7 Autism Books YOU NEED! (TOP PICK)

in this video I’m discussing seven
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some I’ve never even seen anyone else talk about about autism and how I think
these are gonna help you in your life and if you’re a parent and they’re
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question is from invisible spectrum life and they said do you find it hard
to relate to other aspies ever I don’t think I find it hard to relate to other
people on the spectrum I feel like I have good rapport with other people on
the spectrum because we have similar interests ok the next question here is
from Samanthareis2 – and they said can you make a video with some tips for
parents of kids for autistic kids what to do so much not to do love your
channel yeah absolutely I am going to be doing the whole series on like parent
hacks for parents of kids who are on the spectrum I started a series about
parents who are on the spectrum so this next two years is gonna be all about
like parenting kids on the spectrum but also give this video a like if you’re
excited for that video ok the next question here is from DoctorWhovian 74 and they said do you think that being on the spectrum plays a part
in determining one’s gender identity I don’t think so I feel like gender
identity is what you’re born with it’s who you are so it’s like yeah you know I
don’t think that really plays a role in that. Ok guys so I’m super excited
what is this video for a long time and yeah I’m super pumped let’s get into it
ok guys I don’t have every single book here with
me that I’m going to talk about today so I’ll put a picture on the screen or the
ones that are missing and the other ones I do have here I will show you guys on
the screen so first we were gonna look at or talk about here is look into my
eyes now this book is by a guy called Dan Jones who’s not me but he is a
friend of mine ironically and he’s also a hypnotherapist so this book is about
Asperger syndrome hypnotherapy and him and his kind of life and growing up and
stuff it’s actually got a five-star review on amazon which is pretty
awesome and I think this was actually a best-seller at one time now Dan is an
author he has a bunch of other books out and he has a very good insight into
living with an autism spectrum condition he was on a panel that I did in summer
in the city recently and he had such a good insight in talking about like life
and family life with being on the spectrum so his book I believe is gonna
be very very useful for people who want to just like read more about other
people’s lives with autism I think like that’s gonna be a really good one for
you guys to get into okay guys my next book here is looking for normal now
looking for normal is this is a full title looking for normal autism and
other complicated stuff which is a paperback book released by a guy called
Steve Slavin or Slaven and this book is basically how he had this like lifelong
battle with like depression and social anxiety having a diagnosis of autism and
kind of like you know how he balanced that out and stuff really interesting book I
think he also has OCD as well so I super relate to this guy if he had Dyslexia then you know we’re just like the same person basically very cool
guy it’s actually this book is recommended because I bought another
book which I’ll get onto in a minute but I feel like this one would really help
people who are wanting to find someone who they can relate to and kind of share
those struggles and life issues with people like that you know because I feel
like you know we all have need someone to to look at and oh yeah I feel like
that too or shared those kind of relative issues with I feel like that
helps a lot of people and it’s therapeutic so definitely check that
book out Oh guys all the links for the books are in the description of below so
make sure you go check them out if you’re a bio on the link is directly
there to go straight to Amazon and buy it
Ok guys number three is a book which is very close to my heart number three is
actually become the force by me Daniel Jones so yeah this is my book called
become the force now the reason I put this book in here and it’s it’s a Star Wars
based philosophy book and you might be like what is this going to do autism
well the book there’s two things one it’s talking about how like the Jedi in
Star Wars have like a philosophy that can help your life but on the other side
it talks about me growing up with autism and like how Star Wars was like an
escape route for me and how I learned certain things through Star Wars and how
I feel like it’s escapism and franchising and obsessions are really
good for people on the spectrum so definitely check this book out if you
want to get it you can actually get it in Hungarian and Italian and is also an
audiobook version available and you can get it on Kindle as well
so yeah definitely check out my book I’m super proud of this is my first ever
book my first ever publication and it was actually on a publisher as well
Watkins media super pumped link is in description below please let me know if
you already have this I know I’ve signed a few of these when people come see me
up like conventions and cons and stuff like that so thank you so much for that
okay guys let’s move on to the next book okay so this is number four and you
remember something too about a book that was recommended to me called looking for
normal was recommended to me whilst I was buying another book so the book I
was buying whilst I was recommended that it was actually this book and this book
is the reason I jump now the reason I jump was a book that we bought because
Naomi my partner studied this when she was in university because she’s got like a
degree in Childhood Studies all about autism and Asperger’s and so she bought
this book called the reason I jumped by somebody called nya
Naoki Higashida okay I’m very dyslexic so if I pronounced is wrong that I’m so
sorry then this is actually I think was this was dictated by
no Naoki and then it was a guy called David Mitchell who actually kind of like
translated it and put it into like actual word context because it’s about a
person who is autistic and them expressed on the reasons why they do
things like you know why do they stim why do they jump why they seem to be
misbehaving and all those kinds of things and it’s fascinating it was the
first time somebody of an autism special condition had put the stuff into words
like that it’s just amazing and it was a very
eye-opening book I mean they use it in academia
