7 Award-Winning Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

– How did I not see that?
He’s just wearing… There’s just like
a whole camera there. – James Cameron. (scoffs)
You let that one sink. (laughs) ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today we’re
gonna be playing Find The Flaws. – Find The Flaws,
that’s very judgemental. – I’m trying to find one right now,
but I don’t see any. – (FBE) And since it’s awards season,
we’re gonna take a look at some flaws in Oscar-winning movies. – Nice, well done.
Yeah, get those Oscar winners. – Is this when like the camera cuts
and someone’s not wearing what they’re supposed to,
or there’s like little TV mistakes, but these are movies. – ‘Cause Game of Thrones,
there was these big things that were going, you know,
that were trending, that were like the coffee cup
and the whatever, the water bottle. I didn’t see it when I watched it,
you know, so I… I don’t normally watch
for those things, but since it’s a task
you have me doing, I don’t know, we’ll see. – (FBE) We’ve also hidden three Oscars
for the audience to find. If you find all three
in the first 48 hours, make sure to tweet their locations
@FBE for an opportunity to win official React merch. (Danny gasps and laughs) – (man) You finish? – Oh God, such a great movie. – (man) I replaced the lock, but you got a real problem
with that door. – Who’s that behind them
to the left? I caught it. – (man) You fixed the lock? – (man) No, I replaced the lock,
but you gotta fix that door. – Ugh, I was concentrating
too much on what they were saying. At first I thought it might have been
the guy’s shirt, like he had a different shirt on,
but you couldn’t see the shirt, so it’s probably something
in the background that I’m not even looking at. – Is his button undone? – Was one button,
like when he sat down was like up, and all of a sudden,
it’s undone? – That door doesn’t have a lock?
Is that the flaw? – There was a, like
an eyeglasses rack over here that I wasn’t seeing,
that I feel like I should see in that shot, I don’t know. – I saw some crew guys kinda
hanging in the aisles a little bit. They weren’t ducked a little too much. I feel like they probably thought
they were out of the camera shot, but I saw them! – (FBE) If you look closely,
the crew is seen in the lower left corner of the scene
ducking behind an aisle. – Really?
I wanna see it. – (man) I replaced the lock.
(Danny gasps) You got a real problem
with that door. – I feel pretty blind
I didn’t notice it. – Oh my gosh, there’s like crew.
Is that equipment? Oh my, Oscar winner,
come on! – That movie won an Oscar with that,
thanks to that guy over there, right? Winning role, Actor of the Year. – I’ve seen this movie
so many times, at least a dozen times, and I didn’t notice,
not a thing, ever. But when you’re kinda trying to,
you could kinda see what’s a little bit out of place. – Alright, just gonna back up
a little bit here and look at this, okay. – Airport, that’s spelled right. – [Bleep].
(Tom laughs) – (man) Chris! – I literally just said
how I was gonna be good at this game. I spoke way too soon,
I didn’t see anything. – That one was a little tougher. Maybe it’s ’cause it’s in the dark. – I think I saw it.
He was already up? – That shot is him standing up,
and in the past shot, he was already standing! – I was like “wait, how’d he
get back on the ground?” (laughs) – That was a big continuity error,
’cause he’s down on the ground. He was like this! – Why’s he getting off the ground,
he was already standing up? Oh, let’s go! – (FBE) So the main character, Chris
is already standing with his hands up when he thinks
the police have arrived, but after it is revealed
that it is his friend from TSA, and he is back on the ground again. – Oh! Oh, yep,
he was up already. Okay, okay. – Really messed that one up,
better get out of here with that. – That’s like so obvious
when you see it, I don’t know why
I didn’t get that like at first. – That movie was amazing.
It was so good. Jordan Peele, oh my gosh. They always say comedy
and horror films go, like the pacing is similar,
and he’s just a genius in comedy and in horror. Now I’m feeling hyped!
I got a point, I’m on the board! – Ugh, oh! – So aggressive.
– Are you not entertained? – I bet it’s gonna be the sword. He threw the sword,
but he still has his sword there. – You just threw your sword, and then
you had it in your hand again. – Why do you still have
a sword in your hand, homie? That’s two! – (FBE) Actually, if you look
when he throws it, you can see he already has
two swords in his hand. – So I was kinda close. (laughs) – It’s not like a Starbucks cup
Game of Thrones kinda thing is it? (laughs) – There was more bodies
in the first shot than the second? I mean, I thought some people
were frozen, but that was really it. – I don’t know, I tried really hard. – I mean, I saw, there’s a person
leaning down in the back when everything goes flying,
but I’m not totally sure on that one. – Aw damn, that’s hard!
I don’t know what the flaw is. – (FBE) If you look closely,
you can see crew members in the far left of the crowd
during the wide shot, along with their camera,
jeans and t-shirt. – Stop.
– Oh yeah, I see it. That’s fun. – Oh! (laughs) Oh my God and it’s so obvious now! – He or she, I can’t tell
fits in with the crowd, right? Like there’s just somebody
watching the fight. Maybe they had jeans back then. – At least he’s wearing like
similar color in his clothes, even though you can tell
he’s wearing a white shirt, a belt and jeans. (laughs) – Like that garb just fits in,
’cause it’s so old school with everybody else,
that’s crazy. – How did I not see that? He’s just wearing, there’s just
like a whole camera there. This is like a huge movie. I feel like, you know,
they would have seen that. ♪ (somber music) ♪ – Jenny.
– Ah, there she is! – Oh man. – Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
The water. – Aw, there’s gonna be like, there’s so much
things going on in here. – I don’t know,
I didn’t see anything. – He’s supposed to like already
be down the stairs when he’s going through the people? – I have no idea! When I looked in the beginning,
