8 Core Acer Predator Helios 500 AMD Speed Test – Actual Rendering and Encoding Time in Premiere Pro

this is the acer predator helios 500
with the 8 core AMD ryzen processor people are saying that it’s one of the
fastest laptops in the market today but is it really fast and does it hold up to its
reputation what’s up everyone its Carlo Legaspi
here and today we gonna test how this laptop the Acer predator Helios 500 AMD
performs in Adobe Premiere Pro. Well, I got this laptop mainly to create videos,
but if you are a gamer this is an excellent choice too. Before diving into Premiere,
I’ll just briefly show you the specifications of this laptop. So the CPU
is an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8 core processor with a four point one gigahertz speed
with precision boost up to four point three gigahertz well you can also adjust
the speed and overclock it in the Ryzen master app if you’re into that but
I’m not an expert with computers so I’ll just leave the default settings as is
you can also save different profile modes it’s really up to you you can save
different settings depending on your preference. The AMD processor is
paired with an AMD Radeon Vega 56 GPU with eight gigs of dedicated memory it
also has a 17.3 inch full HD LED backlit IPS display with 144 hertz refresh rate
300 nit brightness and 72% ntsc for the ram it comes with 16 gigs of DDR 4
memory which is upgradeable up to 64 gigs and it has a 256 gigabyte PCIe SSD
for the hard drive it’s also upgradable I love the keyboard of these laptop. It’s a
backlit 4 zone RGB keyboard and you can adjust the colors to your preference in
the predator sense app. You can also set hotkeys in predator sense. The
cooling it has a dual all-metal AeroBlade 3d fans you can also monitor
the temperature and increase the fan speed in predator sense. The laptop stays
fairly cool even when I’m using it up to 8 hours. Let’s talk about the weight
this machine is heavy. It weighs a whopping 3 point 8 kilos plus it has a
ginormous charger that if you put it on top of the laptop all-in-all it weighs
5.1 kilos. I won’t go into details about the CPU benchmark scores and the
assembly of this laptop. There are already lots of videos and YouTube you
can check Dave Lee’s or Matthew Moniz’s I’ll put the link in the description
below after you watch this video. I created this mainly to test the actual render and encoding times of this laptop in Adobe
Premiere Pro. Well Dave 2D is saying that this is a beast of a laptop and
it’s very good for content creation well we’re gonna do the actual test and later
you tell me what you think so let’s dive into Premiere, let’s go. So this is a 4k
footage that I shot this is approximately 25 seconds now the first
thing we’re gonna test is the playback so we’ll just play this in normal speed
at 1/4 quality looks pretty good played it back so I’m just scrubbing
back in so I’m just scrubbing back and forth to check the playback at 1/4
quality and this is two times the speed three times and at four times it starts
to lag so you can play it back up to three times faster at one fourth quality
now we’re doing one half now just play this back normally as you can see
there’s no lag looks good I’m just gonna rewind this
looks good. scrubbing it back and forth there’s no problem at half quality now
we’ll increase the quality to full and this is where it becomes interesting it
starts to lag a little bit well it’s inconsistent there are times
that when I play footage in full quality where there’s no lag but there are also
times that it lags. now I did this test without overclocking my computer it’s
all within the normal settings default settings Premiere Pro I haven’t done any
enhancements it’s all default settings just to show the real-time capabilities
of this laptop in Premiere as you can see 2 times the speed it’s already
lagging it’s ready lagging in Premiere Pro so at full quality so if you’re just
using half quality 1/4 quality there won’t be any problem you can play up to
like three times fast going four times fast at one fourth
quality star starts to lag now we’re gonna test how fast it can analyze a
footage a two-second footage with a warp stabiliser so I’ll just drop this here
and see we’ll just start the clock all right I’ll just fast-forward this okay we’re back so the total time is one
minute and 19 seconds for the warp stabiliser test okay so the next test is
the rendering time I’ll just put some adjustment I’ll just extend this
adjustment layer and put some heavy color grade in it and then we’ll render
this start the clock I’ll just fast forward this so just to let you know
this clip was shot in 50 frames per second and dropped in at 25 frames per
second timeline so the total time it rendered a 25 second 4k clip is 41
seconds so now we’re going to test the encoding time so this is a 4k footage
rendered at maximum depth maximum quality and we’ll just set this to vbr 2
pass and then we’ll export I’ll just start the timer here I’ll just
fast-forward this okay we’re back so the total time to
encode a 4k footage a 25-second 4k footage with heavy grading heavy color
grading is six minutes and 49 seconds for the predator Helios 500 so that
concludes our test today what do you think about this laptop do you think
it’s a beast or it’s just overrated let me know in the comment section below I
would love to hear your opinions and thanks so much for watching thanks for
hanging out with me today if you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe
and ring the bell for more videos and I’ll see you in the next video peace

9 thoughts on “8 Core Acer Predator Helios 500 AMD Speed Test – Actual Rendering and Encoding Time in Premiere Pro

  1. I really think you should try to overclock it because you can take it to 3.7-8 GHz on that laptop, and the cpu can go upto 4.3 GHz so atleast you should do 3.7 GHz at stock it's at 3.5 GHz

  2. Nice laptop! Hopefully it’s been working out really well for you and everything you use it for. That is one awesome beast of a laptop — if you could get it overclocked, it would be totally awesome

  3. I've bought same laptop few months ago. Before that i had Asus i7 8750h and GTX 1070 combination and edited 4k Panasonic gh5 footage with ease on Full quality with few videos on tracks not just one like you showed…Than i bought this on paper "beast" and was very dissapointed. Playback not so good as on Asus and whenever i go on full screen Premiere crash. Believe me i've searched whole internet for solution and wrote Adobe what could be problem and nobody could help me..Propably it's bad optimization of Premiere for this hardware cause intel and nvidia are lot better than ryzen and amd for Premiere… I've installed new update few days ago and crash is gone so it must be optimization. But lag is still here. Also full screen in and out is not so smooth but at least it don't crash anymore. Anyway for games and everything else it is really great laptop and cooling is better than Asus. Also very quiet when idle…

  4. Carlo, I am a hardware geek. If you want to be able to scrub video effortlessly you gotta tweak it a bit. This laptop supports 2 m.2 drives and one 2.5 sata drive. this machine ships with a m.2 sata ssd. of the 2 m.2 slots, one supports NVME SSD. Get you a nvme m.2, move the factory ssd to the 2nd slot that only supports sata m.2. then install your nvme drive in the other m.2 slot and your golden, no more pauses or slowdowns because nvme is soo much faster that sata. you can even put a 2tb firecuda in the 2.5 bay for large storage. Good luck

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