this book is like super super dope so I would definitely recommend checking this
book out I think you can get it relatively cheap now because it’s like
you know mass-produced very very good though I highly recommend it
okay so number five this book just jumped out at me when I was researching
books for people on the spectrum I wanted to find books that would relate
to parents as works I know a lot of my viewers are parents and I wanted to
reach out to you guys directly and give you something that you could take to
help improve your life as well so this is called autism how to raise a happy
autistic child now I think this is just on Kindle I’m not entirely sure the author is
Jessie Hewitson and the book is super cool it looks very good the cover looks
amazing and it’s kind of like a sat-nav what they describe as our sat-nav for
being like a parent you know and navigating your way around having an
autistic kid and the funny thing about it is like it’s really too happy
artistic child on everyone wants to raise their kids to be happy that’s the reason
you know you’re doing your best at like parenting so this book that would be
definitely recommended for any parents are they’re looking for a book to get
into or if you are not even a parent yet and you think about having kids in the
future and you’re on the spectrum and you know you’re worried that or maybe
you have an autistic child and you’re worried or have an autistic child but
you shouldn’t be worried because there’s awesome things like this book and you that
can help them navigate people through that so yeah definitely check out this
book I found this one quite an interesting not to check in and it seems
to have a really good reason 55 reviews on Amazon others like a 4.5 star mark on it
which is pretty decent okay so number six this one it was really really fun I
wanted to make sure I had a selection of different books in this video now this
book is kind of aimed at children young people and this book is called the
Survival Guide for kids with autism disorders or autism spectrum disorders
oh and also has in brackets and their parents so I guess parents could read
this book as well so I think it’s if I can all round it kind of like those for
the parents it goes to the kids I feel like you can you know chop and change
between them because I feel like parents are gonna benefit from it as well
but one of the things the reasons I chose this book is because I wanted to
find a book that you know younger people on the spectrum could find a book that
they related to and they can have fun with as well because you know we all you
know we’re all at different ages in our life you know and so some books aren’t
always at the same level as other people so this one was written by an Elizabeth
Verdict and yeah it’s a like a positive straightforward book that offers kids
with Autism Spectrum Disorders their own comprehensive resource for both
understanding the condition and finding tools to cope which I feel is super
beneficial I highly recommend checking this out if you’re a kid or you have
kids and you want to recommend good books to your kids why not also if I was
watching you like working at school maybe get this book in might be kind of
really good for the kids to read it okay guys so the last book number seven now
this book actually fell into my lap almost literally so I did a sponsored
video with a company called Sunday says– of Sundays or Sanderrr I can’t remember what they are called
anyway the company sent me a bunch of stuff to review and I did the review but
he also sent me this book now this book is called living well on the spectrum
how to use your strengths to meet the challenges of Asperger syndrome /
high functioning autism Valerie Gaus PhD now she actually signed this and gave me
like a little note inside this book it was really nice them to send this to me and
they wrote this like no and everything inside this book I didn’t know what to
expect from it but it’s very comprehensive it’s it’s a great way to
help somebody who’s feeling like you know less confident should I say at the moment or anyone on the spectrum who feels like they’re kind of not at a loss
but like they’re not as confident as you want them to be they feel like they’re a
bit of an outcast and things like that because we’ve all been there I felt like
that as well and so this book is very interesting and this is not the first
time I’ve seen this book actually one of my fans
Holly her name was she came to my talk in Birmingham and she was talking to me
and she had this book as well and she’s been going through these different
things as well so I find out that this is pretty awesome and yeah there’s so
many activities in this book I found it just super amazing to share this with
you I’m like hey they sent it to me I just felt so like blessed that someone
sent me this book I haven’t gotten around to reading all of this yet I’ve
actually breezed through it quite a bit and I haven’t done any of your tasks and
never maybe I should definitely do some of the tasks sometime soon but look it’s
a decent big book and if you’re interested by a doctor I think it’s
really good they were really nice to send me this book and she’s lovely she sent me like
a really nice note and she enjoys the work we do in the channel so I thought I
would put a book in there because I really think this could help some people
who are looking for like strategies and things too like activities within a book
that’s a super awesome activities in a book you don’t see
that as these days you know these are just a small snapshot of some of the
books that are available and I just wanted to give you seven other ones that
I picked out right now I think I just think the best ones that you could buy
right now if you guys have any suggestions I’d love to know so pop it
in a comment in the comment section below because I read every single
comment and respond to every single one and I’d love to open that dialogue with
you also guys if you want to see another book review of like a you know ten more
books or like seven more books let me know in the comments I’d love to know
because if you’re enjoying this type of video I’d love to know to – okay guys we’re
gonna leave it there right now because I’ve got loads of stuff to do but I’ll
see you next time guys peace

28 thoughts on “7 Autism Books YOU NEED! (TOP PICK)

  1. Great selection of books. Will definately look into them.

    I like Aspergers and Me by Alis Rowe the founder of the girl with the curly hair.