the only thing that stuck out was that guy
in the American Flag shirt. – There’s gotta be a crew in that
like crazy crowd somewhere. – Did he pass by the same person
with the sign multiple times? – The people in the background
are the same. (laughs) I don’t know what you want! – It was the one person
with the top hat with the bow. He pushed against them once, and then did it again
in the second shot. – (FBE) That is correct! – Oh my lord. That’s insane. – Oh, they repeated
the same people. – Yeah, he’s like doing
a little Slash vibe right here with Guns and Roses,
but that’s okay. – This one’s really hard,
because extras, it’s, every time, they’re gonna move
a little bit with big crowds, so it’s just depending on
how the editor cuts it, so there’s really no way
to kinda prepare for that. – I remember this,
she’s about to cut off the cuffs. (glass shatters)
– Whoa, okay. – There she goes! – Okay, okay. – Oh wait, that was it?
There’s a flaw in there? – The axe was facing
the opposite way. – Maybe she’s supposed to be
in water, and it didn’t sound like she was in water at all,
I heard the footsteps. – I feel like the preserver thing
was on the opposite side in the back, when she runs past it. – Was there something in the shot? I literally don’t know,
that’s like a two second clip. (laughs) What is it? – The glass! So it was like
a little piece of glass, and then all of a sudden,
there’s more glass. How crazy, that’s such
a small thing. (laughs) – (FBE) So when Rose breaks the glass, to retrieve the axe,
the glass is gone. And then in the next shot,
there’s still glass around the emergency axe.
– Oh. Interesting.
(glass shatters) Oh, yeah. – Oh! (laughs) Yeah, even the words
are still on it and everything. – Oh! Okay, okay, okay,
I see it, I see it. That’s yeah, so minor. – Glass reappears! It’s like, well,
you gotta protect the actress. – I really feel for the script
supervisor on that one. I feel like that,
that’s not like a mistake anyone’s getting fired over. – James Cameron. (scoffs)
You let that one sink. (laughs) – Oh yeah, this scene is
frickin’ crazy. – Hmm. – Oh my God,
I literally have no idea. You know what’s wrong with this movie? Bad Boston accents.
Yes, and I’m from Boston, and I can tell you that much.
That’s the biggest flaw. – Maybe his hand switched
on the gun, like the placement? – Was it, he’s supposed to be cuffed? Handcuffed, and then his arm
just goes like this? – Oh, his arm! When Leo went back,
it wasn’t really behind his back. – The guy that’s being held down,
his arms were behind his back, and then they’re just
dangling down. – Oh, was he supposed
to be handcuffed? When he was slamming into the wall,
Matt Damon didn’t wanna get slammed that hard.
He moved it up! – (FBE) If you look closely,
Matt Damon’s character is handcuffed, but then when he enters the elevator,
his arm is free as it hits the wall. – Oh!
Interesting. – (gasps) Ah, funny.
Mmm. – Oh, woops! He’s like Leo, a little too hard,
on the banging up against the wall. That is funny. – He’s like boy,
stop slamming me so hard! Leo, I know you’re like method
and all, but chill the [bleep] out. – (Miguel) Abuelita runs our house
just like Mama Imelda did. (bottle whistling)
– Ah, such a sweet movie. – Pizza Planet truck,
but that’s in like every Pixar movie. – I can’t. – (Miguel) They think we’re the only
family in Mexico who hates music! – What? (sighs) – I saw that Pizza Planet truck,
but I did not see… Yeah, I did not see a flaw. – I mean, there’s, like
the Pizza Planet easter egg, but that’s not really a flaw. Is it maybe the picture? Something about the picture
or the frame? – Something about the cross
on the wall was catching my attention,
but I got nothing, I got nothing! It seemed flawless to me. – Oh, was the picture different when he was looking out of the window,
was the picture behind him different? – (FBE) Yeah, well, different
as in it magically appears. – Oh, it wasn’t there before! – (FBE) So there are actually
two flaws in this scene. First, when Miguel is blowing
in the bottle, there is more fruit in the background
than there is in the wide shot. And then the second mistake is when
Miguel is looking out the window, there is no photo in the wide shot,
but in the medium shot, it appears in the background.
– What? (bottle whistling)
– Mmm! – (Abuelita) No music! – Oh, oh my goodness,
come on you guys! – Yeah, ooh, it’s different fruit!
That’s not a tall yellow one, it’s a tall green one! – Oh yeah. See I was paying attention
to the cross on the wall that was right next to the picture. – Oh, see, look how obvious it is
when you show them side by side. – Who finds these mistakes? They’re just analyzing frame by frame
where like that doesn’t match, even though it’s a blurred
background image. – Those things are just like
so on the background. Like I don’t even see
that they’re there. It’s like you pay attention,
but you don’t really pay attention. But it’s still important. Especially like Disney,
when they’re so detailed like on what they do,
and their animations and everything. Like, they still make mistakes. – I’d like to think I’m observant,
but you just kinda get caught up in, like you remember the scene,
and oh, this is the part with the this and that,
and you’re not really looking for mistakes, especially if it’s
a movie you really like. – This was way harder
than I thought it was going to be. It was already gonna be hard, because these are
Oscar-winning movies, these are the best movies
of all time, so finding mistakes,
it’s really nitpicking. – If there is an Oscar-winning movie
that has mistakes in it, and it still wins an oscar,
then how much do my mistakes really affect my life?
That is so encouraging. – Thanks for watching me
find the flaws on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
every day! – If you liked this episode,
hit that like button. – Bye everyone! – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. If you liked this episode,
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if you found all of the hidden Oscars hidden inside this episode. Bye guys!

