8 Insane Machines That Will Blow Your Mind ▶4

41 thoughts on “8 Insane Machines That Will Blow Your Mind ▶4

  1. Why so much useless music? It helps nothing. You show robotic musicians but use your music. Smart!

  2. Wow almost all 8 are designed to kill us humans. Billions spent on human killing technology whilst the rest is spent on making as all poorer & diseases kill us all whilst our elite ram pharmaceutical tablets into us all work for them our whole life until we die whilst we pay taxes & dance to there beat.. death is our only freedom.. this world is hell.

  3. A lot of cool machines in these vids, which I like But at the same time it has the strong feel of a well presented "sales pitch" "infomercial" ….. But like I said, a lot of the machines are cool non-the-less

  4. Yea because 9:28 was clearly real. How did that make it in here lol. These top 10 YouTube channels don't even try anymore.

  5. Kalashnikov not created ak 47 . He still German design and modified little. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/StG_44

  6. Kalashnikov company founded (renamed) in 2013 has absolutely NOTHING to do with rifle designed in 1947 by (and named after) Mikael Kalasnikov.
    Is is an usual Russian dodgy oligarch's dodgy company. They have bought (or acquired other means) several other large companies including Baikal a gun manufacturer, best known for their inexpensive hunting shotguns.
    That company shamelessly exploits the name and I think even image of Mikhail Kalashnikov without his permission. And in fact against Mikhail Kalashnikov's explicit wishes. I think he tried to ban them from using his name but lost. The company has been in the new every now and then and not in a good way. like exploiting and scamming an elderly war hero (Mikhail Kalashnikov).

  7. I was going to say something witty like "So Kalishnakov the Soviet general who made the AK-47 is making a hover hoverboard" then they beat me to it

  8. @3:30
    Government comes up with tools to combat civilians ….. Civilians come up with … oh wait. We HAD Firearms, but now they're slowly being taken away.

    Anyone else see a problem here?

  9. I've had number off occasions where I had to make concrete pours by myself …in this case I always order a conveyer truck! .. cheap insurance and no wheel barrowing!

  10. are all retarded have you fools not saw a enough war this shit is anti christ don't call your self Christian and put your faith in war jesus is the king of love and peace not war that old jew testament god is not the GOD OF JESUS WAKE UP

  11. Bro, the first one, hover bike. Has been made more than a year ago by some dude in his shed that cost 2000 pounds to put together and fly. That’s amazing news. Not some billion dollar company spending hundreds of thousands. The AK47 connection is interesting though.

  12. Hmmm … narrator got some bad copy at the end. He was saying LBT conveyor, when it was written ON the machine itself as LTB.

  13. Why did you describe the AK47 as "INFAMOUS" it is a highly reliable and efficient weapon. It is HUMANS that are infamous, not weapons!

  14. dont think that rolling bridge is all that useful since its very complicated but might be used in games.

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