state line in the middle of the night. Cause it’s like to 3 o’clock in the morning. So we made it to the Tennessee Virginia border. And it’s 3:55 am. We did it! We’re finished! Woohoo! So we completed the 24 hour challenge to
hike the 42 miles from Boots Off Hostel to Damascus. We’re are walking through downtown, because that’s part of the AT. And we’re going to find somewhere to camp for a few hours so we can get some sleep. And then after that, I don’t know. Most of us are taking a zero, for obvious reasons. Oh yeah. In case anybody was wondering. It’s like 4:45 in the morning.

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  1. WOW!! 44 miles in 24 hours!! Also, thanks for sharing how your group was coming up with ways for people to stay in contact while night hiking! That was good to hear!

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