89 thoughts on “7 High Paying Jobs, No College Required (In 2020)

  1. Just about any trade out there is pretty high paying these days. My HVAC friends were making 6 figure incomes within 5 years. That doesn't include all the side work they brought in. Great video Ryan!

  2. I am happy more people are realizing that there are other ways to make money outside of getting into ungodly amounts of debt. Ultimately it is about what you DO with that money, not just about how much you make. There are broke doctors and rich teachers out here!!

  3. There seem to be shortages of skilled jobs like welders, plumbers, etc. it seems like those jobs will be harder to lose out to AI.

  4. I love watching you talk about topics like this! I have a Master's degree that I never use in my day to day job… I hire sales people with no degree that make over 6 figures a year. I personally think the best place to make money without a degree is software sales. It is difficult to find a role without knowing someone, but it can be very lucrative if you are good. My favorite part of the job is using my sales commission to buy dividend stocks!

  5. Great video, I am realizing that all of the money I am spending on my college degree could have been invested and already be making me a lot of money in a portfolio. If only I had known before I started!

  6. There is a big need for skilled craftsmen along the gulf coast. A lot of chemical plants and refineries are expanding. A lot of overtime too. Welders etc. Are looking at from anywhere from $28-32 an hour. Especially if you get on shutdowns, then you are looking at 60-80 hours a week.

  7. Local 100 union sheet metal worker reporting in. Once you become a journeyman you can make upward 100,000 a year! just imagine what you can do with that in the stock market.

  8. There are intellectual jobs that don't necessarily require a college degree, too. I am a business analyst, and if you look at job listings for analysts, a significant number of them only require a high school diploma. Some other positions would require a 2-year college only.
    Now, you do have to have the technical aptitude for it (and, well, being analytical would come in handy), but honestly you can get a junior analyst position if you just know intermediate Excel. The senior positions would require a degree, but then with a corporate job that helps with tuition, that degree would be a lot easier to get.
    Honestly this is what I would have done right out of high school if I got the chance for a do-over.

  9. Can’t believe air traffic controller wasn’t on this list, no college education needed only a one year air traffic controller course, after 5 years you can be making up to six figures

  10. Drain cleaners, and plumbers make bank too. I work as a hygienist in California and make $100k. I also do YouTube similar content check it, much love!

  11. College. One of the biggest financially regrettable but formative experiences ever. I can’t say I regret getting all of that partying and overspending out of my system but, after paying off the loans I know I’ll never go back (not on debt at least).

  12. In this day and age internet is king, so many things you can do from home, so many options that werent available 50 years ago

  13. I think the problem is that most parent believe college guarantees success when it is not true. You can come out of college and can’t find a job. So you end up working at the same minimum wage job you already worked at while in college. The point is there are other options to be successful that doesn’t require college. I also find it’s important to find ways to make money in college and not feel comfortable. Some may say while you’re in college just focus on your education and not work and that you will be able to find a job when you graduate. There is a chance you won’t. So it’s important to explore other options and not just get into debt in college when you’re not sure what you went to do.

  14. Don't follow your passions. Become passionate about what you do. Too many people have had smoke blown up their butts to "follow their dreams" only to end up in careers that barely pays the bills.

    And what really blows my mind is how so-called 'financial experts' don't walk the walk. When a team of financial pros came to my boy's high school to give tips on college planning 2 years ago, all of them had kids in the 10 worst paying degree programs in the US at the time. Hmm…

  15. Im an electrician non union and i've made over 100k working all year. Last couple of years ive worked 6 months and made 50 to 60k , the rest of time i concentrate on real estate and trading stocks. Thanks for all the content you put out much appreciated!

  16. I am a journeymen carpenter and the money is really worth it you can work plenty of hours and get overtime and double time at least making 70k and up to over 100k a year.

  17. If you are making 57k as a truck driver you are either very new or very lazy. Once I got my CDL, after 2 years exp, I made no less than 70k. And the current job I have as a local tanker driver averages 110k a year with paid medical, 401k, and is non union.

  18. In the 90s, knew a high school dropout who made 200k a year growing and selling weed. Not saying it's right, saying he made 200k annually. Enjoy your 9-5

  19. I’ve a fan of your channel but I do have to say that many of those depend on the various state jobs. In Mass for example flaggers are often state police. Electrical providers can vary if it is muni owned. USPS has had a fair amount of cuts with time. It will always exist but it has changed.
    The other aspect with higher education is frankly you don’t have to graduate with debt at all. You can test out of quite a bit with DSST and CLEP tests, freeze tuition with a 529 plan, buy books online, some employers pay a bit etc. –

    Here’s a few other applications.

    Elevator repair person. How many flights can you honestly climb every day? I’d argue no more than five. You must maintain elevators for security and regulations. In Mass nearly 10% of elevators are out of compliance due to the shortage of inspectors.

    Anything dealing with sanitation. Again, not that special or glamorous but it’s there.

    Also remember what you do it for dictates quite a bit. Learning engines is fine for a mechanic, but diesel and boat engines always get more for repairing.

    Always quantify what you learn. Otherwise its just your word vs someone else.

    Keep in mind much can be automated or outsourced so don’t depend on regulations to be a shield. I know many places that have proprietary systems but that doesn’t mean they still have value. Always think of what the customer really wants. Manual labor can exist if it is skilled. I could tell you stories of people my father knew that literally watched a needle in the 80’s that are all gone now.

