64GB Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Wifi LTE Speed Test

all right so.. we have the samsung
galaxy note two in front of us and we’re going to do a speed test i’ve configured my wifi router at home
to run and only so runs at the fastest mode possible and
the router is it’s about three feet from me so it hopefully
should get a good score let’s do a speed test I’m in South Korea rate now and there’s only one speed test sever
right in Seoul which is about fifteen miles from here it’s hitting some crazy speeds so I do want to state that i have a 50 megabit down and 30
megabit up connection but for some reason the
phone seems to always report more than thirty megabits upload which is not possible to be honest so let’s just run it one more time
twenty-seven ping much slower this time it’s going back up going back up to 30 and we got about the exact same results so let’s turn off wifi let’s just review it 31
millisecond ping 30 megabits down 42
megabits up and i just wanna state that
the ping that I get on my hard wire computer is ten milliseconds and then i get fifty megabits down and 30 megabits up
which is exactly what it should be getting let’s turn off wifi the carrier I’m on is called LG U+ so they run CDMA
EVDO Rev. A LTE so it’s very similar to verison that we have in the US so started off really quickly and then
tapered off we will run it a few times 90
milliseconds ping is definitely higher than that i’ve been seeing today
but the upload seems to be really fastest
let’s try again that’s interesting i have seen it all the way up to
twenty megabits I think just have to get it at the right time or i’m just standing in front
of it wrong let’s try one more time there we go it about fifteen and then it slows
down so just wanna state again that Korea only has one speed test server in Seoul but Korea usually has a really good
internet connection let’s do it one more time there we go.. so we saw about
twenty a little bit but didn’t sustain it so anyway that’s a speed test on
the galaxy note 2 I just got this a few days ago I’ve been uploading a lot of videos
hopefully you will check out my channel and maybe subscribe.. I try to
post more videos about the samsung galaxy note 2

9 thoughts on “64GB Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Wifi LTE Speed Test

  1. Thanks for the answer!
    Can you have the information when models 64gb can be bought in the Europe or in the Europe they will not be on sale in general?

  2. im in new york and my upload also is exaggerated. im on 50/8 megabit plan and i get 59/9 on my windows computer that is connected over physical wire. i get 53/11 on my Note 2. your router may be the bottleneck on your download speed – you should be able to get to 50 mbit on download. my router is Asus Dark Knight.

  3. Great video. Would you know if the n7100 has LTE as well? Gsmarena says it does and some forums say it doesn't. Thanks.

  4. ping is how quick that information is being sent. So if you can imagine a garden hose your upload and download speed is the volume of water going in and out of the hose right? but that ping is the amount of time the water takes to get from one end of the hose to the next. So if that ping was high you would have long loading times and longer wait times opening up pages on the web. Ping is very important and give the illusion of a "Faster" internet with a much better experience.

  5. You're luck to be in Korea getting 6mb/s download LTE connection, because in Brazil, 4G internet is only in our dreams.

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