  2. This was a great idea…📚
    I love Tony Attwood’s book on The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome! He’s a total legend!
    A good one for girls is Odd Girl Out by Laura James, VERY relatable.
    I’ve also read I Think I Might Be Autistic by Cynthia Kim when I first started to learn about autism, it’s a great one to begin with because it’s quite basic and easy to read! It’s very helpful.

  3. Could you do a video for best books about autism for young kids (I.e. for kids who have autistic siblings and friends)? I’ll recommend the first book called All My Stripes by Shainia Rudolph. Amazing!

  4. Hi Dan! Will you be doing a video on ABA? Have you seen Jenni Farley/Jwoww channel? She has been posting videos about her son's journey.

  5. Great vid dan definitely will check these books out I have a book I read but it’s not related to autism but it does help me escape and that’s les miserables

  6. Have just the diagnosis for my son and I was told that All cats have aspergers is a good book for kids. Also the aspergers secret book of social rules is a good book to help the child understand. I will be looking into all of your books and these two.

  7. Hey, thanks for the great video, I may just have to add some of those books to my wishlist for Christmas!

    I was wondering if you could do a video on Executive Dysfunction and methods to help it.

    I personally really struggle with daily tasks in real life such as cleaning up after cooking, doing laundry, and doing things in a timely manner. However, I seem perfectly able to complete lists of tasks in multiple video games every single day! I even said that I wish I could have some sort of fancy eyeglasses attachment that shows me tasks lists for the day/week and reminders to eat/drink/take meds etc. with, of course, reward points and ranks and such.

    I've been trying to figure out how to make myself actually DO what I need to do, but it seems like the more I know I need to get something done, the less able I am to do the thing.

    Hearing your perspective would be interesting, and it would be great to hear advice on executive function from someone neurodiverse for once!

  8. Books I recommend about autism that are not in the video: mockingbird (ficcion), the autistic brain: thinking across the spectrum and the invisible difference (comic). They're pretty good!

  9. Really interesting video some cool books there for sure your videos are always informative and useful 😁

  10. I recently started going through "Living Well on the Spectrum" with my therapist. I'm not very far in, yet, but I did appreciate that in the first chapter it asks you to mark down your strengths and then ask someone else what they think your strengths are. That definitely helped me, as I have a hard time recognizing positive characteristics about my ASD when I'm working through the challenging parts.

  11. Excellent video great recomendations. I love the servival one for kids with ASD .just ordered cant wait to read this with my little girl .Thanks Dan 💞🌈📚👍

  12. I remember being young and watching star wars alone and it was magical. Star wars is one of my all time favorites

  13. The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

    It’s a classic ish novel first person from a boy with autism who solves a mystery
    I liked the character more than the mystery part of the book because it was the first exposure I had to autism and I totally related to it

    The only thing I didn’t totally like was the cover had a cutout of an upside down dog so I kept flipping it upside down so the dog was right side up and the words were upside down, flipping the words made them be quiet though so at the same time kind of good

  14. I'm very interested in checking out all of these books – saving them to my Amazon list now so I can buy hopefully in the near future. I was just recently diagnosed nearly two months ago now.

    I'm coming out of the whirlwind now, but still have so very much to learn. I knew I had PSTD, Panic Disorder, Moderate Depression, and Severe Anxiety, but wondered if there was something lying beneath the surface I didn't know about so I went to a specialist to have an assessment done, which lead me to the AQ and then my diagnosis.

    These books are sure to help me a ton!! I've heard a lot of great things about Aspergirls. I only just got it; just a chapter into it – but I'd thought I'd share this with you.

  15. Wow really opened my eyes. I read Son-rise and the Option Institute stuff but I haven't read anything for adults. I'm a songwriter on the spectrum who writes music about my experience. I intend to get all of these. Wish I had these 40 years ago. Keep up the good work .

  16. Can I add some books here that helped my neurotypical wife with our relationship.
    22 things a woman must know if she loves a man with Asperger's syndrome

    Alone together

    Going over the edge

    They seemed to have helped her out 😁

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