  20. Do not do the truck driver job. Too many regulations nowadays. Use to be a great job, but Pay hasn't kept up with inflation. I was making $1300 most weeks with some weeks hitting $2000, but it was crazy hours, and I had to unload and load the truck. The loading and unloading was half of the pay. Most truck driving jobs are just driving, so you dont get that extra pay. If you do OTR you are living in a semi for weeks at a time. Most I made in a week OTR was about 1300 in a week. The hours are all over the place, and your health will suffer. You will have no life, will become antisocial. Pick one of the other jobs on here, but dont do truck driving.

  21. Another good paying job where you don't have to work a ton of hours is being a barber. I have a couple friends that are barbers that make 6 figures and about 75% of that is cash. One draw back is your on your own for getting health insurance. And saving for retirement. In nys you can do an apprenticeship and make money while you learn

  22. In Sales you don’t always have to be outgoing or charismatic. I’m neither and make a lot of money. Work ethic and responsibility is key.

  23. Class A truck drivers can kinda make a lot but the hours and time away sucks. After 1-3 years of over the road, you can finally become a local home daily driver.. sadly the majority of local employers require you to be able to drive a manual transmission. Which isn't a huge deal but it's a factor. Also depending on where you go, you could end up with like $7,000 in school debt, but that's not terrible compared to other degrees, and a lot of employers offer tuition payoff assistance

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  25. HA…My field of study (audio engineering) didn't make the cut. Now, time to recalculate. And not using a debt calculator either. I'm about to burn this thing.

  26. Mortgage biz is great! You don't have to be on the sales side to make solid money. If you are willing to work hard, you can work your way up. No college degree required.

  27. For the CDL there are many schools that you can go to for free if you sign a contract to drive for them for 10 months to a year. All you'd pay for is the 50 dollars for the permit test.

  28. ENJOYING your 9 to 5, always if is you are checking your online business or your stocks investments from your favorite beach in the Caribbean!!!

  29. I’m a union ironworker and I make between $120K and $160K per year with benefits. I’ve been in 7 years and I have $130K in my 401K.

  30. hey Ryan, thanks for highlighting the trades. I'm a Journeyman pipefitter in Pennsylvania. Our rate is $47/hr and that doesn't include my benefits. The wave of everyone going to college actually raised my rates fast.

  31. Another very realistic topic Ryan! I liked and subed to your channel. It makes me thinking about "rich dad and poor dad" I just started my youtube channel a few days ago, without requiring a degree. :)) Hope this youtube "job" can pay me well, so I don't starve ….. :))

  32. My dad recently retired as a union electrician from IBEW. excellent benefits and he was always a great provider. He also retired in his 40s from the Fire Dept because they go by years of service and he did that at the age of 19. He has always been a wonderful provider, mom doesn’t work and they live in a 6000 square-foot house which him and his brother wired the whole house themselves, but that right there tells you how much a union electrician can make

  33. Also, my son is a senior in high school this year and has chosen to get certified and diesel engine repair because it is his passion. I’m not going to force him to go to a four-year college when he has been a car and truck person all his life

  34. I don't have a college degree (no student debt loan either) and I made about 60k in my job last year, full benefits too. I work for a company in Texas that makes parts for oil companies. I would like to add one, go to Alaska and become a fisherman. They can easily make at least 80k/year, no college degree needed. Keep up the good work Ryan.

  35. Union jobs are hard to get, they are very restricted with who gets in the trade jobs. It’s not easy to get into an apprenticeship and there is a waiting list in each state.

  36. Correction officers do not make a lot of money in certain states. My cousin used to be a correctional officer in South Carolina and made around $30,000 several years ago. Police officers and correction officers entering do not make $50,000 in Louisiana and other southern states like Arkansas. You can’t make blanket statements. Salaries vary from state to state. Depending on the economy & cost of living in that state.

  37. Post Office is a daunting job. Not a whole lot of room for growth and crap benefits unless you have been there a very long time.

  38. Great video as always ryan, i also checked out Brandon’s channel as you suggested. Learning a-lot going to buy my first stock soon. Still watching your videos they help a-lot also.

    I was a flagger for 3 years i will never go back lol soaked when raining, frozen in cold and dangerous when in lightning. Plus 12-15 hour days.

  39. Sales is good, just don't work for Kirby Vacuums.

    Also, too bad I have some dark clouds in my past. I'd actually be good at being correctional officer.

  40. Wish I didn’t go to college and just worked instead! Thankfully my debt is not that bad. Thinking and praying for all you in uncanny debt. It is too much and colleges need a limit for how much they can charge an 18year old who doesn’t know any better.

  41. I started as a Truck driver, until i lost my wife 1999. Then start working for Chicago Transit Authority as Bus Operator making $23.00 now they at $36.00, lt is a union 241 job and you only need (CDL" B") same driver license a school bus driver !

  42. I've heard from several sources that in the next few years the truck driving industry is going to start laying people off because they're switching to trucks that drive themselves they basically already have the technology they just need more time and money to switch it over

  43. Skycap aka Luggage Porter at a major International airport terminal with International flights particularly flights to China & the Middle East(really good tippers)

    The barrier to entry is usually these jobs come from sub contractors that are tied with security, wheelchair, janitor jobs and the guys wih the most seniority get promoted to skycap

    You can easily make >$100/day in tips alone(which of course you won't be claiming on your taxes 😉)

  44. Found your channel yesterday. Already binge watched 6 videos. Love the clear way you explain your ideas and share your knowledge. Keep rocking Ryan!

  45. Although 7 isn't technically college, it's a lot of money to put upfront….you can usually find offset programs to pay for it, possibly with the unemployment office, but it is still a "school" in a sense that it has to be paid for and you have to pass.

    Unfortunately for me, I have a fear of heights, so although I would LOVE to work as an electrician again, or even a network engineer….they want me to work in places that will literally give me a heart attack. I'll stick with my middle-income job at the casino until I finish making my video game and retire, lol.

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