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  2. In the Gladiator mistake, yes he has 2 swords when he throws the one, but 2 shots right next to each other 1st shot: his right hand is empty "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" (assumed the sword is in his left hand, the correct hand) then the far away shot: his right hand has the sword with no signs of switching.

  3. The awards are when Daniel is first shown in the episode, when Trudi is talking after the Forest Gump scene and at the end.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if they did notice these mistakes while filming but chose to leave them in because it was cheaper then fixing it.

  5. On the coco one, with the picture reappearing, it could just be another angle of the room, because Miguel is facing two different directions in the different shots.

  6. Flaw: netflix lost in space season 2 episode 2. When mom and daughter are trapped. Broken Mast is surrounding them before it falls.

  7. okay i am super stoned rn and watching this and seeing the danny edit made me trip. i legit played it back to make sure i saw what i thought i was seeing

  8. 7 Award Winning Movie Mistakes: (Starts with that one scene in "Crash" where you can kind of see the crew.)
    Me: "Oh, honey. That's not even the biggest thing wrong with 'Crash'."
    (A live studio audience made up entirely of movie nerds from 2006 laugh and cheer uproariously.)

  9. Some reactors were right about Gladiator.

    The Gladiator one shows he threw the sword from his right hand, meaning the only one left is in his left hand. When he first says "are you not entertained", his right arm is still empty while his left hand still has the shot. But immediately after, his right arm has the sword and the left one is empty; he couldn't have switched it that fast.

  10. I swear I thought my screen was loading when that guy said "frozen people" cause he straight out froze right there 😂

  11. the coco one with the picture is the angle .. in the wide shot , the angle was more to the left & in the close shot , the angle is moved over to the right .. to where u can see the wall decor in the room ..

  12. 0:58 6:08 12:03 where the Oscars please pick me I'm a huge fan I watched f the prom and I loved watching Tom and Erick and jennie in it they did an amazing job

  13. only thing that bugs me about coco is hector trying so hard to get miguel to take his photo back yet when chech dies miguel says he can take his photo and remember him n hector tells miguel it doesn’t work like that …. 🤔

  14. There is one other flaw on the last video. When she is running off the musicians the flags are green, blue, green, red and in the shot after the flags are blue, red, purple, green.

  15. Did anyone else notice that in Departed when he slammed him up against the “elevator” wall, the wall moved like it was a curtain over it or something. 8:14

  16. WRONG. In COCO the shot is from another angle. the doorway is right behind him and then the angle changes and the doorway is off to camera-right, so that's why the picture is there.

  17. I dont have a Twitter (ah the horror) but I believe the 3 Oscar's are (I think) : these a little cat figure on the top right shelf it kept switching places, the at 4:36 Danny was frozen when he spoke, and in some people's background the dot designs changed in the right…… @fbe I hope this can count since I dont have Twitter

  18. I just need to say, that the frame that you say appear in Coco it s there all along. It is just a different angle on the wide shot and the closer shot so that it looks like it just appears, but it is just a different wall that is behind him 😉

  19. Hi, I hope you can see and comment on Nguyen Tran Trung Quan's MV Canh Ba. link here👇

  20. Also in the Gladiator clip, Russell throws the sword with his right hand [with left hand still holding one], the "are you not entertained" shot shows a sword in his left, but the wide-panned shot shows him holding it in his left hand..

  21. I found an oscar!Go to time stamp 1:00 you will see an oscar on the top left on the shelf when the camera is on danny!

  22. I did the tweet! I hope I did it right as I. don’t really use Twitter for anything. Wish you guys did contests on here or something instead of Twitter, but I went on it and tried submitting my finds. 😊

  23. The Coco movie flaws, maybe the fruit yes…but the picture I don't think so…wide shoot is shoot the hall way…and when the close up is actually just a wall…just look closely

  24. Another Gladiator flaw:
    1. Throws sword w/ right hand
    2. Right hard empty when facing camera. Sword in left
    3. Sword jumps to right hard when he turns around. left hand empty

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